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  1. Alpha 15 Released

    I like all these map updates in general, but Yehorivka and Fool's road looks way worse now. Yeho is too brownish and with all this variegated vegetations makes me feel like i play in a cartoon. Previous version was like a late fall, this version looks like a summer on a terraformed Mars. And all this yellowish fir-trees on Fool's... They must be ill...
  2. August 2017 Recap

    Is it just me, or stand-up animation looks a bit too... spider-man alike?
  3. Mobo, Ram, CPU upgrade input pls

    Not realy. I've updated my rig recently from [email protected] to a 6700k(+mobo and ddr4) and with the same gtx 970 and ssd I see no noticeable difference in 1080p at all. With 6700k fps occasionally drops from stable 60 to 45-50, same way as with 2600k.