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  1. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Because the marksman is more like a sniper for close range , in Project Reality you have choice between marksman and sniper, this latter is more for the very long range because you have multiple "zoom" with the rifle, and it isn't in semi-auto. Example for the US in PR you have this one for the sniper :
  2. Few questions about "the futures features" of the game

    Okay, thank for your answers.
  3. Hello everyone, I have 3 questions about the features of the game (when he going to be released or maybe after): - Let us have a cover system ? (like red orchestra 2 ?) I know some people can be against and other can be for this feature, and it can be a lot of works for the devs but she can be good. - Will we have the possibility of running when we are crouched ? (like red orchestra 2 ? :) ) This feature can be useful for just survive . - I find the revive in Squad is slow liken PR, so I think about something, can we drag the body of our friends "revival" in the battlefield ? This last feature can be useful for the medics and maybe for the teamplay. So what do you think about that ? and share your point of view with me . PS: Sorry for my english ^_^