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  1. most modern big-map FPS games have tap-to-sprint for people with carpal tunnel or other wrist/hand conditions. why can't Squad?
  2. the dot in the red dot sight feels cheap and painted on now, where before it shifted and adjusted based on the animation and movement of the gun model. this change feels really bad. why did you guys have to do this? is there any way to "bake in" and fake the parallax again so it looks and acts like it used to?
  3. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    it'd make sense. the AK74 has that piston up top while the M4 is direct-impingement
  4. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    they already compute the sound of a rocket whizzing past you or a vehicle driving by. I know bullets would create a lot more entities, but idk, it seems like it could be done. listening to a raw sound file provided in the SDK says nothing about how it is implemented in directional space
  5. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    one thing I am sorely missing is the sonic cracks sounding like they're traveling in a path through 3D space. in real life, for example, I assume you'd hear them pass over your left ear and keep going past behind you? this could be crucial for determining which direction the shot came from. but as far as I know, the sound spawns and plays and remains next to your head in one stationary spot and doesn't sound like it's in motion. not sure how hard this would be to successfully implement.
  6. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    if they could somehow make the game sound like that video it'd be fully sick sonic cracks are currently in the game, but they don't reverberate at all. neither do the gun sounds. current theory is that all the sounds are currently the "dry" version that will then be put through an engine environmental reverb effect like in this video. I hope they add this reverb soon because a whole town full of dudes popping off like that + 50 cals, LATS, nades etc would sound badass.
  7. too blurry

    what do you mean by "blurry". if you look really close at your monitor's pixels, is there a sharp pixelated edge to shapes and geometries? or are edges of objects blurred/aliased?
  8. yep. if other people want to adjust their game to be less painful for them to play and more enjoyable, then they're going to do it. sorry.
  9. Realistic weapon sound

    well we all have to take into consideration that the environmental echo effects still haven't been integrated into the game the current gunshot sounds are probably just "dry base" to then apply the echo to, which will make all of them sound massively different
  10. well to be fair, gunshots irl are loud as hell, and if someone was shooting guns next to your head, you'd go temporarily deaf for the rest of the day and wouldn't be able to hear much of anything. but for a video game which is meant to be fun, this is not necessary. I think the devs should provide an audio option like the Battlefield series has, where you're able to go into the audio options and choose the overall dynamic range of the game's sound, so people who want a full theater experience can have full range and loud gunshots, but people trying to play in quieter environments can have a more compressed dynamic range, where all sounds are a bit closer to each other in relative volume.
  11. are players that use SweetFX to sharpen and enhance squad's visuals gaining an edge they aren't supposed to have? some would argue yes, but it's such a popular mod that tons of squad players use it, and the devs have specifically said that they won't ban for it.
  12. INI tweaks can be pretty severe, but game devs will usually verify and force certain INI values for players before they allow them to connect to a server. for example, if you try to edit squad's ini files to lower the distance of grass rendering to try and remove grass from the game, servers will not let you connect until you change it back to the enforced default value. audio/video settings in windows are a grey area though. for example, it's possible to open up your Nvidia Control Panel and turn up your global contrast, gamma, digital vibrance, color saturation settings to make things a lot easier to see. professional counter-strike players often do this. yes, it makes their game look weird, but it's a tradeoff in order to perform better. in a similar vein, certain computer monitors can have settings which also enhance the clarity of a game image. similarly, you can add a compressor or equalizer to a game's audio to make certain sounds easier to hear. many sound cards, headphones, and audio drivers offer sound coloring and enhancing options. are these cheating? game devs really can't do anything to prevent these things, since they're settings inherent to windows or in your hardware drivers. if you choose to not use these tools to enhance your ability to perform in-game, that is your own personal choice. but be aware that many others will use them, and as I've stated in my OP regarding using a compressor, it can be extremely helpful for people with certain medical conditions or impairments. Or to use a more common scenario, if you have roommates and you don't want to have to turn your speakers up too loud to hear footsteps and foliage, this allows you have a more reasonable and even volume level.
  13. how? players using regular in-game sounds can just turn their speakers up. they will have to endure loud gunshots though.
  14. again, all a compressor does is automatically adjust your volume knob when the sound level passes a certain loudness threshold. it can't magically separate gunshots and footsteps if they're both happening simultaneously. if a gunshot activates your compressor, it lowers the volume of all sounds globally, footsteps included a compressor won't make it any easier to hear footsteps or radio chatter if a gun is going off next to you. all it does is even out the overall volume level of your computer. footsteps that occur after any shooting has ceased, however, will be comparatively louder and easier to hear.
  15. a compressor can't decrease the volume of gunshots while leaving simultaneous footstep sounds untouched, since gunshots trigger a global volume decrease for the duration of the shots, which also lowers the volume of simultaneous footsteps, and all other simultaneous sounds. footsteps that occur after shooting has ceased, however, will be comparatively louder. again, all a compressor does is automatically adjust your volume knob when the sound level passes a certain loudness threshold. it can't magically separate gunshots and footsteps if they're both happening simultaneously.