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  1. Hello there from UK

    Hello from the otherside!!!!!
  2. "Allahu Akbar" in commo rose.

    No, I don't want any pre-recorded voice shit except the dying and what not which is fantastic, if you want to yell ''Allahu Akbar'' hold V and scream it
  3. FREE PC BETA for Star Wars Battlefront

    Everyones bitching about the beta, it's a beta don't play it then, I already put 30+ hours over the weekend into the game, I found it that amazing, maybe it's just my opinion, or my love for star wars, either way I will/did pay the preorder fee so I can walk around the Star Wars universe, thaanks
  4. Closed Alpha Released

    Fair enough IrOn, but normally when you update the page it's all there, I just assumed because it was only updated with a torrent that's all we got
  5. Pre alpha download link goes to offline website

    Unfrail wtf man, wheres my normal DL link? I don't use torrents
  6. Closed Alpha Released

    Wtf only a torrent? not everyone uses bullshit torrents cmon guys
  7. Closed Alpha Released

    If you upgraded to the Squad Leader, than yes. Also, I was going to have a life seeing as I only have weekends off, but I assume this weekend will be quite intense, soooo guess noplansforme
  8. Don't you ever

    More believable than a forum upgrade we all know that mean ''cocaine got too expensive''
  9. Don't you ever

    Don't you ever go offline again, what am I supposed to creep without the Squad forums? facebook I THINK NOT GOOD SIRS (the sarcasm is real dw)
  10. Environment Art Update #1

    Throw the Mosque and the Police stations in next weekends build, pls and thanks ;D
  11. We are ready... (Video)

  12. Canadian Server

    Hmm, my ping works anywhere, wouldn't be that important but if it was populated, I'd probs end up there
  13. Well if you're like me, you still get the dust effect out of every 10 shots atleast 3 hit the wall infront of me creating ''dust'' lmaaaao
  14. Servers up!

  15. Servers up!

    Same build as last week