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  1. Will my PC Run this?

    Manageable on high at 1080 but for a little more stable frame rate I'd play on medium, and just tinker with the graphics settings to find the sweet spot.
  2. 14-17 FPS. Here are my specs...

    Specs ain't your problem, what are the settings your playing it on? Chris
  3. lost connection to host

    Had the same issue earlier mate but eventually got in. New update was today so servers have been packed could be that, sorry I can't help more. Chris
  4. Could play to the Squad with this PC?

    Definitely not playable on those specs. Sorry I'm being very honest.
  5. Steam controller not working

    Yeah like wise glad it's not just me was getting worried so I jumped on here and seen your post. I've got my controller setup in the steam community under GamerManGeek. If your struggling for a layout. Similar to COD, BF controls. Chris
  6. Steam controller not working

    I'm having the same problem. Chris
  7. Low FPS on GTX 980ti even on low settings

    Keep this short. 16G RAM minimum on a rig like that Chris
  8. Steam Controller

    What's your pc specs?
  9. Steam Controller

    I've had no issues with either. Still having issues? Chris
  10. Number of servers

    Think there is only one maybe a second at the most. What's the issue? Poor connection? Chris
  11. 3440x1440 monitor - FPS question

    It's not optimised at the res yet mate. I run on 1080 and it drops now and then. I'd say drop yours. Chris
  12. Help!!!

    Thanks for the help guys. It's not here till next week so don't know the wattage. Visually I'd be happy with 30fps res of 720 what you get roughly on Xbox One. Just wait and see how it looks I guess, if I'm not happy I don't mind forking out the money for a new card. I'll have a shop about online with your recommendations. A lot more to Pc gaming than I thought. Again cheers guys.
  13. Help!!!

    My new Pc arrives next week. Will Squad run ok on it and at what settings? Sorry new to Pc gaming. Any help would be great. I've been told my card is a few years old so what would be good upgrade with the rest of my specs in mind? ASUS ROG 20 Intel™ Core® i7 4790 3.6 GHz processorWindows 101TB hard drive12GB DDR3 memoryNVIDIA GeForce GTX750 2GB graphic memory