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  1. Weapon mechanics

    That was me and yes, that is the reason tubes aren't thrown on the ground after use in my experience.
  2. Weapon mechanics

    LAW's are easily carried vertically on the sides of pack or horizontally underneath the pack with retention straps for both cases. The M72 is only 24 inch long before its deployed making it rather easy to be carried when compared to other light AT weapons. It's not uncommon for multiple M72's to be carried in the field considering they weight 5.5lbs when compared to the larger AT-4 (15lbs, 40 inch). Common load out I've personally seen is 2-4 LAWs or 1 AT-4 edit: example
  3. I'll never forget the look about 10 Afghan kids gave me when I attempted to explain to them about dinosaurs and the moon landings. They looked at my like I had a dick growing out of my forehead, it was quite a funny experience. Actually showing the kids the pictures of dinosaur bones was even more hilarious.
  4. Anti-Tank Launcher Optics.

    I think they are fantastic, I wish they would all wear these bright colors =)
  5. Anti-Tank Launcher Optics.

    Depends, the Chechen bastards we encountered wore Russian ish camo that similar our BDU's. However, the Tali's worn man dresses and flip flops with bright colors which was significantly easier to see and deal with.
  6. Anti-Tank Launcher Optics.

    Yes, here is an example. This is in the middle of winter, OCP works even better when there is foliage around.
  7. Anti-Tank Launcher Optics.

    This was early 2010, by the end of our deployment (early 2011) we had been issued Multicam. Iirc it started to get pushed down to us roughly in Nov 2010 and it made a world of difference. Thats why if you see some of the other pictures I've posted I'm wearing like 1/2 and 1/2. I never did get a full issue but the stuff but what I did receive I coveted and made field repairs on to keep it functional. By the end, my pants looked like something straight out of Frankenstein b/c they had been ripped and sewn back together so many times. There's nothing like going commando on mission, tearing your crouch out of your pants and having all the locals stare at you with your balls hangin out
  8. Where did Logar PAAS go?

    Except for some of them do not follow this method. Example : Kohat Radio Tower, which is Kohat ITC and OP at First Light vs Op at First Light AAS
  9. Anti-Tank Launcher Optics.

    These were used over the course of about 2 weeks iirc in the height of the fighting season. We were also equipped with LAWs but LAWs were so damn old and after a couple of misfires/no fires we ditched them completely for the Smaw-D's and AT-4's. Esp the Smaw-D's. Rather than one guy carrying two Law's, they divided the loadout to two joes instead of one which of course caused disgruntled bitching. The Smaw-D was preferred b/c of smaller length and the AT-4 is more of PITA to carry through heavy vegetation as shown in the bottom pictures. However, didn't have a unlimited supply of Smaw-D's and once they were used up relativity quickly we went back to carrying the AT-4. Edit: To answer the questions I'm getting, you don't leave the tube on the ground b/c the fuckheads will pick it up and try to lure our forces into either IED ambush by displaying a tube in the open or make an IED out of the tube itself. After the charge was spent you carried that tube back for disposal. Just about anything tube shaped was used for directional IED's. I have some pictures somewhere of RPG cases being used this way that the ANA would just leave where the hell ever in the field.
  10. Anti-Tank Launcher Optics.

    Not very common at all; I never encountered any units in the US Army other than the Rangers that used the CG during my time.
  11. What's the red thing on top of the acog scope?

    This is interesting, I've never heard of this nor did I see anyone in my unit do this. Perhaps we had newer version that blur issue was fixed (2010-14). My retical was clear and sharp without any of the mentioned haze. I would assume that many of our old crusty ass SSG's and PSG would know about this quick fix if it was an outstanding problem given that they were hard-dick infantry. Either way I find it interesting and I'm doing some more reading about it. Edit: I found numerous occasions where taping seemed to be a established sop. Not that I questioned what was presented but rather I just contrasted it to my personal experience, which was the first I've heard of it. Thank you for sharing.
  12. acog class nerfed in CQC?

    That would be awesome, thank you for the reply
  13. acog class nerfed in CQC?

    Eh, it could have been worse. My eyepro saved my eye.
  14. What's the red thing on top of the acog scope?

    The website with costs but that's about right. They aint cheap that's for dam sure https://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product2.php?id=acog&mid=4%20x%2032%20BAC