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  1. Best Shooting range times

    cheeky hipfire shot i like it
  2. Red Dot M4/M4A1 misaligned ?

    well i mean there is bulletdrop, which increases over distance. there is also the point from the sight down to the barrel, which I believe is the real ingame distance - like 5-10 cm. So if you stand right next to a dude and you're aiming right at his eye, you're gonna hit his upper cheek.
  3. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Im pretty sure i have seen devs say that player controlled airplanes will not be added! (the maps simply wont cut it in size, and they would have to be way too unrealistic to function gameplay wise. Off map combat abilities have also been discussed (they are already modded) but will probably not make it into the official game, because it doesn't feel great to get killed by an offmap strike. it sucks. - also the teamwork needed to make it efficient would not correlate fairly to how much damage you could do with it. even if you had to laserpoint for bombs, mark with smoke or call out subgrids a JDAM strike, or something of that nature would utterly wreck anything and anyone within a large AoE. too strong. maybe transport planes with supplies for FOB or W/E but no offensive strikes.
  4. I should be entitled to feel whatever i want to i didn't say you were let down, I said i feel that you have been let down. And I do. In the august 2017 recap the big headline is "Animation System Update - Almost there!". Then February 2018 it drops, 7 months later. if 7 months is what counts for almost there, when it comes to an update, then we're really far off from 1.0. and for the time it's taking, i'm not saying it should'nt take this long or that they're slow, because i have no idea of how you make a game, but when you are long overdue your initially communicated timeframe, I think it's only fair that you tell people why it's delayed. There is a lot of community support for this game, they even said so themselves that most maps and a lot of modding is going to make this game really worthwhile - and i totally support and agree with that. It should be a two-way street. I also had high hopes when the new community manager was hired, but he's basically just chillin and chattin on the forums (i haven't done the full research i must admit), and not really being the dev teams voice on the forums creating "official" threads and messages on these topics.
  5. you are all hyped for V10, and so am I. I played a bit this Beta and it's "great". I bought the game back in early 2016 when we were still walking everywhere and there has been some great updates since then. vehicles, emplacements and now the animation system. Back then the game was set to release 2017. Now it basically says "maybe by the end of 2018" on steam. Now i think i've (and all of us really) have been patient, and gone along with the "it's ready when it's ready" which ofcourse is true, as with any alpha or pre-launch access... BUT frankly i would like for OWI to make some more solid statements as to what we're actually to expect from the development progress and timeframe for 1.0 launch with all the teased features and so on. 1. The coming features that have been confirmed or teased by OWI seem to be of much greater complexity than those features they have implemented so far (last 2 years of my playtime) - i'm talking Javelins that work, helicopters, better physics, tanks, electronics like thermals and so on, dragging teammates, inventory system and of course better performance. I mean i have some friends who still can't launch the game even though they have the specs for it. With this said i'm aware they are working on different stuff at the same time, but in my experience with the development so far and the monthly recaps, I find it quite unlikely that OWI will be done in 2018. Since I haven't seen OWI take any kind of responsibility towards actually explaining the overall delay of the roadmap. the "please understand we won't work during christmas" post and so on is only explaining why a small beta is not up for longer, and it's been a long time since i've heard them talk about development on a grand scale. I feel and fear we are going into eternal alpha, or at least at much longer alpha-state than we were told it would be. The monthly recaps are basically worthless only showcasing half-done maps and maybe 1 or 2 weapon models... that's not progress toward the goal of release, it's just stalling. So please OWI, take responsibility for the delay. I knew this could happen when i bought the alpha. I paid full retail price 36.99 euro for a game that was no where near worth that kind of money and still isn't. And that's okay. If you will actually be frank with the players who are supporting you by telling us the truth about the current state of development: what is done, what is not, what will be done, what is scrapped and so on. what kind of problems are you dealing with that makes it so hard to stay on schedule? You have had much bigger success than what you thought initially and the team has grown much, shouldn't that have made everything go faster? or did you also up your own expectations and standards for the end result? I still have high hopes for the game, but i feel that I and the rest of the players have been let down by OWI, and I apologize for the tone, but please let the radio silence die. now.
  6. Ideas For New Roles

    Breacher kit would be nice, however I don't see what kind of equipment he would have atm, stormladders and a shotgun maybe? since there isn't any doors or gates atm that can be interacted with/destroyed. Javelin Kit (in the works as well, it's gonna be legendary). Commander (probably what im most excited for) I would like some sort of more in-depth spotting class as well with a powerful set of binoculars (like those used by sniper-spotters) with range finder and maybe an infrared/laser pointer to designate targets for, vehicles or airsupport.
  7. POLL - v10

    when the devs are releasing content they spend a lot of time making it playable in its current state, taking away from further development of future features, obviously you have to release content sometimes to have a new base to work on, however adding a little content often is not very time efficient, lets just stay patient
  8. What kind of special abilities will the commander role get? - if any at all? Artillery and airstrikes and stuff of that nature seems imbalanced and not joyful to play. Getting kill by off-map assets isn't a great feeling. You could have supply drops though for FOBs, to get new ammo and material to troops if they "undig" the drops. that would be a fun feature i think. Do you know have any ideas of what the commander role will get? it seems a bit weak just sitting down, looking at a map and talking to your squadleads.
  9. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    I don't mind the idea of having HUD support for things that relate to a normal soldiers senses/battle awareness, when all you get is a visual and audio inputs. it's actually more unrealistic that you have no (almost) physical inputs like where you're shot and whether your barrel is inside a mud wall or not.
  10. Movies that convey the atmosphere of Squad

    I agree that Generation Kill is a great miniseries, kind of like band of brothers and the pacific - but there isn't that much fighting in generation kill, since the fighting weren't really that heavy in that particular campaign. Black Hawk Down ofcourse is a classic movie with modern warfare (gulf war - so the 90's but pretty much the same). Act of valor is kind of a shitty movie, however all the actors portraying soldiers are x sealteam and the fighting/tactics involved are very close to real life.
  11. SVD too weak

    well maybe if you read my post before going caps lock, you would see that my point on capacity is about how many magazines the role carries and not about the numbers rounds per magazine. since you carry 40 rounds as a DMR with effectively the same damage / almost same penetration capacity as the AK with scope which carries 150 rounds if im not mistaken, with automatic fire and doesnt take up a fire support role.
  12. How usefull/interactive will tanks be ?

    they are going to make the javelin (at least they made a model for it) - so that should lock on definitely. The damage model is going to be different depending on where you hit (less armor rear and sides etc) I think there will be armor values too as to say 50. cal will not hurt Main battle tanks etc. I haven't heard anything about being able to destroy the tracks of a vehicle or blow up the gun for example. I don't think it will be implemented for simplicity reasons. there will not be destructible environment. Maybe bridges, but thats all. I don't know how they will combat it, but maybe just making wooden fences and the like passable structures for vehicles of a certain caliber is one way to go about it. I'm pretty sure there will be different types of ammo, like we have frag and heat for RPG, no reason not to give the same options to a tank. They did talk about more advanced systems coming to the game, like infrared sights, so why not Lock on alarm, smoke screens and so on. Modern day tanks are basically computers, everything is computer powered.
  13. Any ETA on V10?

    Does anybody have pointers to when v10 is due to release? I haven't heard anything in a long time, but last i heard it was planned for mid April. I know it's coming when it's coming, but it should be the biggest patch so far - so would be nice to have an idea of when it's done! Can't wait for inventory and animations
  14. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    well. thats actually amazing GZ to the champ who made that.
  15. Question on Different Gamemodes?

    right now you wouldn't be able to implement something like a zombiemode - you could work on it though, and when the game releases you could make it available to the public... during the alpha phase they (understandingly) want to focus everything on getting the vanilla game ready to launch.