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  1. Squad in Three Words

    ^ I say this habitually. 2 on me!
  2. Medium Machine Guns as FOB deployables

    Pretty sure there is a 240B in the works. my main concern is this: I wish that the .50 could be moved once purchased.
  3. I don't really understand what you are saying. I am playing with ADS toggle and can lean+move while aiming down my sight.
  4. Airbursts / invisible walls?

    Your name looks familiar, been playing on APG a lot lately.
  5. I've been getting a lot of airbursts or impacts on invisible walls when using the anti tank launchers. Sumari is especially bad. If you stand at the gas station intersection and shoot a rocket towards the east, it will hit an invisible wall near the next intersection every time.
  6. Is the x,z problem exclusive to scopes, or is it also an issue for iron sights? Just wondering because it's helpful to know for long range shooting.
  7. SVD too weak

    There are some very good points here that do not have to be repeated... but yes, the SVD is too weak. I understand the need to nerf and discourage lonewolf play, but lets be real... I have hit people with what should be fatal shots at pretty close range and they flip around and blast me. I understand that the marksman role is not meant to be snipe, but seriously, the SVD needs a more powerful optic to compensate for the weak damage levels. And you can try and argue that SVD is more damaging than the scoped m4, but experience tells me that ACOG+m4 wins every time vs SVD of comparable skill.
  8. Alpha V5 Initial Feedback

    So far I'm just not getting used to the map. I feel the greyscale makes it too hard to see buildings.
  9. Change Round Time

    Especially when the server pop is low and it becomes a grind fest.
  10. How to suppress?

    I understand your point. IMO, the problem with suppression in a game is like many people have said before. Without the fear of death, players will never experience true suppression. Now... plenty of things can be done about this but it would probably detract from the flavor of game play the developers are intending. On example would be to make it one life per round, ala America's Army. In that situation you better believe your gonna keep your head when rounds come your way. As far as "aggroing" the enemy goes, I think that is perfectly within the realm of reality. The key is you must be in a position supported by your squad. You are not a lone actor, left alone to suppress while the rest of the squad does their thing. Ideally you have an assistant gunner, possibly a medic, who supports you by calling out targets and covering your back. You should also be positioned in a way that the rest of your squad is able to react to the response team sent out to "take care of that machine gunner". Another useful tip is to switch up positions. Once they seem to zero in on you, just move to another location. If they are assaulting you, change vantage points to take advantage of their route of approach. Obviously the tactics I'm talking about here require that you have a squad that actually cares about you and is willing to work as a team. Being a sneaky mother fucker is the best way to play MG otherwise. You accomplish this by laying down a burst of suppression and when the enemy reacts (by taking cover, changing route, etc.) you duck down and change positions.
  11. How to suppress?

    Who says that you can't suppress using single fire? The point of suppression is to keep the enemy pinned so that an assaulting fire team can outmaneuver. At long distances, suppression with very short bursts and even single fire is absolutely acceptable / effective. I remember playing the other night where there was a squad of baddies coming down the hill to district center from Hill 15. I was on the opposite eastern hill and was pinning them down behind the rocks with accurate single fire suppression. Every time some one made a run for it, or peeped out their head, I sent a few well aimed shots their way and they would either freak and run around like idiots or hunker down behind the rocks. All the while the rest of my squad was taking District Center.
  12. Aiming Deadzone

    Just to be clear, we are not talking about implementation of a ballistics system? More of a random chance cone? I personally prefer ballistics in a game and I was under the impression that RO2 and RS already had it present? i.e. Bullet drop and bullet pathing making it necessary lead the target and adjust sights for range.
  13. Disappearing map icons?

    Is it sad that i instantly knew the exact location of the screenshot used in the OP's example?
  14. Platoon Commander and HQ Section ?

    What you are describing is a forward observer, and your are absolutely correct that SL's and maybe a dedicated Fister should retain those abilities. The responsibility of an RTO or Fire direction Coordinator (FDC) would be authorize and allocate available missions across the multitude of requests for fire missions. That is assuming that fire support will be limited in some way. Having HQ roles to handle this sort of macro level coordination leaves the SL's to do their jobs keeping effective control of their squad and not having to spend too much time in the map. For example: FDC could get a fire mission request and verify on the map that friendlies are not in the blast area. Then they would choose the best asset available for the appropriate level of effect given the type of reported target (squad of foot soldiers vs. armored vehicles). RTO can get reports from SL's (such as distance and direction to enemy positions) then translate that information to relevant squads in reference to their position. Once again, I would love this type of coordination and would gladly play these roles, however, I would be worried that there may be matches were no one is willing to sit out of the fight to perform these tasks. If that is the case then the opposing team has a tremendous advantage if fire support requires these roles. ^this
  15. Why FOB? Why not COP?

    Come to think of it, the PB my platoon stayed on was pretty bare bones as well. Took over an abandoned house and made it a mini barracks / TOC. Once it was pretty secure, engineers came out and built hescos and towers. After about 7 months battalion decided they wanted to move in, at which point they built a small motor pool, basic infrastructure (mobile mess area, laundry tents, showers), and took over the house. Only then did they rename it a COP. And if your wondering were we went, we got to live in connexes from that point untillwe left for another PB lol.