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  1. hmm, sounds buggy. I did update and clean install my NVIDIA drivers as well (to the latest for my 1080ti). Aside from that i'm out of idea's i'm afraid. If it was me I would wipe Squad and do a fresh install.
  2. I had this, after all the usual tests and checks I disabled the skins in game settings and all is well again.
  3. [Solved] memory crash

    well, we shall see...........I thought the page file was only used if an App/s needed more system RAM over what is available? He's got 16GB system RAM so I think I may still be in with a chance on this one!
  4. [Solved] memory crash

    Whats your VRAM usage mate, what resolution are you playing in? When I play in 1440p at 1.5 resolution scale and can hit 10GB VRAM on occasion so you may be blowing the 8GB you have on that card, unlikely but possible.
  5. Grenadier's nades often buggy

    I play Grenadier role fairly regular lately - ask anyone I am deadly with it. Friend or Foe, your dead. LOL Gotta say i agree, it's buggy. I have noticed at mid/long range it can simply, disappear! No boom, boom.
  6. Let's celebrate!

  7. Let's celebrate!

    cheers, here's 1 more!
  8. Very Low FPS

    lads, i'm not saying it's a good thing. Just it's a thing. Mostly I play at 90fps, just certain maps bring it down.
  9. Very Low FPS

    I run a i7 7700K at 4.8Ghz HT on and my lowest ever FPS is 55 on Al Basrah, full server with lots of action. This is at 1440p, 1.5 resolution scaling. I recon I could hold 60fps in Squad in 1080p under all reasonable game circumstances, across all maps, full servers. But your points remain valid, i'm just saying...........LOL
  10. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    I have over 1250 hours Squad experience now and played at all levels (public, CCFN, tournament). It certainly felt, at times people were hacking. Squad does that to you. But in reality there have been very few actual hackers, of course cheating will happen but Squad is blessed with a relatively hack free community. The difference between public, CCFN and tournament players is VAST in my experience.
  11. [3440x1440 ULTRAWIDE 21:9] Full Game, Sumari.

    Nice job RipGroove, I would say to make the video more engaging, we need to hear your beautiful voice a little more re contact calls and such like. Also your moving alot, on your own. Buddy up and move as a pair really brings Squad alive IMO. Feel free to come play with us sometime (ZXD).
  12. I see where your coming from but in my case throwing some cash at my system did work - most of the time i'm playing Squad at around 90fps in 1440p at 1.25 resolution scale. It's a personal choice. Of course I can play other games at amazing FPS and resolutions as well so it's a win win.
  13. Extreme lag spikes. The game is unplayable.

    Have you cleared cache from in game menu? I would do that and then turn everything to low or of and measure your fps and general performance across a couple of established, full servers. then you will have a reasonable idea of where you are at.
  14. Optimization

    Not being a smart ass or directing at OP but for the thread: Optimisation The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. Those of us that follow Squad's alpha development are aware of at least 2 major optimisation passes, and with each release comes minor optimisation work. This is to keep the game reasonably playable for a large number of people, who want to play (sorry test). For me, the big deal here is well what is 'optimised' to a standard that's reasonable, for most people and for the kind of project Squad is. Putting aside the issues with older AMD CPU's I think this is a target for each release to go for. 45fps lowest in 1080p. on full servers, across all official maps CPU: 6500 or higher 3.6Ghz turbo clock 4 core GPU: 1060 3GB VRAM or higher RAM: 8GB 2644Mhz or higher I don't feel we are actually that far away from this situation but I run much more powerful hardware so it's hard to tell. Squad at 45fps or higher is absolutely playable.
  15. Well yes, but I also have over 1250 hours of Squad with no sign of slowing down and I play it pretty seriously so it would have worked just for Squad as well IMO. If a system works well for Squad, it can handle pretty much anything it would seem.