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  1. Page File and Squad

    I only have 1 drive for everything an M.2.
  2. Page File and Squad

    Yes I dont think it's an issue, my concern was why I was using higher than I had allocated with a ton of normal system RAM available. I guess some things from the system just use page file, so I made it bigger to allow for that. cheers
  3. Page File and Squad

    When I say suffered i'm talking about game performance, FPS or similar. Squad for me uses between 9-11GB system RAM (I have 32GB), and 13-17GB of page file (at the same time). I only had 5GB page file.
  4. Page File and Squad

    Ok until very recently I didn't even know my rig had one or indeed what one was and what it did. So I monitored it's use in Squad across a few maps and noticed I was using between 13GB and 17GB of page file when running Squad. Checked my page file and it was set to 5GB. So I allowed 2GB-20GB. (this is off a super fast M.2 with loads of room). Excuse me not using MB but that's to much maths for me, but you convert to MB when making adjustments and setting the range of page file in windows etc. Just wanted to understand, have I suffered all this time re my small page file? And learn a bit more about it in relation to Squad. cheers
  5. hmm, sounds buggy. I did update and clean install my NVIDIA drivers as well (to the latest for my 1080ti). Aside from that i'm out of idea's i'm afraid. If it was me I would wipe Squad and do a fresh install.
  6. I had this, after all the usual tests and checks I disabled the skins in game settings and all is well again.
  7. [Solved] memory crash

    well, we shall see...........I thought the page file was only used if an App/s needed more system RAM over what is available? He's got 16GB system RAM so I think I may still be in with a chance on this one!
  8. [Solved] memory crash

    Whats your VRAM usage mate, what resolution are you playing in? When I play in 1440p at 1.5 resolution scale and can hit 10GB VRAM on occasion so you may be blowing the 8GB you have on that card, unlikely but possible.
  9. Grenadier's nades often buggy

    I play Grenadier role fairly regular lately - ask anyone I am deadly with it. Friend or Foe, your dead. LOL Gotta say i agree, it's buggy. I have noticed at mid/long range it can simply, disappear! No boom, boom.
  10. Let's celebrate!

  11. Let's celebrate!

    cheers, here's 1 more!
  12. Very Low FPS

    lads, i'm not saying it's a good thing. Just it's a thing. Mostly I play at 90fps, just certain maps bring it down.
  13. Very Low FPS

    I run a i7 7700K at 4.8Ghz HT on and my lowest ever FPS is 55 on Al Basrah, full server with lots of action. This is at 1440p, 1.5 resolution scaling. I recon I could hold 60fps in Squad in 1080p under all reasonable game circumstances, across all maps, full servers. But your points remain valid, i'm just saying...........LOL
  14. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    I have over 1250 hours Squad experience now and played at all levels (public, CCFN, tournament). It certainly felt, at times people were hacking. Squad does that to you. But in reality there have been very few actual hackers, of course cheating will happen but Squad is blessed with a relatively hack free community. The difference between public, CCFN and tournament players is VAST in my experience.
  15. [3440x1440 ULTRAWIDE 21:9] Full Game, Sumari.

    Nice job RipGroove, I would say to make the video more engaging, we need to hear your beautiful voice a little more re contact calls and such like. Also your moving alot, on your own. Buddy up and move as a pair really brings Squad alive IMO. Feel free to come play with us sometime (ZXD).