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  1. Spawn Killing as of Right Now

    Nailed it! Nailed it!
  2. Squad Roles: yay or nay? [Infograph Inside]

    I completely agree with this quote. This game is already so beautiful and so immersive with the sound effects and visual effects. Realism is key which I think this idea does a great job at...but how far should realism go? Tough question that the developers unfortunately have to answer. This is why I think games that allow mods are genius. You won't lose any players by allowing others to modify the game play to their style and their realism.
  3. All Chat Necessary?

    That is a great example of why it is necessary. Thank you for your insight.
  4. All Chat Necessary?

    Personally I can see no benefit to being able to talk to the other team. To be honest, I've only ever seen it abused. Today was no different. We had a squad leader do a pretty decent job for a few maps. Then towards the end of one round the SL and a member were bickering back and forth a bit. When the game ended a few harsh words were said and we all figured that was the end of it. Unfortunately the immaturity was just about to begin. The once decent squad leader decided to start team killing everyone on the start of the next match and decided it was best to start sharing locations of our movement and FOBs in the ALL chat. When you don't have an admin around there isn't much you can do. I just started playing this game last week so I'm no expert by any means. To you veteran players: Have you found a valid reason why ALL chat is necessary? Thank you! See you on the battlefield! P.S. Tactical Gaming - may want to check your server for a bad "lemon" hint hint
  5. Welcome Andy! Hit me up on steam. Always looking for like minded folks to cover me while I move! See you on the battlefield sir!
  6. How good is this game

    I recommend checking out Twitch streams and YouTube gameplay. I just picked this game up last week and it is extremely tough to put it down. If you enjoy teamwork based gameplay with amazing sounds and visual effects that put you in the battle, then this is definitely for you - at least that is my opinion. What validates my opinion? I've been shot at...more than once...
  7. Hello from Mad Ani in the UK

    Added on Steam. Welcome!!
  8. Loving Squad!

    Dude - you are supposed to photoshop the number of views by a few hundred before you post that! Now they know I'm not legit!
  9. Loving Squad!

    Wow. I really appreciate the warm welcome everyone! Not only a great game but such a great community here on the forums. For you Captain_Spoon: This was outside a village in Nuristan Province. The dude to my left (who's RPG I'm holding) is a member of the Afghan National Police (ANP). We took them every where we went so they could learn how to fight like the MERICANS!
  10. Loving Squad!

    I was in the Army for 12 years with multiple deployments to Afghanistan. No other game has felt so immersive and realistic (as long as the trolls are at bay)... it is an absolute blast to play. Keep up the great work! I will continue to provide feedback as often as possible. I will also continue to stream game play in the hopes others come across my Twitch profile and can see how amazing this game is when played properly, with team work. Don't be afraid to check me out and give me sh*t! Neids out.