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  1. I"m not sure what you're getting at. You sourced an opinion peace that sources the article I just posted and post a picture of a dirty green stryker in Iraq?
  2. A simple google search will show you that the green paint is much more common, especially when the vehicle was in use in Iraq. Why is this the case? Idk exactly, there are probably several reasons. In any case, Squad aims to be a realistic game and I enjoy little details like the correct camo for the vehicle as it was in reality, not as it could be in an ideal world. But hey, they could add tan paint and that would be cool with me too. EDIT: Found an interesting article regarding the subject. Seems after a few years they tried to get their shit together, but I can tell you for a fact that there were still plenty of green strykers running around Afghan in 2010/2011.
  3. Some kind of function where you don't have to hold down the left mouse button to dig.
  4. As some have said, boys and their new toys. That being said, I don't see the harm in mortars slowing down the game play a bit; I think that's kind of the point. As more assets and features get added, more time will need to be spent to effectively employ them. I'm sure we will see many updates to better control this sort of thing down the line though(asset limits, time limits, etc).
  5. I just don't understand posts like these. I simply can't believe that in 3 hours you couldn't find one squad that was communicating. I have to try pretty hard to find a squad that is NOT communicating. Heck, I just came from two pretty solid games. That being said, there is definitely an air of elitism floating around, but what can you do.
  6. I'm calling it a game that more closely resembles reality compared to MOST shooters, i.e. BF1, COD, etc. No I am not making that claim off of any scientific evidence, simply my experience in video games. I stick with my claim that most engagements in squad aren't far enough to notice much drop (<300 yrds). Please don't be that guy on this forum. Plenty of guys on here, including myself, have plenty of time behind the trigger, maybe even more than you.
  7. I think this is an issue of people being so used to movie/video games being unrealistic that when they see a game that more closely resembles the real thing, it feels weird. Fact is, for most engagements in Squad at the moment, the distance between shooters isn't really long enough for said shooters to notice much drop. Yes even on the "omgsoinaccuratebecauseisawitonthehistorychannel" AK-47. But it's there for sure. You notice it more when using optics like the ACOG.
  8. I mean one of the DEVs was a Marine, so I would say our chances are pretty good haha If the DEVs don't add the USMC, I'd wager a mod team would pick up the task. It wouldn't be the hardest faction to implement as they could reuse certain pieces of US Army kit so there's some silver lining.
  9. Yeah that's what I'm hoping for; a more natural/real feel to it instead of having to keep track of what can and can not be penetrated. All this is not to bash the game or anything btw. Just for discussion.
  10. Title says it all. Question to the devs; what are the plans for the penetration system and ballistics in general? In game weapons look real and sound real, can we expect them to behave realistically at some point? Question to the community; what would you guys like to see? What experiences with penetration have you had? Personally, I'm still waiting for the moment my squad walks past a house, gets ambushed, and turns the place into Swiss cheese with the knowledge that our rounds are actually doing what they're supposed to do. I know that situation is possible with some in-game objects and small arms, but maybe it's not clear enough as I have yet to see someone take advantage of it in game.
  11. Quite simple me thinks. It's just less fun for most and can almost feel like work at times. Not every player fully appreciates the world of difference a couple of good medics can make. For many, Squad's implementation of the medic system is the first time they have encountered such mechanics. Would you rather spend the whole game staring at terrible bandaging animations or blowing up BTRs? I'm not worried though. As they flesh out more cool features for the medic system, it'll attract more players.
  12. I think it also acts as a nice barrier for the more impulsive gamers you might see at a $10 price point. For an example, look no further than the above two posts by Major Trouble and benchedgamer; one says he bought it in order to support the devs and enjoy/help the alpha dev process, the later says they think the game is unfinished(which is true) and not worth the money. We know the game is unfinished. It's not helpful to be reminded of it every 5 minutes by someone who impulsively picked it up(without looking into what the game is and intends to be) and played for a couple hours without a mic. Not meaning to pick on anyone, everyone makes very valid points here. Just a bit of a silver lining to the price point in my opinion.
  13. Haha epic! Well done.
  14. We've all been there. Looking over a zone, wishing you could turn the volume down on the squad chat just for a moment because everyone is screaming over each other while you're just trying to watch your sector in peace. Contact! 30 degrees! And you cant even tell the guy next to you because of all the noise. I suggest we add a sort of "Headset down" button to temporally toggle the volume of the squad chat while keeping local chat at normal levels. Maybe have it so the user can adjust in the settings the percentage of volume drop i.e. 80% of current, 20% of current, etc. Or just have it set to one flat rate of say, 80% quieter or whatever makes sense. This can also be helpful when splitting up and you just want to focus on your fire team.
  15. Ok cool. Thanks for the advice.