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  1. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    You Sir must have some serious software issues. Running game at 2560x1440 with i5 6600k and a poor GTX970 - mostly have around 70-120 fps with lows of around 40. Settings put on low preset then changed everything to high. Run 3dMark FireStrike (its free) and see if your rig performs properly. Are you experienced with computers?
  2. Steps of the enemy cannot be heard

    That doesnt mean anything dude. Fancy headset skills and you actually put a shitton of time into this game, nevertheless it does not make you a good player. Youre really trying to call yourself a professional squad player, while theres not even a professional scene at all. In fact, youre not playing any game with a proper pro league at all. Its like a senior calling himself a professional boccia player. Its ridiculous. Im not trying to offend you, its just that calling yourself a "pro" doesnt really fit so you shouldnt be such a wisenheimer. I mean who are you even to tell anyone anything without having any sort of reputation? Doesnt make sense. I hope youre not mad now. Its all good, might even have a look at your weird controls thingy. Mad respect
  3. Steps of the enemy cannot be heard

    @Skul May you please elaborate where your confidence in your own knowledge/skillset is coming from? All that im getting from you is that youre a nutcase. Im quite certain youre neither professional nor good in any given game at any point in time, Mr Dunning-Krueger.
  4. No. You rarely benefit from getting teamkilled bcuz you need to spawn since one person isnt important anyway. But it if does, i think its fair that it will cost your team at least 1 ticket and a death more for you on the ending screen. You win some, you lose some.
  5. Local Voip being hearable for everyone

    You shouldnt be able to understand them i think. However, may be it spossible to make the character itself mumble some jibberish whenever local speech is used? So that you dont understand what is being said, but that you can hear someone talking/making noise. Its indeed a very old discussion though, just lock.
  6. Motar squad watch your size

    @gshATCan we stop talking about how stuff works in war? It doesnt compare at all but is very very cringy. Not saying youre wrong with what you wrote (i didnt even read it ) but that shits giving me the shivers.
  7. Steps of the enemy cannot be heard

    @Skul Thats ridiculous, i got an X-Fi Fatal1ty Professional and its not that big of a difference at all- no matter the audio settings. Onboard sound will be fine in most cases, unless you get decent headphones aswell. And even then this better sound would give you just tiny hint of performance improvement. You can believe in the power of sound as much as you want, if someone is simply a better overall player hes gonna kick ur butt. With onboard sound that a shitton of actual ESL pros use in any given other fps game. Go play Rainbow Six Siege, thats actually a game where sound is more important than in squad. But even with all your crazy soundsettings people may rape you regardless. Its like this in every single fps game, soundwhoring doesnt turn a shit player into a pro. Not trying to say you could compare both games, but talking about fps in general.
  8. Competetive Gaming – How to make it

    @Skul Lol this is gold. Skul may one ask who you are? Twitch, YouTube, ESL or so may be?
  9. Do mortars suck?

    This is true, but then again you can spam enemies with tons of freedom. Nerf the shooting speed, buff damage please thank you best DEVs best gaem wooooooh <3 <3 <3
  10. I want to buy a pistol or a revolver

    9mm Luger/Para I like Walther PPQ a lot, or HK USP but its a pretty large pistol so you gotta have big hands. .22lr is nice for a starter and a Ruger SR22 is pretty neat. Walther P22q is older but similar - would be cheap too. Would recommend you join club first and shoot a variety of pistols, everyone prefers a different body so see if you can find something you like.
  11. Cannot Start Squad Since Update

    Right click on Squad in Steam -> Properties -> Local files -> Verify Integrity of game files... See if that fixes the issue. You should make your own thread, you probably need help by actual support who can look into logs. Make sure you have latest windows updates and close all background apps such as recording software (including shadowplay/raptr). How long do you wait when you get the loading screen and whats your system specs + windows version? Also a quote from invisible.nin a few months back: Find Squad folder and delete it, then run squad. Press [WINDOWS] + [R], then copy paste this: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Squad and press [ENTER]. Delete the contents (files and folders!) of that folder put them in a sub-folder named "bak" for backup (whatever you prefer). Run game, see what happens.
  12. [Solved] Can't change my screen resolution

    See if you can enable DSR (nVidia) or VSR (AMD) and try to fix it. Did you try to set it to borderless or windowed mode yet? Cant imagine how this is even happening. https://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/1/364042703856744573/ <---------- THIS might be the thing.
  13. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Best gaem, thank you DEVs <3 <3 <3
  14. Motar squad watch your size

    Let people lock squads. Simple solution, best solution.
  15. Why the medic aversion?

    Worst thing about being medic is not having any benefits from it. 9/10 times i die as a medic its simply because the squad got whiped or second medic is downed/not manned. So im always busy reviving people but the second i need help myself noone can do anything and i have to respawn.