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  1. the speed of animations

    I know for sure in V9 you could go prone and be ready to shoot withing a millisecond, they removed that when they did the animation update which if I remember correctly was v11. With the animation update they also added the delay between running and aiming so you could no longer run and accurately shoot at a moments notice.
  2. the speed of animations

    They removed that in V11 and made changes to slow down the pace of the game, for instance running lowers your weapon and it takes longer to take aim as opposed to walking with your gun up and ready to fire, it takes a small eternity to take out your at and fire it. The devs took steps to slow down the pace and reward readiness over twitchy reaction, it plays to the whole tactical shooter aspect of the game. And on my opinion it enhances the game and promotes teamwork, because if you cant just drop and shoot at the same time like in CoD or BF now covering fire is much more valued in the game, with the suppression rework it will be even more so. I like that Squad is not Battlefield, because there are several Battlefield games out there and I also like that Squad isn't an Arma because there are Arma games out there, Squad sits in between them and it's doing a damn good job at it.
  3. the speed of animations

    No, Squad is more about being prepared than twitchy reaction. The game has slowed its pace down, it is one of the thinks that sets it apart from games like battlefield, cod, etc. The huge maps benefit a great deal from the pace, the pace also introduces the necessity of transport and logistics it plays a huge role in the feel of the game and I don't see the devs increasing the pace at any time.
  4. September 2018 Recap

    Love the recap, very exited for v12. I hope you guys enjoyed your time in Italy, you deserve it.
  5. I was in one of those game where a fob was inside a tall building and it was nearly impossible to take the point or assault the building. I thought, why not make spawns consume building materials or ammo? It would mean that having a supply line would be essential for a fob and denying the enemy of said supply line would gravely hurt them, I think it would change the meta a little and give teams more options when assaulting and would make rallies even more important when on the offensive.
  6. November 2017 Recap

    Can we change the versioning a bit? It would be nice to have an "Alpha 10 update code-name Thunderbolt" where CAS and AA(infantry at least) are introduced. #missedopportunities
  7. Id like a commander slot and a radio update with a mute keybind (sometimes its impossible to listen for enemy activity when people keeps talking in radio), and vehicle radio (it's hard to communicate between driver and gunner unless using squad chat but sometimes that is not an option for mech-inf and local always laggs behind so the sound comes in very low).
  8. September 2017 Recap

    My guess is that it will have a crew of 3; driver, gunner and commander. You would definitely would need at least 2 to effectively use the tanks. Helis would depend on the heli, like a blackhawk would need a pilot if only transporting(it will also depend on vehicle claiming restrictions, size of the squad) but could have 2 gunners, etc
  9. Unassigned player classes

    Fine they will be bale to communicate with the 5 people that read team chat.
  10. Unassigned player classes

    Unassigned players should have only a broom and if they stay unassigned long enough maybe they get a toothbrush. The game is called SQUAD ffs. Another huge issue is one of the core game mechanics in SQUAD, communication. Communication alone can improve a team's teamwork quite significantly. Unassigned player can only communicate with other players via proximity chat and they will (for the most part) be oblivious as to what other squads are doing.
  11. August 2017 Recap

    It looks like you are quite vulnerable while climbing so it might not be that bad. Love the animation they look very fluid, the bipod will surely make AR much more appealing to many, as TomConn said, I wonder if there will be a support of sorts for weapon stability when resting your weapon on a surface or against a wall.
  12. Poor training, lack of resources and infrastructure, money, they prefer to hide, they would get shot down miles before their objectives....
  13. Squad unplayable with no players

    Does WTFast work with Squad? that could be an option, some sort of VPN.
  14. Not a movie but a series by HBO called "Generation Kill"
  15. Chain of command

    Are there any plans to implement a chain of command in squad other than SLs? I often see squads doing their own things as squads rather than as a team leading to utter failure due to lack of communication and teamwork, and I think that implementing a sort of commander (Godfather) like in PR would help straighten things out, It also seems to me that to have someone looking at the big picture is essential for good coordination and teamwork.