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  1. 1hk weapons

    @beginna You misunderstand my question and I can see where your confusion lies - I was just using the sniper class as an example. My question is - Will a gun be added or a gun changed in the game that can 1 hit kill someone with a shot to the chest. My question isn't about whether or not there will be a sniper class added.
  2. 1hk weapons

    This thread is not for people who want to discuss if one hit kill rifles are good or bad One hit kill rifles (ie. sniper class) : I just want to know if and/or when they will be added to the game
  3. Squad Up

    game is 20 v 20. your squad joins a team now the game is 29 v 20 how is that fair???
  4. Insurgent/militia weapons on firing range

    I have a problem now, I do this but I only have access to only to two roles, How do i practice with the SKS for instance????
  5. Insurgent/militia weapons on firing range

    When are they going to add the factions to firing range?
  6. Why hasn't this been implemented yet? I want to mess around and practice with their weapons.
  7. Full Access to Optics on US Army vs Russia Maps

    Its a good idea, probably best to implement when they have the inventory system working, Trade-off is good idea: ironsight rifles have foregrip, reducing vertical recoil and optic weapons don't,
  8. Autorun KEY

    Hey guys, Just a quick one, Love the double tap auto run feature, great addition, Only gripe is that sometimes when peeking round corners I tap the key and end up running out, Would it be possible to add a keybind for it in addition to a double tap? Thanks RC
  9. Ammo Carrier

    The BTR is not OP, Every map there is a BTR, there are more humvees. Insurgents have more LAT kits/rockets to compensate.
  10. The reflex/iron sight has no zoom capabilities irl, but does ingame. Why shouldn't the HMGs? If you argue that they shouldn't have zoom because they should be used for suppression - why do the AR kits have zoom too? When they're used mainly for suppression?
  11. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    This, Every other faction - the medic is on par with the riflemen, Why must European insurgent medic have a worse gun?
  12. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    At time of posting 1/3 of the voters prefer a different gun, How about we get the option of two guns when playing medic? Best of both worlds. Surely you agree?
  13. Scopes offset

    Please fix this asap, Its such a pain in the ass, I avoid both classes like the plague, This issue has been ongoing for too long, 200+ hrs in squad and I remember this bug since the day I started playing.
  14. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    This is an instance of realism that can easily be changed in order to balance the game. When squad came out, if medics had the same gun as riflemen, would you have cared? No. Stop advocating for sacrificing of balance for a stupidly tiny amount of realism.
  15. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    So you're saying that developers should sacrifice balance for realism? When it can easily (and still significantly realistically) be implemented?