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  1. why can't i run squad??

    Your cpu will not run Squad very well at all and your likely running out of vram IMO.
  2. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    We have tested with 100 man servers before - but my guess is this will be a little later on once the main features are in and everything is very stable. It's a huge performance hit so we would all want major optimisations shortly after it's in to enjoy it to the max!
  3. @Wellington hey man it happened (a bit later than I may have suggested.......) Hope your all well and 1st AB is doing good, ok to come play now and again?
  4. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    ZXD is recruiting! You need 3 things to apply. 1. Some hours in Squad 2. Be a Team player 3. Want to win We have 15-25 in our discord every night, we Squad up and hit servers and do many other wonderful things. ZXD - for the win!
  5. On the public servers this sort of thing happens all the time. I think it's fine to play Squad, just for fun (if that's your thing). It's also fine to play, to win. And it's also fine to play the team game, win or lose. It's more a case of establishing what the team want's to do that round, and go with it. Of course that level of understanding and communication on a public server is rare, and insanely difficult to 'make' happen. I enjoy the odd, random, public match but never consider it a competitive round. Sometimes I am surprised and it all works well. But this is rare. Hence 95% of my Squad time is in a ZXD (our clan) team/s. At least that way on a Squad level we tend to have a decent round, and I don't rage quit!
  6. RAM upgrade advice sought please.

    fair enough, I didn't check - I always felt 2 x sticks for dual channel CPU/Motherboards would be a bit better, re channel throughput but i must say I havn't tested or seen any benchmarks. I am considering 6 core, quad channel for my next build..............
  7. RAM upgrade advice sought please.

    I just read and saw you have 2x4GB sticks, so replace one with an 8GB and you should see a real difference, for the money. IMO if you want performance in demanding titles it's time for a new rig, so get saving! Trade, beg, borrow and steal man!
  8. RAM upgrade advice sought please.

    Get another one of these, even second hand for the budget upgrade - you will notice the difference in Squad. Or put the money towards a complete new system, whilst decent your rig is becoming pretty outdated to play demanding alphas at reasonable/high FPS!
  9. K/D RATIO

    I would say the example given shows poor Squad Leading, and pretty poor individual play from an FPS perspective. The mechanics are there to play Squad in many ways, I am far from a decent FPS player myself, most public rounds I tend to be about 12 (Kills)-4 (Deaths)-15 (Downed). I keep an eye on my personal score to try and make sure I am contributing well in that department but struggle. I tend to support our Squads from a flank, or get in first for intel which often means the medics can't get to me but it's for the greater good. I tend not to give up right away, I always ask if medics can get to me and often elect to wait the timer anyhow so I can look at the map. Of course some situations force the figures all the wrong way, and your example may be this. I am sure the Dev's will continue to develop the gameplay as we move from alpha to release. But whatever way you look at it the players will dictate how their play style.
  10. I am available for hire, for all services.
  11. I disagree on this point. Whilst I am not in the military, I am assuming when under fire control can certainly be taken away from us. If a LMG is putting rounds near my position I would think the last thing most would do is peak to one shot them with little/no penalty. It's simply about finding a sensible balance for decent gameplay. Which I am sure the dev's will do.
  12. Penalty for early give up

    of course, sometimes it does. The issue is in the public game, the give up quick and get back in is nearly all the time.
  13. Penalty for early give up

    re your 3 points, all can be improved by a decent Squad Leader and playing as a Squad. Support your medics, don't go live until there's medics ensure the Squad is supplied. Personally I say punish those that give up immediately, hard. People do it as there is no real penalty. I do it to have a short break from the action..................LOL