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  1. Alright I found the problem with some ip configurations for work, I use two IP's in order to reach my servers for work here and to reach the web normally, the game however is interpreting and attempting to use only one instead of both. Thanks for your help however!
  2. Webroot Spysweeper, but that as well has been turned off. :(
  3. I'm running DMZ, so not on a NAT. Firewall is already disabled. :\
  4. I'm on a peplink multiwan router that is dmz to my pc. No avail. Tried resetting it, have tried all other port options people have mentioned.
  5. Hi, I've been trying to get Squad to work, the issue I'm having is that I'm unable to lookup servers on the server list quickly, and I disconnect during the load each time with no success. It takes about 2-3 minutes before the list populates, when I do join a server, I load seeing a bit of the quick guide picture about the controls, but I instantly disconnect with the message "Lost Connection to Server Host". I've been scanning the forum for some time to try and find a solution, nothing I have found has worked including, exceptions to the firewall, reinstalling, turning the firewall off, running as administrator, and a few others. I'm not sure what else should be done to run, the last post I could find on the subject matter was from a month ago saying be patient it'll be worked on with little to no update since. Unfortunately it's getting to the point I'll rather take a refund from Steam and just try again way later, but if anyone has any other ideas or any ways I can submit something to be of practical assistance I would like to do that before I put in the towel. I hope this topic is in the right forum, It seemed appropriate for the issue. Thanks, Revan