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  1. I miss the style of the original Battlefield games, and am interested in making a simple mod to convert Squad into playing and feeling like BF2 (except with better graphics and modern features). First I would take the current Squad layout and do the following to replicate BF2: Add larger ttk Add health bar Remove bleed out Make Fatigue Regen Faster, and Endurance Longer Add crosshair Change Layout of maps to be more like BF (conquest w/flags) Make APCs operable by one person instead of two. Spawn at Flags Remove FOBs Spawn on Squad Leader Replicate Point system Make unrestricted class system with: Assault, Medic, Anti-Tank, Engineer, Support, Special Forces, and Marksman. (Replicating the inventory from BF2s classes too) Similar Ticket System Remove Vehicle Claim Make Vehicle respawn faster Make respawn time same as BF2 Then down the road if possible: Add claymores for marksmen Add C4 for Special Forces Wrench for Engineer to repair vehicles Add boats, helicopters, tanks, jets, etc... Make maps similar to Wake Island, Karkand, etc... Add aircraft carriers Add swimming Commander Add ammo packs Add other innovative features so that the gameplay isn't just a replication of the original Battlefield gameplay, but an evolution. If I forgot any features let me know.
  2. So in the Squad menu, where you join/create a squad, every Squad and its members are maximized. You can double click on the name of each Squad to minimize their players and just show the Squads number/name. I think by default all the Squads should be minimized to more clearly represent which Squads your team has made. Additionally if you make a squad later in the game no one joins because they don't see you at the bottom of the list. I think that should be an easy fix.
  3. Server Connection Closed

    I also am getting this error EDIT: FIXED, when I enable the founder and veteran skins it causes this error, when all turned off its fine.
  4. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    How is the performance in the center of the city? Does FPS drop a lot?
  5. Zen Ryzen

    It's unfair to compare the single threaded performance of an 8 core cpu to a 4 core. Even Intel can't make an 8 core cpu with the same single threaded performance as the 7700k, just look at the 6800k. If you really care that much about single thread performance, wait for the 4 core Ryzen chips to come out, and hopefully they will match/outperform the 7700k for less money.
  6. Will motorcycles require vehicle claiming?

    . But actually my mistake, cars are whats littered all over the map in insurgency, not motorcycles. In the PR version of Kokan there are 36 cars littered around the map, 26 that are civilian.
  7. Will motorcycles require vehicle claiming?

    Yes but I imagine the motorcycles (at least for insurgency), will be littered all over the map in quite a large number. Thus making them, dispensable.
  8. Will motorcycles require vehicle claiming?

    Yea, but what is a griefer going to do with a motorcycle? Plus the insurgency game mode is suppose to be a bit more dynamic. Players opfor should be able to hope in and out of vehicles at free will.
  9. Motorcycles are pretty dispensable assets, so it would seem a little ridiculous to require vehicle claiming.
  10. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    I think 1 is enough. Many times a squad member might be alone and need to deliver a logi/other vehicle to the rest of the squad, and he can't. Permission from squad lead should just be enough. Fixed assets should be available to Squad leaders of any squad. For example, when the tank squad is waiting for their tank to respawn they can do logistical work and make FOBs/AA/Mortars/what ever else to help the team.
  11. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    Yea but its so annoying when for example a logi spawns at main and you can't direct a squad member to spawn at main to get it alone. Maybe it would be best to keep the claiming system, but have it only require one player instead of three. This way players can't drive off in vehicles without Squad leaders permission.
  12. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    I am so happy to see everyone supporting this idea. I really think its the perfect implementation into the game because not only does it organize everyone, it gets rid of the annoying vehicle claim system in the game. Everyone will automatically have access to the assets they need and only the assets they need. To further expand on the details of this system, general basic vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, humvees, and Logis would be available to everyone. In PR these vehicles are only worth 2 tickets, so there is no need for any restrictions or vehicle claiming.
  13. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    You can still do that CAS setup, crewman get binoculars and can go spot. Maybe even the flight crew squad could get the spotter kit too for painting targets. This system IMO isn't about stopping abuse. No matter what, if a group of players want to **** up the game, they will find a way to. This system is about enforcing organization. When aircraft, tanks, IFVs, are all implemented into the game, most servers will be a complete cluster ****. There will be no organization and no cohesion, it must be enforced. The only reason why it works in Project Reality is because the community is really small, and everyone knows how to organize themselves. Yes I guess you wouldn't be able to do some combos like AT with armor, but its more important to enforce organization than it is to have such freedoms.
  14. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    Yes it may restrict some gameplay variety options, but we already know that this method of organizing squads is the best! It has been tried and tested for a decade through another game already. We know that by splitting assets into dedicated Squads the game will be much better. Plus, what strategies would this really prevent? The only strategies I see this system preventing are strategies that are stupid and wouldn't work anyways. Helicopters should only be accessible for those in the helicopter squad, armored vehicles only for those in the armored vehicle squad, and etc...Those basics should never change no matter what strategy you implement! I think this idea is great, I have brought it up many times in the past. I am glad to hear more people agree with it. The only suggestion I have is that maybe allow the IFV and Tank squad to use the same vehicles. On smaller maps it more efficient to have one armor squad with both tanks and IFVs than to have it split.
  15. I have a solution to this which is by making dedicated squad mechanics. When a player creates a Squad they must choose the Squad type: infantry, tank, APC, CAS, etc...and then each Squad type only gets access to its kits and assets. This is also great because you won't need the vehicle claim system anymore.