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  1. @DanMo: You're welcome m8. Glad it works well for you! And thanks for chiming in! Much appreciated! @LugNut: Great, sounds awesome. Incremental lean in Squad?
  2. You're welcome m8. Glad it works out well for you! Thanks for chiming in! Much appreciated! Great, sounds awesome. Incremental lean in Squad? Great, sounds awesome. Incremental lean in Squad?
  3. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Can be found here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/13009-freepie-trackir-script-to-bind-axis-values-to-keys-eg-bind-head-roll-to-leaning-in-games/ You need FreePIE for that. Links in other thread.
  4. Yup, incremental won't work anyway in SQUAD, the game just doesn't allow this. But simple on/off should.
  5. Thx unfrail! :) @LugNut: Yes, could be done (or at least tried) – provided that FreePIE recognizes your pedals. You'd probably just have to change the axis name from trackIR.roll to something that matches your input. I know nothing about rudder pedals and their respecitve axes tho', I might be mistaken. @Hipporider: I don't see why you couldn't use this in RS:S as well. If the game allows for leaning via holding down a key (as opposed to toggle).
  6. CCFN - Call to Community Content Creators

    hi chronic, tried to pm you, but your inbox appears to be full. Are you guys on Discord?
  7. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Cheers! Yeah, gradual leaning like in ArmA would be just awesome.
  8. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Not at all imho. It's really a matter of tweaking it to your liking, which isn't hard. A slight move to one side may result in a well tuned, stronger move in game, which will just show you what you want to see in exactly the spot your eyes are at that moment (which may be a little bit off the center, but that doesn't matter). Quick head movements to right and left really improve situational awareness and immersion. P.S.: plus this certainly depends on the game you're playing, and even the current in-game situation. You'll probably be more focused down ironsights and not looking around that much in CQB firefights e.g. Medium to long distance it's a different thing though. The pace of the game matters also – I'd rather not play Quake with this.
  9. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Only if you translated head movement 1:1 to in-game head movement, which usually is not the case. People tweak the ratio of physical to virtual movement, e.g. move head left just a bit (beyond dead zone), but have it translated to more movement in the game.
  10. 1: My configuration triggers lean left when I physically tilt my head left a bit and vice versa. 2: It actually plays quite nice, although I'd need to test a bit more. Only tried for one game last night. Since axis, dead zone and keys can be changed, people might even use this for other stuff, e.g. physically lean to right and have the map open up. I'm not saying this would be a good idea tho' :D Just made up an example...
  11. Hi everyone, first of all: sorry if I opened this topic in the wrong forum, didn't know where to put it. Mods please move accordingly – thanks! I was looking for a solution to use the roll axis of my TrackIR for leaning in Squad. After searching a bit on the internet I stumbled upon FreePIE, which is a free alternative to GlovePIE, and essentially allows for programmatic access to and redirection of TrackIR input data via Python scripting. I then quickly wrote the following generic script which allows for binding of TrackIR axis input data beyond a given threshold to keys. I use it to bind my TrackIR roll axis to the keys "U" and "I", which I in turn then bind to "Lean Left" and "Lean Right" in game (Lean Toggle OFF). The key bind only gets triggered if the axis input data is either below -50 or above +50 respectively – which equals to a deadzone of 100 in the center of the axis. Key binds, axis and thresholds can easily be changed to other people's likings. I don't know if this is of interest for anyone but thought I might as well share. The code can be found in this GitHub Gist, but I'll simply paste it here as well. Feel free to use it and ask any questions you might have here. EDIT: I changed the script to allow for an arbitrary number of axis - threshold - key combinations. # FreePIE TrackIR AxisToKey## Author: loenze (https://github.com/loenze)# Bind axis value beyond given threshold to key.## I wrote this for leaning in Squad,# but the script should work in any game with any action.## SQUAD forums discussion: http://goo.gl/mVh6E7## To configure your key binds simply add config lists with the according parameters# to the AxisToKeyConfig list at line 31. You may add as many as you wish there.## AxisToKeyConfig = [# [trackIR.roll, Key.U, -50],# [trackIR.roll, Key.I, 50]# ]## This example consists of two bindings for the TrackIR roll axis.# If the head is tilted to the left beyond a value of -50, the U key will be pressed.# Likewise for tilting to the right beyond a value of 50 and the I key.## Possible axis values are: trackIR.x, trackIR.y, trackIR.z, trackIR.pitch, trackIR.roll, trackIR.yaw# Available keys can be found here: https://github.com/AndersMalmgren/FreePIE/wiki/Reference## To find the right threshold values for you, you might want to turn on debugging for# FreePIE's Watch window by uncommenting line 77.# CONFIGURATION# Add lists consisting of [axis, key, threshold]AxisToKeyConfig = [ [trackIR.roll, Key.U, -50], [trackIR.roll, Key.I, 50]]class AxisToKey: def __init__(self, axis, key, threshold): self.axis = axis self.key = key self.threshold = threshold self.type = 'pos' if threshold > 0 else 'neg' def press(self): keyboard.setKeyDown(self.key) def release(self): keyboard.setKeyUp(self.key) def over_threshold(self): if self.type == 'pos': return False if self.axis < self.threshold else True else: return False if self.axis > self.threshold else True def update(self): self.press() if self.over_threshold() else self.release()AxisToKeyBindings = [AxisToKey(*c) for c in AxisToKeyConfig]class Debug: info = '' @staticmethod def read(binding): Debug.info += """Axis\t""" + str(binding.axis) + """Thres\t""" + str(binding.threshold) + """Key\t""" + str(binding.key) + """Status\t""" + ('PRESSED' if keyboard.getKeyDown(binding.key) else '') + """ """ diagnostics.watch(Debug.info)def update(): for binding in AxisToKeyBindings: binding.update() # UNCOMMENT FOLLOWING LINE FOR DEBUGGING #Debug.read(binding)if starting: trackIR.update += update
  12. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Oh, btw – I made a FreePIE script which can be used to bind Lean to e.g. the TrackIR Roll Axis. Anybody interested?
  13. Free look / TrackIR Support

    +1 on the TrackIR (and similiar devices) support via freelook.