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  1. Alpha 14 Released

    Nice patch. It's slowly starting to feel like a finished game. Just need to smooth out those edges; buggy animations, buggy rag doll physics, buggy driving physics, strange lighting/shadows at times, maps still have too many floating objects/awkward empty spaces, etc.
  2. Insurgency

    They have said time and time again that they are working on it, but who knows. Game modes in general need some love (which they have been doing).
  3. We need more maps!

    I rather them work on the current maps for a couple of sprints. A lot of little bugs, glitches, object placement issues, ambient background work, lack of details, etc. that, if fixed, could breath a new life into the current rotation. More maps in the long run would be great of course. Can't do everything at once though.
  4. V12 performance

    I've got 16gb of ram. I've also had solid performance all the way through up until now, if that helps at all. Still a fun update.
  5. Alpha 12 Released

    I think we may also see some more anti-tank weapons come into the game (maybe fire and forget systems) that will help with this slight OP factor at the moment. The meta will also mature as players figure things out.
  6. V12 performance

    Afraid performance took a dive for me as well. Used to get 90+ frames and now I struggle to get ~50 (I know, not utterly terrible). Still playable, but def feels more sluggish. Might have to wait for a hotfix for this one.
  7. I need V12 so bad :( Can't wait any more

    If you're that upset with v11, I wouldn't get my hopes up over v12 changing your outlook all that much. That being said, we are all stoked for v12 and it's definitely been a while.
  8. the speed of animations

    Yeah, I think that is a problem across the board at the moment. Sometimes the animations aren't frantic enough for the situation or even outright unrealistic to the point of being annoying (I'm looking at you grenade launchers and LATs). Hopefully we will see some creative improvements there. Maybe two sets of animations; one for calm, and the other for within 1 minute of a "suppression event" (i.e. being shot at). Or a randomized value to be passed into some function to set to the speed of the action to at least add some variation. The later obviously can't result in widely different speeds for the sake of gameplay.
  9. the speed of animations

    It's a fine line to walk as in reality, even the simplest things can take way longer than most gamers have gotten used to. While Squad aims to be realistic, they have been playing with animations and other things to find that sweet spot between realism and fun (or just marketable as a FPS for that matter haha) as far as I know. Bottom line, I suspect they will continue to work on this, but as most people here would say, I don't think most Squad players necessarily want the game to be "faster". That is part of what makes Squad, Squad.
  10. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Facts. That extra bit of empty space acts as yet another level of "armor" so to speak.
  11. Climb-down hotkey, please!!!

    Not a bad idea. I like the thought of a "climb and hang down" animation so if your feet were a still a few feet from the ground, you would dampen your fall nonetheless. Thus making the climb animation always worth using, if the enemy allows. Feels way more natural than just seeing people walk off the ledges haha
  12. Steam Achievements.

    Whats with the fun police? If it's not terribly hard to do, why not? I can see them being fun, and given that squad has no rank/level progression, giving players a little something to work towards is not a bad thing. Either way, I highly doubt the devs are putting off tanks or the like to work on achievements. Sometimes during a project's life cycle, resources (people) will inevitably free up from time to time, freeing up the bandwidth to work on such things.
  13. Squad trailers .

    Great points by OP! I think maybe some more "cinematic" set piece trailers may do the trick. I like the idea of a trailer being put together from the different perspectives of a squad working together to take down an objective. You could even do several trailers that follow different teams doing different things (Russian APC squad attacking flag, American infantry digging in and defending, British logi truck driver running a gauntlet of fire to get supplies to front line fob, etc). If it's done right, I think it would both be cool and address OP's concerns. Just my two cents.
  14. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Yeah. I think they need to feel a little more "weighted" overall. Their center of gravity or something feels off at times, especially the logi.
  15. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    I did watch the video. While the log "appears" to not be exactly touching, that's clearly what is happening there (think like a seesaw). EDIT: LaughingJack hit the nail on the head, the collision boxes are likly touching. As I mentioned, it can definitely use some work, but in the meantime, not driving over really rough terrain is kind of our best bet.