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  1. Some would for sure, but the scale of AI and associated tools (like zeus) would far outweigh the gain IMO. Squad is not Arma, and IMO for good reason. But I am sure our modders will put some very interesting things together. For me, Squad AI missions start and finish with a few training simulations and perhaps a few consistent co-op missions (like defend the camp, attack the camp, patrol here to here, destroy the cache etc). Those would be great to see.
  2. I don't think 'Squad Bot's' would sell many more copies of the game, But I do think they would be used by a reasonable number of players. For example, for several month's myself and Squad clan friends played Insurgency against Bots (after several rounds of Squad) and it was real fun. Bots could provide a useful training ground for new players, and if the map/levels offer a consistent experience with a range of difficulties then there could be genuine training opportunities for clans to use. If i was the dev's would I bother, no way. But I do hope some of our modders have a go and do an amazing job of it.
  3. I can understand your frustration but odd or not it's a very demanding alpha, and it is what it is etc. You don't need to spend $1,000 at all. If it's RAM then go to 16GB. If it's VRAM go to a GPU with more VRAM. (If I were you I would sell your 970 and get a 1060 6GB).
  4. Yes likely RAM then. But the game can still consume nearly 4GB VRAM in 1080p, and the 970 only has 3.5GB full speed VRAM so this can cause issues like your describing. Can you monitor use with something like MSI Afterburner?
  5. How long in time has this been happening, days, weeks or months. It feels like your running out of RAM or VRAM at times in game to me.
  6. There's some solid 1 life groups around 1st AB and Squad Op's come to mind. I have played with both, great groups. The rest, i'm afraid is down to our modders after release. The point is they will have an amazing game to mod from. I think OWI have got it about right, there is a middle ground that is attractive to the milsim and non-milsim FPS crowd. Whichever way we want it, OWI needs to make money (and I hope they make a bundle). For me, the vanilla game mechanics have become somewhat secondary to playing with my friends, in a clan. This is where the magic happens around my team work and communications experience which is most important to me. But that being said, would I play the mainstream AAA shooters with a clan and feel the same, absolutely not.
  7. This is an important point, look at Arma. A better way of considering it, is to look at Arma milsim (and then look at Arma milsim PvP). Not so many playing. Squad has a large number of loyal players waiting for the next big release, we will be fine. for me I hope the vanilla game is exactly how I want it, but I realise that's not a reality as I want very specific things. Welcome the mod's!
  8. I would expect a solid 4.5Ghz OC on that cooler, which is nice. Once that's done, you will have 60fps plus across all maps, full servers, 99% of the time on this rig IMO. (I am assuming in 1080p?). Your highest FPS on the best optimised maps, full servers I would say would be around 80fps.
  9. Let the mortars deliver say 50% of what they would if you were in the open in terms of damage. If your in cover. This way you move when under direct fire but don't die right way, as you were in cover.
  10. ok, first thing is clear cache in game then reset everything - I would set everything to low or off (just to test). Play a couple of rounds and see if the problem is solved. This could be a a config issue. Looking at your specs you may be running out of RAM (It may dip over 8GB now and again) or VRAM now and again (ensure the full texture loading is off in graphics settings).
  11. You just need to establish a group of friends who want to play Squad, or join one of the many communities/clans. There you will find team work far more reliably and often on a higher level than pub Squads. But I have to say, the pub Squads are improving as we have more, stronger SL'ers now leading well.
  12. They certainly might, we are in alpha still. I am not sure of the beta commitments. But I guess a decent review of the in game settings (spawn timings, amounts and such like) would be logical, according to alpha feedback (we have a large solid community for feedback and a very engaged dev team). Either way, as far as I know the game will be open for modding after release. So that opens many doors for our community to take it where they want it. I am sure we will see some really interesting mods to the base game.
  13. Your point is valid, and of course we can expect all these things as the game and community evolves. My point is immediate and effects the individual, time in a waiting screen for run and gunners is a problem and may help them see the way.
  14. In public matches the only real thing that will help is to make the cost of dying, greater on the individual. For me, that's doubling the spawn timers and see how that goes. If most think twice about running and gunning or playing away from their Squad for no reason, it gives the rest of the game a chance to evolve.
  15. You won't have 'problems' it's dependant on your expectations of performance. As has been said Intel performs better in Squad, and specifically high clocked K series chips. What resolution would you like to play at (I suggest 1440p), and what's the min FPS you wish to have across all maps and full servers (I wouldn't suggest going below 45fps). Once we know those things we can point you in a sensible direction. But then I realised - you have already built, so I would say get the game and jump in. Start by ensuring all settings are low or off and see how you go, then tweak settings up according to your performance and tastes. Be interested to see your results on this CPU etc.