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  1. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    I am part of ZXD and we play Squad every night together as mates on public servers. Theres a couple of things to consider, first off what is a clan server over say a community server. Most of what we play on are what I would term community servers. The RIP vs the world Friday night event is a good example of a stacked clan server (and its usually a great night gaming). We generally find with a full ZXD Infrantry Squad and supporting single heavy vehicle, if all the other side is public players we smash it. If there is another clan or 2 full Squad/s on the other side it can be a good, close game and sometimes we will even lose. I feel its the admin that makes the difference, and then the Squad Leaders. I have literally played dozens of round where the opposition will simply not bother to cap initial points and then wonder why they lost so bad. Or set up half sensible spawn points, or heal each other or, well do much at all except run and gun. So many rounds our Squad Leaders report that the (often) public Squad Leaders don't say a word about the round............................like nothing at all. So my choice is simple, play with the public all the time and I recon have maybe a decent round in every 10, or do what we do and have a 7 decent rounds in 10. Alot of people feel or express a clan is some mystical crazy set up, it often isnt. We just play Squad (together) every night and love the game with a focus on team play and winning. A little try hard but hardly off the scale! The result is over many thousdands of hours, were a pretty good team and win way more than we lose. That can upset public players, and for that, we are sorry..............................but hey get on and gut good right! So my point is or the most part my experience is that clans, and indeed clan servers are giving our public players the oppertunity to play the game well!
  2. helicopter and health

    or make the trucks so they give reasonable protection against small arms. The cab's seem about right.
  3. Huge announcement, I was wrong.

    it's shaping up to be a great map for sure!
  4. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    to the top!
  5. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    UPDATE ZXD is still going strong, for the win and remember ZXD's gonna rock ya! We play everynight, regular skrims and have a decent level competitive Squad. Our community is fun and games hard. Open for a few more members so do contact us and go from there.
  6. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Likley to do with loadouts as opposed to anything else, look pass the flags it's a game!
  7. Gtx1080ti vs Rtx2080

    You gotta adjust things so you don't blow the vram or go back to 1080ti IMO mate.
  8. Personally if you are looking at a decent value upgrade get more RAM and SSD first. Or sell the whole system and buy a newer one to see bigger benefits.
  9. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    We are still going strong - playing Squad at a decent level nearly every night, regular events and doing well in the tournaments. Pop by our discord, have a game or 3 and see if ZXDis for you!
  10. that depends on your eyesight, and in my case age....................I play 1440p and 1.5 resolution scaling and it's sweet, a huge upgrade (for me) from 1080p.
  11. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    Morning all, ZXD are still playing and enjoying Squad - we have organised casual play every evening (from about 6pm uk time till late), regular CCFN teams, Skrims and tournament play! Come join us via our discord. (on front page of our website)
  12. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    ZXD are recruiting, a few good men (and ladies?). Visit our site, or discord and come play we remain active in Squad and are also enjoying PS!
  13. Can I run this game

    Everything will be an issue currently, but particularly the RAM. IMO based on talking with a number of regular Squad friends, and also when I played on older, less powerful laptops and desktops I found that if you can hold 30fps - you can play. 45fps you can play kinda ok and 60fps your good to go compete! The thing is to hold those numbers as a minimum. I am very lucky as I now have a bad ass PC beast, I tend to play Squad at 90fps in 1440p (for consistency of experience) on tournament settings and it runs gloriously. The odd map or situation does cause it to drop to mid 60's but it's not a deal breaker.
  14. Removal of marksmen from the game

    Personally I would reduce the amount of designated marksmen roles per side, and introduce a side wide proper marksman and spotter 2 man team that unlocks if your team has a certain number of players or even Squads. It's a real part of modern warfare after all.