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  1. March 2016 Recap

    We will be slowly rolling out NetMove across the game objects, making Emplaced weapons, Vehicles and more optimised Soldiers possible. Awsome!
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Did it work ?
  3. Heroes And Generals

    For me it only seemed promising becouse of the RTS part. But Both RTS and FPS are totally screwd over.
  4. Bishop's Squad Leading Tips

    Good Tips man! I see too often "Clueless Squad Leaders" Or a Squad without a leader. Meaning that they have a Squad Leader. But that they'r all spread out over different objectives instead of working together. Also, i too often fall into a squad wich doesnt communicate. Like 0 Communication.
  5. [MOD] 1944 : Voie de la liberté

    Nice, Anywork on like an Maschine Gewehr 42 ? :)
  6. Vehicle Brainstorming (Post Pictures)

    I'd like to see the Panzerhaubitze 2000
  7. Squad Leader Top Tips

    Basicly this could have easly been an 2 minute video if you would just overview the tips.
  8. What stops you playing squad

    Currently waiting for new game content
  9. ban mechanics

    Just a side question, So why did you teamkill and grief other players across across multiple servers for many nights in a row? #curiousity
  10. ban mechanics

    I'd suggest you to report and ask your case by contacting Support. [email protected]
  11. Squad Logo's

  12. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Nice logo's :)