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  1. Will SDK be updated?

    Soon ™
  2. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    please dont take it offensive, but shut it down before you hurt yourself. or any of the mods could do it.... edit: nevermind...nice trolling, found the other thread:
  3. Relatively simple: the BTR can't be rearmed without being in highest elevation (near +60°), or atleast with a tremendous amount of effort and time. This would be a nice hint for every surrounding soldier, if the maingun is highly raised. But it would be necessary to force a manual reload via key "R", like the gunner would do it manualy. An automatic reload would look stupid and could be totaly annoying during encounters. If the gun is not near the highest elevation, lets say atleast +50° before pressing Reload, the duration for reloading is heavily increased, marked by a red "R" in the ammo circle.
  4. Stop waving at me!

    Do you have a video of this phenomena? Otherwise take more or less pills, depending on the side-effects.
  5. Is this what is called tactical gameplay?

    the prone/kneel movement is a realy valid point.
  6. Is this what is called tactical gameplay?

    gimme a second... You are complaining about DMs with too low sway, but not about hitting a 400m target with iron sights while kneeling, after you climbed a hill? You are also complaining more about the character, not the weapon. The character handles the gun, its sway, its recoil. The gun just shoots, like every other M4 with 5,56. The DM character you are playing resembles a fully trained army professional, doing sprint-stop-shots and popshots for breakfast, and you are complaining about it? You aren't playing Private Paula on his first week at the bootcamp. just a hint..
  7. Plans on thermals for vehicles?

    Why would they be overpowered? Ever used one? We aren't talking about top notch Gen 3+ thermals. We are (assumed) talking about soviet/NATO 1990 tubes zoomed in (WBG of a Leopard 2A5 from 2009, distance ~30m) WBG Marder 1A3 (distance ~200m maybe even closer) EMES 15 Leopard 2A4 widefield mode Handicaps: Fog, Dust, Rain, Snow, Heat, a smartass infantryman who thought it would be nice to wipe over the Germanium coating You are going to lose every feeling for spatial vision and distances, without a proper laserrangefinder. Dont think an older thermal would look like this: They suck, are ****ing loud and need to be cooled min. 15min before use. And don't think to use them in a slighty wet environment, your are nearly blind. Now thinking "hey lets use them in long distance enviroments like Afghanistan" in Squad: Kohat, Sumaari, etc. Don't think about it. Why? How do they work: A cooled Optic is going to recognize the difference in heat between the object and its environment. So Afghanistan....35-40°C in shadow...a 36-40°C body of an insurgent....yeah lots of difference..and this little 20x100m dustcloud of the vehicle driving in front of you? nevermind that one, cuz you aren't going to see anything anyhow.

    I think Melbo is koalified enough *hint hint*
  9. Have claymores been confirmed?

    mines and artillery dont care about friend or foe, they just care about valuable targets. and keep in mind this is still somehow a milsim group-style shooter. you arent planting a claymore/mine/barbwire for yourself. you do this on command of your SL, so hes in charge of marking it correctly in the map.
  10. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Finest muzzleflashing. Thats how it should look like.
  11. Have claymores been confirmed?

    thats why you ALWAYS mark your and enemy minefields, so nobody runs into them. aaaaand normaly you dont leave your minefield unattended, to maximize your kills when the enemy drives into them or tries to avoid/destroy them. mines and traps are a well used tool to control and predict enemy movement.
  12. Have claymores been confirmed?

    A friendly reminder on how much hell and fury one claymore could bring upon your enemy.... (Cone of Death for simplicity not included, Meters meassured up to map grids, 18-50-100-250 given from the M18A1 Handbook (topleft)) This is nothing for blocking a doorway Battlefield/CoD-like.
  13. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    anybody knows something about the weaponsights of the btr?