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  1. Alpha 9.15

    yeah !!! SAME HAPPENED TO PR...oh wait no it didn't. NO OWI DONT POINT YOUR GUN AT ME AND FORCE ME TO PLAY MODS PLEASE NO DONT KILL ME (dies in sarcastic retard) because kids would buy squad, a 45 CAD game to play a crappy version of cod... community has been requesting mod support for a long time and i'm very happy that it's finally here. can't wait for good maps to come out ( DOVRE WINTER!!!)
  2. Tutorial: Generating your own minimap for Squad

    i don't think this is implemented yet. you're better of asking in the squad modding discord. i do believe i have seen out of bound boxes or whatever
  3. Tutorial: Generating your own minimap for Squad

    i am not sure if it is still the same with the new SDK, can someone confirm this? i am downloading it right now but it'll take a long time.
  4. "I'm Sorry" button on radio menu

    even though these types of sounds add more voice to the game, they can also be quite annoying. im sure PR players know this SUK NAM SUK NAM SUK NAM SUK NAM SUK NAMSUK NAM SUK NAM sorry mate, ah damn sorry, shit sorry, sorry or the more infamous one KUBULA , KUMBULA, KUMBULA just type it, take the 1 second it takes to write sorry man, because you just wasted someone else's time by teamkilling him in the first place.
  5. "The Wrench" - New Modding Recap

    can't wait for the next SDK, and all of these maps look amazing !
  6. do a RAM test with memtest86+ or whatever, i have a feeling it might be your RAM. if it's not this, try underclocking your ram/cpu a little bit if possible.
  7. How to make a Minimap with the Squad SDK 1. open up your map in unreal engine squad SDK 2. make sure view distance and draw distance settings are at epic (above viewport select settings, engine scalability settings, make sure view distance and draw distance are at epic) 3. now press shift+1 to get in the place tab (left side of viewport) select basic, then empty actor. 4. put 1 empty actor in the lower left corner of the playable area of your map, and 1 empty actor in the upper right corner (or vice versa) 5. on the right side of your Viewport, go to ''world settings'' and find the Minimap section 6. here you will see ''map texture corner zero'' and ''map texture corner one'' 7. click on the icon just right of the magnifying glass now with that selected, select one of the empty actors do the same with the second one 8. now that both map texture corner zero, and one have empty actors connected to them (like in the picture below) you can click on generate minimap 9. this might take a while, it took mine a couple minutes of freezing and extreme slowness 10. when done the map texture should have a minimap of your map in the box, double click it to change settings to it ( brightness, saturation etc if needed make sure to press save in top left corner) 11. save your map, then click play, when you press M you should now see your very own map thanks to r0tzbua @ squad discord for making sense of this for me.
  8. Need help getting my map up and running

    1. Copy file "AssetRegistry.bin" from game folder "steamapps/common/squad/squad" to "SDK/Releases/5.2/WindowsNoEditor/" (you must create that folder) 2. Create Game Plugin and build it as DLC, like mentioned here: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Modding:_Adding_mod-support_to_your_Unreal_Engine_4_project#Creating_the_mod 3. Build your plugin, ignore errors 4. Copy content from "SDK/Plugins/YOUR_PLUGIN_NAME/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor/Squad/Plugins/YOUR_PLUGIN_NAME/" to "steamapps/common/squad/squad/" 5. Open "steamapps/common/squad/config/DefaultGame.ini" and find "[/Script/Squad.SquadGameInstance]" 6. On the bottom of group entries "+ValidMapList", add: "+ValidMapsList=(ShortName="Short name of your map", MapPaths=("/Directory/to/your/map"), LoadingScreenTexturePath="/Game/UI/Menu/LoadingScreen.LoadingScreen")" 7."MapPaths" is related to your map folder and it's depending from "Content" folder. So, if your map is named "TestMap" and it's located in "Content/MyMod/Maps/TestMap", then it will be "/Game/MyMod/Maps/TestMap'' Launching your map: Launch a training mode on Jensen's Range. Open console and enter: "AdminChangeMap Your_Map_Name". Updating your map: Build map with configuration like above Copy your map to game folder Launch it for mitsu @ discord #tutorials and tips channel maybe this will help someone
  9. Need help getting my map up and running

    i checked the tutorial out. damn talk about going trough it quickly haha guess i'll have to wait for a official video
  10. Will PR's Musical Vans Make a Return?

    this is needed, + al basrah in general
  11. Need help getting my map up and running

    So i just created a small map just to play around in, it uses custom and SQUAD SDK stuff and i'd love to get AAS going on it. however the tutorials provided are very hard to follow and have some parts missing. so is anyone able to create a basic tutorial from placing team 1 and team 2 spawn points, capture zones and then put that map in squad so you can play it?
  12. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    yes either canada or the netherlands C8'S BE OP (especially when we get back-up sight switching)

    oh sorry than i got your post wrong anyways im really hoping to see this implemented soon enough, also since the R-con commands are comming, maybe we can now have servers with better enforced rules.

    i most likely will not, having a bunch of assets and 100 players will just make command chat worse. i don't see why people think this is going to be different from PR, in general squads community is worse than PR's in terms of communication. (not meant to be an insult, just an observation) go play some PR as a squad leader and you'll see how many times it's useful just to talk to one squad, instead of all

    this is supposed to be its successor, so removing a function that was very useful is just plain stupid. also many times has another squad helped me, for example when im apc/tank squad and i need to have clear comms to hear enemy tanks, having just 1 squad speak to me about locations is better than hearing everything that goes on.