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  1. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    Not true in my case, I played around 300hrs of Squad at around 30fps in 1080p and it was great, I didn't really know any difference. But once I understood more about the game and realised I was going to play for a long time (and seriously) I changed to new rigs. I also learn't a bunch about PC gaming performance which I enjoy as well. I then spent alot of money to give me a top rig, fit for Squad. Granted I could and not everyone has that option. But I have now well over 1,000 Squad hours so it has payed itself back no problem. The bonus was everything else I play runs fantastic as well. On saying all of this, I have to state I purchased and sold alot of secondhand gear to build up my system value, so getting to where I am with my rig wasn't a one off big payment or anything.
  2. AdminChangeMap

    I can recall maybe 3 times when the game was ended early due to one side dominating, in over 1000 hours playtime! Most of these hours have been on Exodus, Squad Germany, ZXD server (when we had it running) and RIP. So I think the issue is more server dependant than widespread. Personally I dislike the rule/option, play the round and if your getting hammered, get hammered less and learn. But I did find my happy place 9when nothing is going right team wise), i just practice pvp, mess with my settings or try some new stuff or rage quit for a few mins..................very effective.
  3. Looking for a european realism unit.

    1st AB is a decent milsim outfit mate.
  4. Please Help With graphics

    No idea @Psyrus personally I go at it from establishing base machine spec then in game first. I do this as it is easier for new players, it also helps me understand their expectations of FPS quicker. It may be the guys that go straight to stat unit stuff simply arn't around so much on the forum right now etc.
  5. Please Help With graphics

    Yes CPU is good for Squad, i'm just trying to establish a baseline then we can get specific and sort this. Also, @Bytemee04 what sort of FPS were you getting, and what sort of level was it dropping to?
  6. Please Help With graphics

    Ok thats good news as your GPU has 6GB VRAM. I would advise turning all graphics setting to low or off and seeing how it runs. You may be running out of system RAM at 8GB, doing the above should keep it below that so we can establish your max FPS at lowest/off settings then tweak from there. Ensure full texture loading is off for now as well. Hit a couple of full servers and let us know how it runs with the above in place.
  7. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    I understand your upset/disappointed, but please don't confuse me with OWI. I am a community mod is all, I try and help on the forum. I've already stated I would give more info on the steam page etc, I agree with you. There could be future improvements on single thread reliance, it's down to how the game gets coded and optimised and I believe the engine the game is built upon. But I don't know that process, reality or the effect so if I were you I wouldn't expect much to help your situation here. The full game will be more demanding with all features, mod's and actual future optimisation effect is, well unknown.
  8. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    Your confusing me, Squad is an alpha project and significant optimisations should happen in beta, once the major game features are present. As an alpha it is up and down in all areas, that's what alphas are. Re AMD CPU's, I don't have any real experience with them. But several Squad players say the AMD Ryzen range is very good in Squad. So theres the recommendation if you want to stick with AMD and have decent Squad performance. Everyone has their own idea's on min and rec specs vs expected performance. For me min specs should deliver around 30fps in 1080p, and rec specs 60fps in 1080p. It's not at all odd for companies to not mention something as specific as single thread performance in their marketing/product pages, I of course wish they did. But they don't. This, is life LOL.
  9. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    It's unfortunate you have the CPU you do, AMD Ryzen works well with Squad. You will have to change your CPU, Squad is a demanding game and you cannot rely on the project delivering more FPS with your hardware. You ar way below the recommended spec's, this is just the reality. If I were you I would ask myself the following, what resolution do I want to play in, at what average FPS and what min FPS. If we know these things we can give advise as to the best upgrade as it needn't be horribly expensive or difficult. For me it was easy, I want the fastest, bestest Squad experience I can get my hands on, but thats me!
  10. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    It's your CPU that is the main 'driver' for FPS in Squad (with all other things being put to oneside......), and thats min spec. So you are getting min FPS etc. The AMD FX6300 is not equivalent to the Intel 2500K in terms of single thread performance, which is the bit that counts for Squad, right now. For reference look at the single core performance benchmark here (top right): http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i5-2500K-vs-AMD-FX-6300 I feel for ya man!
  11. Please Help With graphics

    http://www3.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/ideapad/legion-y-series/Lenovo-Y520-15IKBN/p/88GMY500808 @Bytemee04 welcome to the community which model do you have mate, then we can help more.
  12. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    I forget the benchmarks and just look at the specs, side by side. Unless they put the wrong numbers in the wrong boxes it can help alot for quick reference. The 4790k, holds up really well in single core performance vs the 6700k and even 7700k, which have just slight improvement on the 4790k in most games. Thats putting overclocking to one side.
  13. Low FPS

    something isn't set up right would be my guess, or there is an imbalance with the spec. So, can you let us know the following: 1. are you running the 4790k at stock speed, cooling all ok? 2. what RAM CL and speed? 3. what resolution are you playing at? 4. ensure (for now) full texture loading is off in Squad settings 5. clear cache from Squad settings 6. GPU drivers all upto date? cheers!
  14. Getting 50-70 FPS with a 1070 1440p

    All unknown at this stage, we need all the major game features in place. Then the real optimisation can take place during beta. Personally I dream of a absolute min 90fps (on some maps I can drop to mid 50's) in 1440p with Squad, I have a high end system and feel it may be possible. Granted most of the time I am running around at 85fps, so it's not all bad news!