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  1. Movies that convey the atmosphere of Squad

    I agree that Generation Kill is a great miniseries, kind of like band of brothers and the pacific - but there isn't that much fighting in generation kill, since the fighting weren't really that heavy in that particular campaign. Black Hawk Down ofcourse is a classic movie with modern warfare (gulf war - so the 90's but pretty much the same). Act of valor is kind of a shitty movie, however all the actors portraying soldiers are x sealteam and the fighting/tactics involved are very close to real life.
  2. SVD too weak

    well maybe if you read my post before going caps lock, you would see that my point on capacity is about how many magazines the role carries and not about the numbers rounds per magazine. since you carry 40 rounds as a DMR with effectively the same damage / almost same penetration capacity as the AK with scope which carries 150 rounds if im not mistaken, with automatic fire and doesnt take up a fire support role.
  3. How usefull/interactive will tanks be ?

    they are going to make the javelin (at least they made a model for it) - so that should lock on definitely. The damage model is going to be different depending on where you hit (less armor rear and sides etc) I think there will be armor values too as to say 50. cal will not hurt Main battle tanks etc. I haven't heard anything about being able to destroy the tracks of a vehicle or blow up the gun for example. I don't think it will be implemented for simplicity reasons. there will not be destructible environment. Maybe bridges, but thats all. I don't know how they will combat it, but maybe just making wooden fences and the like passable structures for vehicles of a certain caliber is one way to go about it. I'm pretty sure there will be different types of ammo, like we have frag and heat for RPG, no reason not to give the same options to a tank. They did talk about more advanced systems coming to the game, like infrared sights, so why not Lock on alarm, smoke screens and so on. Modern day tanks are basically computers, everything is computer powered.
  4. Release for v10?

    Does anybody have pointers to when v10 is due to release? I haven't heard anything in a long time, but last i heard it was planned for mid April. I know it's coming when it's coming, but it should be the biggest patch so far - so would be nice to have an idea of when it's done! Can't wait for inventory and animations
  5. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    well. thats actually amazing GZ to the champ who made that.
  6. Question on Different Gamemodes?

    right now you wouldn't be able to implement something like a zombiemode - you could work on it though, and when the game releases you could make it available to the public... during the alpha phase they (understandingly) want to focus everything on getting the vanilla game ready to launch.
  7. Deploying mines

    when did mines get added!?
  8. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    if the US manages to push all insurgent FOB's off the mainland, yes what you are referring to is correct OP - it can be VERY hard to get even a fighting chance of getting back over the bridges if the US watches all of them with superior firepower (CROWS/Strykers). But that shouldn't really happen at all if the insurgents are playing correct the US cannot setup any vehicles inside the city. combat in a city will always favor the defenders.
  9. I would take this Airstrike over any off-map artillery support any day of the week. Yes the plane isn't player controlled... but if a squadleader with a laser needs to mark the target and stay with it and a commander needs to approve and confirm the airstrike - thats enough teamwork for me to say it fits into the game. nobody says it should happen often or even in every game. but it could be neat to have
  10. Mainbase anti-baserape border

    there is a dome of defense (DOD) on the mainbases which hostile bullets and players cannot penetrate... so its kinda already there
  11. there was a thread on this exact topic, some time ago.. I think it would be nice for the scout to have 1 marker. only placeable while playing ("spotting it with binoculars") not being able to set marks on the map.
  12. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    the Javelin (which is coming) and the Barett 50. cal sniper (sorry but that's just too badass)
  13. Gaz Tiger-M / Arbalet-DM - HI poly

    looks great, please add this variety
  14. Fobs and HAB's

    It has definitely slowed the pace of the game down with the HABs, it's going to make more sense when the mortars get added - when you can use the FOB as a weapon instead of just using emplacements defensively (for the most part anyway). when more vehicles are added and the development progresses the FOBs will matter much more and that will make up for the time it takes to build. - for this specific patch version v9.2 i tend to agree it is a little underpowered..
  15. This is what i hate about free weekends

    well that's also part of the reason free-weekends are great - new people get to try it out, and it is certainly not for the average gamer. I put down a positive review to even it out though - hadn't thought about it before now.