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  1. For the pics, I've ask a few devs to see if they can give us some high quality renders in-engine renders, hopefully that'll come when they're not swamped with work.
  2. Why are you going to SLI 960s? And from what I read, AMD's competitor to the 960 is supposed to offer better bang for your buck. Furthermore, you can get a used GTX970 for $230, buy EVGA, they have amazing customer support for 2nd-hand purchases.
  3. Really strange, can you make a backup of your input.ini and then delete the file? Appdata/local/Squad/Saved/Config Is the config directory.
  4. It should be a public command.
  5. This is for the better, as someone can go on a mass TK and then change their name to someone else. Use the Steam64 ID to find and report them.
  6. Buy a 980ti or a 970. Don't go for the 980.
  7. Known issue
  8. Can you upload your dump file along with the log?
  9. Is your brother running the game from his library or the store page? Is he logged into the correct account?
  10. The Game modes are always being tweaked, these are the current values:
  11. Please do not submit a crash as a bug report. Please post it on the forums along with all the files.
  12. increase your VRAM amount to above 1GB, or the highest your GPU can support.
  13. Don't worry about, it's a known error, just something not closing correctly.
  14. use shadow play and increase the bitrate. I'd honestly wouldn't recommend win10 DVR
  15. There were already 3p cams in PA phases, and available to QA in testing. Won't be that challenging.