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  1. Re CPU OC'ing I have run my i7 4790K at 4.8Ghz with HT off for well over a year now and seen absolutely no ill effects. But I have decent AIO 240mm Rad cooling. Some of the lad's here know far more than me on the subject, but as far as I can see the only factors to consider are the voltage and temp's. Keep them sensible and it all just works unless you get a dodgy chip.
  2. This happens to me when I clear cache etc, it's always my mouse button mappings (I use a G502 and remap a fair few buttons). May not be for you but double check that.
  3. Good job MrOcto, thanks for doing this video. If you can smooth out the clip transitions at the beginning as it's pretty off putting for a viewer. I no nothing about video editing of course!
  4. Yes running low/off graphic in game settings will deliver a bonus on FPS on some low/mid range rigs from my experience. I would expect about 5fps solid improvement overall.
  5. not true, I do often as I need some peace and quiet in my Squad life. LOL
  6. ZXD are expanding, we are primarily looking for a few new members who have some decent experience of the game. Feel free to message me directly or visit the website. cheers
  7. Yes this is possible and I am sure goes on to some extent.
  8. fair enough, you have more relevant experience on this. Are you running 1080p at standard resolution and/or ultra settings? I only play at community tournament settings, so everything low or off except shadows medium and view distance high so this may make a difference in my experience.
  9. Obvious and little cover FOB placement makes sense in some situations. A certain 'honey pot' for the bad guys!
  10. 45fps as a reasonable min on that rig, it would be rare for it to drop below that and very situational IMO. I tend to think weirdly about FPS as I prefer to limit my fps to the lower side, to stop it going up and down re my eyesight and headaches.
  11. Over 900 hours of Squad here and I can count on one hand how many times I have encountered actual hackers. It's very, very rare on the server's I play. Stick to established, well moderated servers and it simply is not an issue in Squad in comparison to most other games.
  12. I would say expect 45fps stable on this set up. But don't let that deter you, it will play just fine.
  13. I think we need to be careful here, one of Squads most attractive qualities is it's 'simple' game mechanics. For the vanilla experience, I would say the medical sytem is right where it needs to be, simple, functional, easy to understand. When the game opens up for full modding, I am sure there will be some very inventive options that are available to us. Personally I kinda like where the game is and just would like to see any little bugs ironed out and the a little more polish/balance thrown in. I need Squad to not be more milsim, it's why I stopped playing Arma 3!
  14. I don't mind playing medic when US - I need the red dot in my life as I seriously struggle with iron sights. The role IMO does need a single frag. In the right Squad there's plenty of action as a medic, but it is a tough role to play.
  15. I like the claim system for vehicles myself, granted some tweaking like nearly all aspects of the game can evolve. Is there not a bunch of servers that are not official and the server owners could switch off vehicle claiming? (If they wanted to).