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  1. Penalty for early give up

    of course, sometimes it does. The issue is in the public game, the give up quick and get back in is nearly all the time.
  2. Penalty for early give up

    re your 3 points, all can be improved by a decent Squad Leader and playing as a Squad. Support your medics, don't go live until there's medics ensure the Squad is supplied. Personally I say punish those that give up immediately, hard. People do it as there is no real penalty. I do it to have a short break from the action..................LOL
  3. Performance advice

    monitor fps, cpu,gpu (inc vram) and ram use via MSI afterburner/riva tuner and we should find the issue. My bet is your running out of vram, ensure full texture loading (in squad settings) is turned off and limit the frames to find your stable spot and go from there.
  4. GTX 1080ti Temps

    Yes maybe, I think i'm just lucky re the card. I only have 1 fan in, 1 fan out, 240mm rad on top set up. I guess the air flow is good on my set upas the GPU does push some hot air out for sure. The case I have (Corsair C70 mid tower) does have some holes on the side for an extra fan, dumb idea if you ask me but maybe the extra vent helps it along.
  5. GTX 1080ti Temps

    @banOkay Hi sorry no video but I played a server with 76 on for a good 20mins and it was very stable re GPU temps. Lower than I recall! With a bit more action the fps drops a bit on this map but the temp only goes max low 60s.
  6. [NWG] Northwest Gamers - PORTLAND, OREGON!

    great to see this is a thing, Squad on good people!
  7. Concerned

    I dunno, player tester numbers go up and down during game development. If we roll forward and assume the finished Squad is simply outstanding. Fantastic performance, great features and gameplay everything we wanted. How many of those that put it down for a bit would return? I recon the majority would. I know I would. So I am not really concerned, it is what it is and where it should be.
  8. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Top work OWI and Periscope!
  9. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    Looks like your almost sorted then mate, good work. Keep playing around, and when you get your monitor also get a SSD! Myself and several Squad mates found playing in 4K wasn't really the best, 1440p was. But on your 4K TV if you can keep reasonable frames stick with 4K for now. Search the forum for 4k related issues and how to solve them. Re GPU heating up, to control that a little install MSI Afterburner/Riva Tuner to cap your max frames, and based on what you have said set the frame limit to 45fps. Sounds crazy but it will deliver a consistent experience and not push your hardware to the max all the time thus reducing system load. It's totally playable at that frame rate. Re monitor the 'standard' (with my Squad mates) is a 27, 1440p 75hz monitor at 16:9 aspect ratio. Personally I use a 32, 1440p, 144hz monitor at 16:9 aspect ratio and it's glorious. Good luck with all of that and see you in the battle sometime!
  10. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    Go with 4k on TV, in Squad and Nvidia and turn v-sync off. See what variable refresh rate is given over a few maps etc. You should get 45-65fps I recon. Bugs aside, you should consider a monitor to play on IMO. That TV will be a serious pain to drive at high FPS.
  11. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    ok if your playing in 4K then lower frames can be a thing, it's alot of pixels to push!
  12. MID game fps drops

    ok clear game cache from in game settings, verify files via steam and check your on latest GPU drivers mate.
  13. MID game fps drops

    What resolution are you playing on please? Take all overclocks off for now. I am guessing your on a laptop - if so you will need to keep an eye on temps for sure, Squad is very demanding so we need to dial back and work up from there.
  14. MID game fps drops

    your likely running out of vram. ensure full texture loading is off in Squad settings mate.
  15. Stuttering/dropped frames and tearing

    What monitor are you playing on, post the model number mate and I think we may solve your issue.