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  1. Clearing Out an Enemy Squad in an Entrenched Hilltop Encampment

    Was a few more than 3 but yes I am enjoying the game , thank you
  2. Defeating an Entrenched Enemy in a Hilltop Encampment :D https://player.twitch.tv/?video=v54669761
  3. Amazing Grenade Kill!

    Hahahahaha :) awesome sound and video editing :D
  4. Shooting through walls

  5. Shooting through walls

    I have noticed this when crouching or prone next to walls/entrances. I purposely do not use it. Much like I do not suicide to relocate to another FOB on the map (aka fast travel). Hopefully it will be something addressed soonish but im sure there are many more things the devs are working on currently.
  6. Howdy from the Frog

    Hit the nail on the head, the community in this game is growing and it's full of support for all newcomers. I am glad you are having a good time and we are all learning/improving each and every time a new game starts!
  7. How good is this game

    I always worry about early alpha's - but this game is good enough to fully enjoy without the promised future updates! I play this game daily and would happily recommend it to anyone after a casual/serious approach to a realistic military experience.
  8. Hello from Mad Ani in the UK

    I was Nashau / Starstream lol - remember you from Morsus Mihi - add me on steam man - id: Stargater07
  9. Hello, I am Jason aka Stargater07

    Thanks guys, joined the RIP community today :D
  10. Who's playing The Division, tonight?

    I played the closed beta to death. Met the grind. Got to max level.... Got bored to be honest. Won't be looking at the game again until probably release... Not even as hyped about it now to be honest.
  11. Thoughts on good SL'ing

    All great points mentioned above. I have been playing solely as SL for the past few weeks and I am learning new tactics/approaches to the role daily... It is important to remember that Squad is a fast moving game that requires alot of attention to what both your squad and what other squads are doing: Your squad will naturaly look to you for direction and make suggestions based on your decision making. It is important that you keep it simple when directing the squad; good medics will be sometimes hard to come by, also people might be reluctant to forfill the role or do the job properly so dont be afraid to kick. Ultimately I am trying to build a network of people/friends I can play with regularly... having trust and confidence in your squad makes the role of SL alot easier.
  12. Refund Please

    ~This is the first Alpha that I can honestly say feels really polished as a tactical infantry sim. Forget the fact that this game is only going to improve with further updates.. If they were not to do anything more, then I would still pump more hours of adrenaline filled play into this game... As for frames, keep trying to fiddle wiith the settings, as mentioned there are many settings combinations, bear with it. Im sure further optimisations will come. SG
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSQ9JzoJ2WY

    Vid was funny :) but you didnt tell us about yourself ;)
  14. Loving Squad!

    Welcome buddy, also a fellow streamer, extra interweb point to you sir :D
  15. Whats your favorite "Role" in Squad? :)

    I enjoy Squad Leading or if I find myself joining another Squad, medic is a satisfying and challenging role! I have learned that not all squad members will listen to their SL, regardless of how the game is panning out... I have found the kick button works if they do not heed warnings.. this game depends on all of the squad and team working together for everyone to get full enjoyment...