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  1. https://discord.gg/eep4pH6 Yes I will be considering making revive by non-medic players give more sway/darker screen/slower/etc... Since kits don't drop in Squad, I think it is okay that non-medic players can revive. This is basically a substitution for picking up med kits off the ground to revive whole squad, and body dragging. I agree it should be balanced though by making revived player super weak. Although, just thinking about this now, maybe it could be made so that non-medics can only revive downed medics...this way it isn't OP, and serves the same purpose as in PR.
  2. I am planning Sunday 4 PM EST Discord is https://discord.gg/KZzvw4
  3. US East Coast. I think the best solution though is to collaborate with a clan since the server will require moderation, and a community backing it. edit: I bought a 20 player test server for the mod, check it out at ATHENA Project Reality Mod Test Server password: athena Everything appears to be working
  4. In the future I will add updates to movement as well. First thing I want to focus on is the spawn mechanics No not yet! I am looking for people interested in hosting, and might consider starting an official server if I can get enough people to help support it (A full 72 player server costs $72 per month!).
  5. Guys please keep the discussion mature. This mod has no intent of insulting the devs in anyway. Some of us just want an experience similar to that of Project Reality, and this mod is an outlet for that. If you are not interested, than please take your ranting elsewhere. On a better note, I just released an update Removed Buddy Rally Made HABs smaller so they are easier to hide (~80% scale) Added Skorpo RAAS v1 to layers (others are Gorodok RAAS v3 and Fools Road RAAS v3)
  6. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Yes, I am making a list. It will take a lot of time to do this stuff. Unfortunately modding in the UE4 SDK editor is not as simple as just changing numbers, to make each change you have to make a copy of each item you are changing, its children, and its parent scripts, then re-attach them all. So I think changing weapon stats means essentially making new variants of all the weapons in the game, and all of the scripts each weapon is attached to.
  7. This is something I am considering. How does Squads kit limitations work again? If I just bump it down to 8 will I have to balance any other features? edit: never mind found it, looks like I can just bump it down
  8. I put a post on reddit here Please support it so we can get the word out!
  9. I reason why I didn’t use a name like that is because I don’t want people to think the mod is focused on realism or being “hardcore”. That’s not the purpose, the purpose is to improve the tactics and strategy (similar to PR), hence the name ATHENA the Greek goddess of military strategy. Sure I will add some features which are more realistic and make the game more difficult, but that isn’t the main focus. If I have trouble marketing the mod than maybe I will change it’s name to something more descriptive.
  10. That is a good suggestion, in fact all explosives should do more damage including grenades and mortars
  11. Hi everyone, I decided to finally make a mod based around the Project Reality gameplay mechanics. The vision is to produce the same style of gameplay and tactics as Project Reality. I believe the content in Squad is very close to PR, and the game only needs a few tweaks. The first step, is making the spawn mechanics similar. In the first release the features are FOB Disable Spawn Radius increased to 100m with 3 nearby enemies Rallies get destroyed after 60s unless placed within 100m of friendly HAB (wave timer removed) Rally overrun radius increased to 125m Re-addition of insta-death For a comparison here are the same mechanics in PR v1.5 FOB Disable Spawn Radius 10m for 1 enemy, 50m for 2, 100m for 4, 150m for 8 Rallies get destroyed after 60s unless placed within 100m of friendly FOB/Flag/APC Rally overrun radius 125m Instadeath And comparison to Squad V15 Fob Disable Spawn Radius 30m with 2 nearby enemies Rallies are indefinite unless overrun Rally overrun radius 50m No insta-death Although these tweaks may seem minor on paper, they should change the style of gameplay tremendously. It should make the game A LOT slower since spawning is far more difficult. Additionally, just like in PR, hiding spawn points and keeping them away from flags are the key to success since they are so easily overrun. For the future I plan on removing ticket bleed, making HABs smaller so they are easier to hide, and adding any other features which may make the game feel more like Project Reality/produce strategic gameplay. ATHENA is available now in the workshop as a test release with two layers! There are only two layers to allow for more in depth gameplay mechanics testing/analysis....also my computer isn't very good and takes forever to mod maps in the editor!
  12. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Announcing ATHENA, a mod inspired by Project Reality. The vision of this mod is to produce gameplay and tactics similar to BF2: Project Reality. The following changes are made identical or very similar to Project Reality v1.5 FOB Disable Spawn Radius increased to 100m with 3 enemies Rallies get destroyed after 60s unless within 100m of friendly HAB Rally overrun radius increased to 125m Instadeath Future plans include removing ticket bleed, and making HABs smaller so that they are easier to hide. Available now in the workshop!
  13. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Reverting a few patches WILL NOT GIVE US THE PR rally point system, and I don't know why everyone keeps thinking that. In PR Rallies get destroyed after 60s unless within 2 grid spaces(300m) of a friendly FOB/Flag/APC. Also, if an enemy is within 125m of a rally it destroys it. Also, in PR FOB spawns get disabled if 1 enemy is within 10m, 2 within 40m, 4/100m, and 8/150m. By comparison, in Squad V13 you could place a rally anywhere indefinitely, as long as enemies stay 50m away from it, and HABs get overrun in 30m radius. I should mention that Squad NEVER had the same Rally/FOB mechanics as PR. The spawn system in PR is much less powerful, which is why the gameplay is so much slower and more tactical. In PR you can't put FOBs directly on Flags, because they will get overrun too easily. And you can't plop rallies anywhere you want for magical reinforcement. In fact, indefinite rallies contradict the entire point of a logistical system, since they require no logistics to operate! Also the ability to plop rallies behind enemy lines ruins the line of battle, and focus all combat directly around the flags.
  14. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    Thanks for your input Gatzby! I think I have come up with a decent way of explaining why the rally/FOB mechanics need to be adjusted The mechanics encourage this current meta Since FOBs and Rallys are so powerful, in AAS all of the fighting gets focused around the offensive/defensive objectives. It doesn't always happen exactly like this, but most of the time, on public servers, the game devolves into each team building FOBs on the flags, and then placing rallies around their enemies flag. This divides your team into an attacking side, and a defending side, that fight at the opposing flags. This style of gameplay gets very repetitive, stale, and encourages bad habits. Since it is so easy to spawn, and get right back into fighting with rallies or OP FOBs, players don't worry about survival. There is a constant stream of players attacking/defending the objectives, and it more/less becomes a meat grinder. Rather, I would like to see the map like this In this scenario each team controls their own half of the map, and along the center is a line of conflict which acts in a tug of war. In this case, there is "behind enemy lines", and "behind friendly lines". Rather than your team getting divided on the two active flags, each team acts as a singular unit pushing on the other. Rather than all the action being concentrated on the two flags, it is spread out across the line of conflict. This sort of gameplay is much more realistic, allows your team to organize more easily, and spreads out the action. In order to accomplish this though, the spawn mechanics need to change such that it is very difficult to place a spawn behind enemy lines. If all of your spawns are on your half of the map, then it would be very difficult for players to get to spawn behind enemy lines, because there are no spawns behind enemy lines! How is this done? The game has to limit rally placement so that it must be nearby friendly emplacements/vehicles, this makes it so that you can't place rallies behind enemy lines! but still can behind your line (since you have a plethora of friendly FOBs, flags, APCs, etc... behind your line). By making that simple change to rallies, the game separates the teams and establishes a clear line of conflict, but now FOBs are too powerful, so the simple solution is to increase the overrun radius, so that teams cannot place FOBs on Flags anymore, and attacking/defending is thus balanced. This does so many great things to the game; You actually don't want spawn points on the flags, because that concentrates the action in one small area too much, it is better that the CAP zone remain fairly spawn free so that it becomes more about Squad maneuvering and region influence. Increasing the FOB+rally overrun radius does this by forcing teams to place their FOBs/rallies behind/away from the objectives Getting behind enemy lines is no longer forgiving because there is no nearby rally to fall back on. Squads either have to survive, or coordinate with their team to establish a FOB/supported rally behind enemy lines. This is reasonable since it shouldn't be easy to establish flanks. Keeps your team a unit that pushes against the other in a tug of war Allows for creativity in FOB placement Allows for more versatile maneuvering and tactics. Make it easier for teams on public servers to remain organized Puts more emphasis on placing FOBs rather than rallies (especially when helos get released, building FOBs will be super easy!) Makes squad vs squad engagements more rewarding since you will actually be able to squad wipe, rather than fight endless whack-a-mole rallies (which isn't fun). Slows the game down, and allows squad leaders to spend more time organizing, building, and maneuvering. Right now there is very little time to do these things since there is always enemy constantly attacking you or the flag. My solution to these problems are the ways that Project Reality resolved them, and think it is great that you guys are exploring other ways, but at the end of the day if those other ways still allow players to plop semi-infinite spawn points anywhere they want, and all of the game is focused around two small objectives on the map, it doesn't really improve anything. Remember, passive punishments like limited ammo and ticket loss are not reliable means of enforcing the gameplay you want! On public servers no one cares or keeps track of ticket loss, and most people would rather get back in the action with limited ammo than spawn back at a FOB. In order to enforce certain styles of gameplay, you have to actively limit players options. If you want to deter people from spawning at rallies(limited ammo), make it so they literally can't spawn at rallies. If it becomes personally inconvenient for a player to respawn, he/she will want to survive. If you want a game that doesn't encourage run and gun, you have to punish them for running and gunning! I know people don't like the idea of having to walk or lose a position, but those punishments are necessary for a game that involves tactics like this! *note: when helos get released transportation will get improved tremendously That being said I am excited for new updates, and hope you take our thoughts into consideration! *also: I actually really like the limited ammo mechanic and think its a step in the right direction, but it isn't enough
  15. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    Guys...I've really started believing recently that the devs are not going to adjust the spawning mechanics like we suggest, and the only way we are going to see them is through mods. I have been giving thought in making a mod that adjust the spawns like we want, and have talked to some people on the modding discord who explained that it would be quite simple. Is anyone else interested in working on this with me? Really, the hard part would be getting enough people to play test it...and who knows, if it gains traction maybe the devs would change their mind?