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  1. Ridiculous accuracy.

    Thats good shooting 300m with iron sights standing up. I cant comment on the second 1000m video as I dont use that weapon, but it also looks like good shooting if standing up for sure. Just a polite notice to all, keep it polite and on topic moving forward or I will start to edit and then close this down. Reread what you write, adjust and post.............
  2. Upgrading parts

    Immediate upgrade from what I see is an additional 8GB RAM, and use MSI/Riva to limit your fps to a stable amount your system can handle. You only have 2GB Vram on the 660ti so a GPU updrage is certainly the thing to do after the RAM. You need to not run out of Vram.
  3. Optimization

    prob best if you jump on the main Squad discord and ask someone in your timezone fella, otherwise i fear we are going to miss each other alot! Theres a tech support section etc.
  4. Optimization

    I would normally but my pc is not set up mate and family stuff going on. You around tomorrow evening uk time at all?
  5. Optimization

    hmmm it's a bit of a weird one then mate. If you get no luck I am happy todo a discord session with you to match my settings in windows, nvidia panel and squad just to see if somethings been missed. Just pm me and we can arrange a time that works.
  6. Optimization

    had you cleared cache in game after updates etc?
  7. Optimization

    Something is not set correctly your end, or you need to update drivers or clear cache I think. Are you playing with textures fully loaded? 8GB VRAM is not enough on some maps.
  8. v10 Weapons Handling and Control

    The issue for the medic is they often need to clear CQB to then get their team mates up. They are a combat medic right? Of course in an ideal world, they would not need to do this, as other team mates would assist them................but rarely do you see basic fireteam formation/movement in Squad right? usually the medic/s come in after most of their team is down or they are fighting right along side them. Medic 's need full auto IMO, I recall when medics didn't have a frag!
  9. Going Solo

    We often have a FOB Hunting Squad or wide patrols of 1/2 guys and it works very well. The key is communications and the reasons your doing it. Your entire Squad getting caught in any form of 'normal' formation, and to close together is rarely useful in Squad. Often our AT's will be miles away from the main Squad, because they are targeting enemy armour. It's just how the game is, if you wan't to win the round. Personally I would like to see it not be like this, but it is and thats that.
  10. Pre- Destroyed buildings?

    This makes alot of sense, good post.
  11. Required experience for being a SL

    I have seen a few, dedicated public players stick to a server and regularly take on the SL role. I take my hat off to em, I couldn't do it. They seem to be able to organise randoms and have a decent game. (most of the time). But these guys are special, they posses inhuman patience, decent communication and the ability not to rage. I'm in ZXD and if there's space in our Squad's we welcome randoms, but they need to conform to the basics quickly - or they are kicked.
  12. 10SFG MilSim Server[Licensed] NA

    Good luck with your server lad's, i'll be sure to hop on and play see what's what.
  13. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    Last friday on your servers was great lad's! Thanks for making it possible. Great job re your servers and RIP vs the world is a brilliant idea. Let's see if we can round up some ZXD Wolves for tonight!
  14. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    ZXD. Rocks.
  15. pc needed

    Personally I would look at something along these lines: Fast Intel i5 16GB RAM Nvidia 980 or 1060 6GB SSD It doesn't have to be the latest kit, but a rig like this would serve you well. I also havn't factored in price/performance or considered AMD (but the newer Ryzen CPU's are apparently very good).