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  1. Medic progression in Squad

    Yeah give me my binoculars back. Also would not mind to have more complex medical system.
  2. Medical system in Squad

    Hi all! This thread is for discussion about medical system in Squad and what you guys would like it to become. And maybe even dev could shed some light on this issue. We all know its Alpha and a place holder so no need for that kind of talk. This I thread is mainly for good old discussion on friendly manner about our own visions for the game. I’m not claiming following idea to be the best and I’m not going to have 2 pages banter with you how dumb it is. It’s just something to start the discussion. First of all I’m extremely biased towards ARMA ACE system since it only one what I’m familiar with. Those who might not know I mean this: https://youtu.be/Py6GpUBXQ60?t=1m17s I feel same kind of system would enhance medics role and introduce new depth ingame. It would make getting shot to matter more people since right now it basically tank and let medic heal. Of course one might argue that with all the morphine and blood bags medics could still deny all possible side effects, for example shaking and stamina loss. This could be countered by giving fewer supplies so that squad needs to make tactical choices not to spend all medical supplies in first couple of fights if it means only bit shaking or stamina loss for player. When reviving player from decapitated state medic should use his epi, morphine and blood bag if bled too heavily. This way there’s bout to be need for supplies and thus creating situation to fallback and rearm or even request transport back to FOB. Of course what about just giving up and respawn? Right now fights can resemble more BF4 and COD with all the rushing and “human wave” tactics being used. There has been a lot talk and ideas about respawn changes so I leave it at that. Yet I’m on favor for longer respawn timers. This is not HCMilSim game but we need something to scare players from dying and giving up since you cannot simulate the real fear of death in game. Might as well be 5min cool down then. So what’s your thought about this subject? What you would like to see?
  3. Why the medic aversion?

    Screw the grenades, what I need is more smokes, bandages and give back my binos! I miss my binos. Also maybe make medical system to bit more complex pretty please? Back to thread itself. Can't really think what could make it more appealing to majority of players. Even if you give some grenades and whatnot, the same rules would still apply. You can't be in the "first wave" of assault and your job is still to prioritize those who are fallen. Not to kill enemies. I can understand why some don't want to be medic on public squads. It can be really tedious to deal with those guys who run in front of the 30mm in open fields surrounded with hills full of enemy squads and start yelling "MEDIIIC, MEDIIIC IMMADOWNCOMEGETMEWHATISTAKINGSOLONG?!?!?!?!?" And when you manage to get there using all your smokes, your teams ammunition and the guy gives up when you have bandaged him. Usually when the screaming starts I just tell the guy to shut up and to think next time. LugNut pretty much sums pros and cons playing the medic role. The thrill of saving people under heavy fire is what makes the medic class perfect for me.
  4. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Mööp3li Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982690962 Primary Language(s): Finnish and English (not the best but usually I get my message thru) Age (optional): 23 Timezone or Region: GMT +2 Nature of Interest: Casual/MilSim. I'm looking group that will play to the best of their abilities at all times, yet still having fun while doing it. I'm interested more tactical and slower game play. However to all kinds of "military rp" things I say no. I'm not going to call you "sir" or by rank. You are just another player to me and I will address you by your in game name or call you buddy. Gaming Background: Multiple different games and genres. Arma 2 & 3, CSS, CSGO from FPS side. Additional Skills: I'd like to think myself as a decent medic. I "main" medic in Squad and always try to strive to be better and more efficient with it. As a Finn I don't do small talk so no com spam from me. However I'm not afraid to answer questions or give situation updates on field. Other skills? I can edit videos with Sony Vegas and do basic Photoshop. Status: Unsigned
  5. Hello from Finland!

    Thanks guys! Ja torilla tavataan kunhan keretään! :lol:
  6. Like the game, dont like players.

    I had mostly nice squads and mature players in RIP, Exodus and Redcoats servers. :) Have to agree with Karm here, those german/france/russian servers can be pretty weird but they play as they see fit i guess. :P And about those abusive players, just don't take it to heart. There will always be some one whose mother didn't give him enough love when they were young. If you lead and give it your 110% no one can ask you more. Live and learn. And this comes from a guy who has never been a squad lead. :ph34r:
  7. Hello from Finland!

    I can only guess how messed up that must have felt :lol:
  8. Hello from Finland!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! And Karm i believe that sentence holds very much truth in it. :D " Wife doesn't like when my sweat pants smells like Koskenkorva"(Finnish booze trademark). :lol:
  9. Hello all! The name is Mööp3li. I'm 22 years old student from Finland. I Bought the game a while ago and I was pretty suspicious about it first since it's in alpha state. Needless to say I have not regretted my purchase. In my 30 hours of playing I have experienced alot of good squads, intense fights and funny moments. There have been also silent squads with no communication between themselves and other teams as well as people without sense of teamwork in them. Yet I have liked every second of it. Live and learn as the saying goes. The community also seems really awesome. I hope that at some point i get to join in a clan so I can get even better in this game. That is if they can tolerate my broken english. :D I don't consider myself as an Arma veteran but i do have almost 600 combined hours behind me in Arma 2 and 3. I also play mmo called Guild Wars 2 and some times even CS GO. On single player games Skyrim and Witcher 3 are close to my heart. Anyway pleased to meet all of you and if we ever get to be in same squad i hope you can tolerate my english. And now back in the game! B)