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  1. I think Nerfing Rally Points is a bad idea

    Guys, I have a theory that I think is worth noting. It is important to remember the devs are not just trying to develop a new game, but also a new community. If you take a game with the complexity of Project Reality and throw it at the maturity of the current player-base (maturity as in experience, not competency), it wouldn't work. The game would be chaos, most people will get frustrated and stop playing. The devs realize this; so they have been gradually making it more and more complex since early access. Every update has made the game closer and closer to Project Reality; Vehicles & Logistics V7, HABs V9, IFVs V10/11, revamped FOB Mechanics V12+Tanks. By keeping the game more arcady in the early stages they are attracting a larger audience. Once they get players hooked, they are then slowly introducing them to more features. This is developing a mature playerbase. Its almost like learning a new language. You can't go walking into Mexico and expect to learn Spanish overnight, you won't understand a thing. It has to be taught by beginning with the basics of vocabulary, and then gradually getting more advanced from there. Squad is the same way, you throw a super advanced game at a new community too quick it will scare em all away. It has to be introduced one step at a time. I am excited for V12 because it will be another step towards PRs gameplay. Yeah, people whine and moan when a new patch comes out that introduces punishing mechanics, but after a couple months the meta adjusts and people learn that the game is actually better. I am sure in a future patch rallys will finally get nerfed, but V12 isn't the right time for it. It will take some time for the community to figure out the new FOB mechanics meta. So, V13 is therefore probably a better time to nerf rallies, also since Helis will get introduced and transportation will be easier.
  2. How to slow the gameplay

    I want this because it has been tried and tested in PR for 8 years and works very well. Yes Yes The whole purpose is to shift away from Rallys being the main method of spawning. They should only be used to Rally a Squad up before a fight. FOBs should be the main source of spawns. Thus, logistics/teamwork will become a more significant aspect of the game. One of the reasons why Squad members go around doing their own thing is because the game gives them the freedom to do so. Since they are not penalized for dying (because they can just respawn at the nearby rally), they go lonewolfing around, die, respawn, rinse and repeat. If the only place they can respawn is at a FOB 100m away, they will have to stick with the Squad, otherwise be punished. Also, Project Reality used to have the Rally system currently in place, then in v0.9 they overhauled FOBs/Rallys, and this exact conversation was had. Here are some pertinent threads: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/74025-rally-point-confusion.html http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/75045-v0-9-rally-system-loving.html At the end of the day the new system was determined better, and has been in the game ever since.
  3. How to slow the gameplay

    Now the question is, who is going to mod it? and host it?
  4. How to slow the gameplay

    You know what would be really interesting, if someone made a quick mod with these mechanics, and we did some playtests to see what it would be like. I would do it, but I don't have much experience modding + tried downloading the SDK and it kept on crashing since my computer isn't good enough. I imagine it shouldn't be too hard to mod a map so that: If two enemies are directly in/around a FOB you can't spawn at it. Requires 2 Squad Members + Leader to drop Rally Rally Disappears after 60s unless within 150m from Friendly FOB, Flag, or APC. (Maybe first implementation uses just friendly FOB/Flags). 5 minute cool down on rally. If enemies walk within 50m of rally, rally disappears. Rally provides indefinite spawns as long as active. I would implement this on a map similar to PR (Fools Road/Mestia?), and would be interested to see how gameplay compares to PR. I am sure if we told a bunch of people on the PR forums we are doing this they would join in for a playtest.
  5. Its actually really refreshing to see this thread since I made a couple of posts about how Rallys and FOBs are turning the game into a meat grinder on reddit, and everyone flipped out at me.
  6. How to slow the gameplay

    I agree with all of these points. Rallys should not be the main source for spawning, that's the FOBs job. The rally should just be there to temporarily "rally" the team before an engagement, when you are outside the radius of any enemies. The current mechanic makes the gameplay so fast that it becomes entirely focused directly around objectives. There is no time to build strategic FOBs in areas outside objectives, plan a well coordinated attack, etc... Rallys are strong because FOBs are too hard to destroy atm. By incorporating your suggestions it balances the game. Dedicated vehicle Squad is something I have been asking for awhile now, and I believe they will incorporate when heavier/specialized vehicles are introduced to the game. Most people do not understand these suggestions because they have never played PR. If they took the time to play PR they would soon realize why it is so much better. In PR there are less engagements, and when there are engagements they last a lot longer. A lot more time is spent coordinating/maneuvering/building/hunting. This gameplay IMO is much more interesting that Squads. If I wanted to run and gun I'd play COD/BF. Some people believe that it will make the game much harder, but I disagree. I believe it will just change the meta, and players will adjust.
  7. I miss the style of the original Battlefield games, and am interested in making a simple mod to convert Squad into playing and feeling like BF2 (except with better graphics and modern features). First I would take the current Squad layout and do the following to replicate BF2: Add larger ttk Add health bar Remove bleed out Make Fatigue Regen Faster, and Endurance Longer Add crosshair Change Layout of maps to be more like BF (conquest w/flags) Make APCs operable by one person instead of two. Spawn at Flags Remove FOBs Spawn on Squad Leader Replicate Point system Make unrestricted class system with: Assault, Medic, Anti-Tank, Engineer, Support, Special Forces, and Marksman. (Replicating the inventory from BF2s classes too) Similar Ticket System Remove Vehicle Claim Make Vehicle respawn faster Make respawn time same as BF2 Then down the road if possible: Add claymores for marksmen Add C4 for Special Forces Wrench for Engineer to repair vehicles Add boats, helicopters, tanks, jets, etc... Make maps similar to Wake Island, Karkand, etc... Add aircraft carriers Add swimming Commander Add ammo packs Add other innovative features so that the gameplay isn't just a replication of the original Battlefield gameplay, but an evolution. If I forgot any features let me know.
  8. So in the Squad menu, where you join/create a squad, every Squad and its members are maximized. You can double click on the name of each Squad to minimize their players and just show the Squads number/name. I think by default all the Squads should be minimized to more clearly represent which Squads your team has made. Additionally if you make a squad later in the game no one joins because they don't see you at the bottom of the list. I think that should be an easy fix.
  9. Server Connection Closed

    I also am getting this error EDIT: FIXED, when I enable the founder and veteran skins it causes this error, when all turned off its fine.
  10. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    How is the performance in the center of the city? Does FPS drop a lot?
  11. Zen Ryzen

    It's unfair to compare the single threaded performance of an 8 core cpu to a 4 core. Even Intel can't make an 8 core cpu with the same single threaded performance as the 7700k, just look at the 6800k. If you really care that much about single thread performance, wait for the 4 core Ryzen chips to come out, and hopefully they will match/outperform the 7700k for less money.
  12. Will motorcycles require vehicle claiming?

    . But actually my mistake, cars are whats littered all over the map in insurgency, not motorcycles. In the PR version of Kokan there are 36 cars littered around the map, 26 that are civilian.
  13. Will motorcycles require vehicle claiming?

    Yes but I imagine the motorcycles (at least for insurgency), will be littered all over the map in quite a large number. Thus making them, dispensable.
  14. Will motorcycles require vehicle claiming?

    Yea, but what is a griefer going to do with a motorcycle? Plus the insurgency game mode is suppose to be a bit more dynamic. Players opfor should be able to hope in and out of vehicles at free will.
  15. Motorcycles are pretty dispensable assets, so it would seem a little ridiculous to require vehicle claiming.