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  1. Discussion: the map of the medic

    This has already been discussed plenty of times, I'd suggest using the search bar, other than that I completely agree.
  2. How Exactly Do [ ] Squads Work?

    Umm yeah buddy I did, reword your question so it makes sense otherwise.
  3. Trenches & more base-building assets

    Gee thanks for the detailed response, just to be clear I did check to see if there were topics on this already and it only came up with stuff about a ww2 mod. Other than that I completely agree on that ground deformation can be an expensive implementation, but I'm sure if the devs are committed enough they could probably find a way to work around it. I do like your idea of bunkers and when I say watch towers I'm not really talking about massive watch towers or anything like that, more of like a platform that is levelled over the ground a bit more, like a nest or something for snipers.
  4. Kind of had a few small(ish) ideas about base-building. I think that trenches would be an awesome addition to a squad leaders base-building menu (pretty much says it all), squad should also include some other base-building options like watch towers (snipers nests), platforms, bunkers, etc. They should organise the base-building menu a bit better and have sub-menus or categories (like the map icon menu that squad leaders have), with names such as sandbags, defensive (emplacements), towers, etc. In those names (categories) you would find more assets. Just an idea.
  5. How Exactly Do [ ] Squads Work?

    Don't really understand your question but if it helps, you can always leave the squad you are in if it does not suit the kind of gameplay you are looking for, and you could just find/join another squad in the match that is more appropriate to your play style. Some people tend to be very committed in games like PR to one role. Btw how is call of duty a "teamwork game"?
  6. Milking this topic because GOATS!
  7. IED's better be in the next update, otherwise I'm going to blow up!
  8. Devs haven't said a word, must be taking my ideas for granted
  9. Very interesting post on VBIED's and SVBIED's. Worth a read.
  10. sapper i presume. Usually comes with just a pistol and an IED.
  11. Funny because its a dump truck ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha
  12. Please be patient

    Likewise buddy :P
  13. An Open Loveletter

    Use your head mate, that is the number one most important pro tip.