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  1. Vehicle's tip and tricks for new players

    You will rather need server rules to prevent your whole team standing in the base and waiting for the vehicles to respawn or in thevworst case teamkill each other.
  2. 8km x 8km Maps

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NhlJRlJFd2o Take a look at pr falklands minimod when i remember correctly it was 16x16 square km big. The ground textures didnt look any good but those fights especially night fights werethe most awesome fights ive ever had. Especially flying in formation with 10 harriers and then starting a formation battle :D
  3. B

    no thats me xD
  4. Teamwork can also mean squad to squad teamwork. Rules in pr did work you just needed to play on the right servers. I always warned and kicked people for not following that rule.
  5. Why should it hurt anyone? You should be able to decide who you want to play with and with who you dont want. It worked perfectly all the years in pr why souldnt it work in squad? Also server rules will deal with locked asset squads.
  6. Sometimes you just dont want to lead an 8 men squad or you just want to play with your friends. It was like that in pr and it will be the same in squad. Also locked squads can be pretty useful when you have vehicle squads.
  7. Bots Poll

    Its not completely milsim its something between battlefield and arma.
  8. Can my PC run it?

    maybe even less on ultra
  9. Run game in Dx3D 12 mode not working?

    how can you run squad with dx12?
  10. Third person view

    No it was just something like a camera mode. Squad will be first person.
  11. adding more weapons ?

    this will totaly not be like bo1 dude xD
  12. adding more weapons ?

    they will add a few more factions with their specific weapons. But you will only be able to select from weapons that your faction your playing as is using.
  13. Did you receive my payment?

    Paying 100$ wont give you acess to pre alpha because you cant buy the commander pack anymore.
  14. Will the winged vehicles be easier to fly?

    Bf4's flying system was s**t... I hope it will be a something between arma and pr so that you will need some skill to fly and you cant just dominate the sky.
  15. Grenade Power Meter

    In pr you can controll the strength of the throw by holding the right mouse button but there was no indicator where your greneade will land and it works pretty well that way.