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  1. Map Overview

    1.44ish onward. First look at new suppression effects or video-editing?
  2. Idea for AAS

    This sounds somewhat similar to the old Extraction gamemode in PR, which I'd definitely like to see return in some form.
  3. Syrian civil war

    As bad as they are, they're not the subject of almost daily front-page news reports. We've become almost normalised to the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Something I suspect will happen to ISIS in a decade or so. But until then you'll just have a media shitstorm if you include them. It's a bit like dressing up as a German soldier in the 40's would have been a big no-no, but nowdays it's fine for video-games to have you running around France and North Africa in a Panzer.
  4. Syrian civil war

    E-Radicalisation is very real and very effective. http://tonyblairfaithfoundation.org/religion-geopolitics/reports-analysis/report/new-trends-youth-radicalisation I don't think ISIS should be included at the moment. Squad's commercial, so the last thing we or the devs would want is the media getting a hold of the fact that teenagers are able to run round as ISIS blowing up American or British troops, and the outrage that would generate.
  5. Scope Implementation Discussion

    Great FAQ, and good decision
  6. There's really nothing else I can add to the brilliant suggestions above. One thing I would say - and I'm saying this with no idea how difficult it is to create an entire faction - is maybe consider adding a China as a really top tier (last tier?) stretch goal. It might be worth it just to gain some traction in Eastern markets, and it would also help emphasise the scope of the game even more.
  7. Almost there!!

    That's really interesting. Digging back into their updates, it looks like the exponential rise started the day that FrankieonPCin1080p posted a hands-on.
  8. Maybe I'm having some Euro/American/British word confusion, but when people say credit card, do they actually mean a credit card as opposed to a debit (bank) card? Because the latter can be used on Kickstarter fine.
  9. Because there's no perma-death, I don't think this would work. You'd be mad not to dive on a grenade to save your squad, knowing you'd respawn at the rally 30 seconds later.
  10. +1 to this. It was painful to watch at times, and probably didn't make a good impression on some of the 35k streamers. Aside from that it's nice to see so many people enjoying the game!
  11. Stat tracking

    I'm happy to be proven wrong, and find out there is a non-gameplay-impacting type of stat tracking. But I'd echo the worries above. If you track kills, people will go for kills to boost that stat. If you track revives, players will rank reviving above something equally as important (i.e SL asks squad to pull back, medic instead rushes forward to get that all important 1000th revive.). It changes behaviour and dilutes natural gameplay.
  12. Hello one and all, introduce yourself!

    Good to see some familiar faces again! Played PR from 0.5 (al-Basrah extraction - good memories..) on and off, before gradually losing interest. No game's come close to giving me the same feeling as PR does - so really excited to see if Squad can be a proper replacement.