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  1. beginna it works !! thx broo
  2. update : when im launch game from squad folder it gave me this ( "the program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem" ) which i already trying to reinstall the game but still no go :( helpp
  3. omg thx zsd im count on ya , im on windows 8.1 , i already check for intergrity files on steam and, still on same error 23 damnnn
  4. nope...nothing happen , same thing easyanticheat startup error 23 ,helppp T.T
  5. help i just downloaded SQUAD and when im going to lunch it from steam , the easyanticheat box comes up with error 23 notice here is some detail from the box GameID: 55 (64bit) Windows Version: 6.3 (Build 9600) Error Code: 23 Error Msg: Game startup failed. Error Code: 23 UUID: 44029993-055e-a916-1924-ea47c214b350 Processes list: adobearm.exe armsvc.exe chargeservice.exe classicstartmenu.exe conhost.exe corsairlink.exe csrss.exe dashost.exe dwm.exe easyanticheat.exe explorer.exe firefox.exe gamingapp_service.exe gfexperienceservice.exe iccproxy.exe jhi_service.exe killerservice.exe lms.exe lsass.exe msi_trigger_service.exe msmpeng.exe networkmanager.exe nissrv.exe nvbackend.exe nvnetworkservice.exe nvscpapisvr.exe nvstreamnetworkservice.exe nvstreamservice.exe nvstreamuseragent.exe nvtray.exe nvvsvc.exe nvxdsync.exe pnkbstra.exe pwrisovm.exe richvideo64.exe rtkngui64.exe rundll32.exe sbcinema2.exe searchindexer.exe services.exe skypec2cautoupdatesvc.exe skypec2cpnrsvc.exe smss.exe sm”rtp.exe spoolsv.exe squad_launcher.exe steam.exe steamservice.exe steamwebhelper.exe super charger.exe svchost.exe taskhost.exe taskhostex.exe wininit.exe winlogon.exe wmiprvse.exe wudfhost.exe xtuservice.exe appreciate for the help from SQUAD tech or member that get same problem