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  1. You do see crazy good scores like this from decent vehicle players, from time to time. The trick is (and even then you will most likely die alot) is for the team on the receiving end to - wait for it. Remove the threat, then re commence the round objectives. Thats a tough thing to do, even in a clan side as we often are very pre-set on the basic goals, for example in AAS you defined until the next point is capped right, then advance right. Thats the goal, to win (amazing how often in public games even this isn't understood or played!). But if your losing significantly more tickets than the other side then this will not work. You will die alot, and lose the round. The trick with a problematic vehicle is getting close to it for AT to be effective. A nice tactic is very simple. 2 teams of AT both flank hard either side and get into position, take an extra man to act as decoy. When in range decoy moves away from AT team 1 and causes a distraction to vehicle. Both AT then hit it. End of vehicle and it cost 3 maybe 4 guys outta the match. Until that vehicles gone everyone else who's being owned by the vehicle, hard cover and wait/distract it. LOL thats emotional brother..............
  2. ah good to know, I have used MSI Afterburner for years across many games now.
  3. usual online rules apply it's the internet. However saying that, I would say find a strong, established community or community run server and play there regulary. Get to know a few of the regulars and you will be fine. If you look, Squad has a wonderful community. Personally I wouldn't play Squad with you, we use way to much colourful language and talk about some pretty strange subjects and for me, that's not suitiable for under 16's. But there are many decent players that would, you just gotta find em.
  4. This Suds, my man. Is a critical requirement!
  5. The game is in development and this statement is correct, the game is not fully optimised yet and due to the engine very single core CPU reliant. Good news is the game is not finished and therefore things should get better. I have a powerful rig, like your sons and can confirm the min FPS I get across all maps, full servers in 1440p with 1.5 resolution scaling is 70. This is running tournament settings, shadows medium, view distance high and all other settings low or off. I limit FPS to 85 and usually it's at that, but at times drops to 70. I am very happy with that, but of course look forward to more FPS as the game develops and hopefully the engine improves for my hardware.
  6. I don't know the exact answer, but I have noticed an improved use of 4 cores if available over the months.
  7. Glad it all worked out for you -MG, i'm busy trying some milsim but will pop back regularly to play with my ZXD friends!
  8. I take a bow. But seriously my apologies - was just having a bit of fun.
  9. yes agreed, but its not an area i'm familiar with really. sound advise.
  10. I can't tell you exactly why as I am not experienced with the 3960x chips. But looking at the spec sheet, it's an old CPU and may be struggling for Squad. But let's keep checking all the settings and see if we can find some improvements for you.
  11. I am unfamiliar with that CPU but it turbos to 3.9Ghz so should be fast enough to run Squad well. (I don't know it's IPC rating etc). What resolution are you playing at 1080p? Is the resolution scale set to 1.00? My guess would have been you would have been able to play at 50-60fps min FPS in 1080p.
  12. Good point, i'm currently playing at 1440p 1.25 resolution and havn't noticed to much micro stutter, i'll ramp it up to 2 and see if it increases. Me thinks it will.
  13. HDD? Please. M.2 nvme SSD all the way!
  14. I have got the game at 80fps locked in 1440p now. All maps, full servers. I am suitably smug with this, and thought to share!