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  1. Bought new gaming laptop – 30 FPS?!

    Yeah, laptops are much more expensive for what they offer. Quite obviously since theyre transportable and much smaller than an actual desktop. If you really need a laptop make sure you have a 1060 or 1070 inside. Those should cost around 1500€. Edit: Ram wont do anything for you at all. Its memory, you suffer greatly when you dont have enough but having more wont make you have any benefits. Apart from being able to use RAM drives and such things but you dont need that. If you really need a laptop save up for a while, if not try to find someone who can help you build a pc (even if hes just on discord or skype talking to you). A decent pc that will run squad without any issues will cost you around 950 Dollars (without monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset/sound-system+microphone). If youre going to build one feel free to ask here for advice on what hardware you could get im sure people enjoy this stuff.
  2. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    No, that has been fixed. Even though medium preset will still do for a lot of people and looks quite a bit nicer.


    I completely agree with everything OP posted, you nerds are just so horrible... You should enlist instead and give us spawns erywhere, snipers, snipers n sum more .50 cal snipers n sum ghillie suits ok And tanks And intense aim punch sniper suppresion for all dem immersionz
  5. June 2018 Recap

  6. Too "realistic"/Slow?

  7. Bad FPS on good systems

    I hate being the guy that shares the bad news but no optimization is going to fix your fps with a core 2 quad q9550 and a gtx 750ti. This game is 2018 pre-alpha and your hardware is from 2014 And not only is it 2014, its VERY-LOW-END-2014-ti :(((( And yes i know, its good enough to run gta 5 (aka da best luking gaem ever) at 60 fps, but gta 5 is a console game from 2013. Not the best PC here but having no issues with optimization, runs just as good/bad as any other UE4 game. SORRY BRO, i feel you man i really do. But you cant blame the game - its your pc. Edit: Theres some very low end builds on youtube with that exact same specs, please tell me you didnt just build that. I mean if you did: Good job man im sure that was hard as hell, but sadly its too weak for this particular pre alpha game. Basically any UE4 game will be horrible for you may be except for fortnite. Try to apply the "low" preset my dude and then see what youve got, from there try to change some settings but the preset (used to, not sure of todays build) gets rid of post processing effects that really eat a lot of your fps. May be that helps a little bit. I would not count on it though. Also, while squad is still in development if you want to try a similar game that your system can run and that is also fun try out Project Reality (if you didnt know that yet). It`s free and just a small download file but plenty of awesome people and possibilities. 100% worth a try if you like squad. ( www.realitymod.com ) I played that damn game for more than 10 years, dont judge by the graphics. It`s basically squad with ten times more content, maps, factions, vehicles, etc but a very old engine that just cant keep up with the game anymore. All the best
  8. June 2018 Recap

  9. Too "realistic"/Slow?

  10. The meat grinder is awful

  11. Too "realistic"/Slow?

  12. Monitor upgrade

    Yeah i know how it works, i still dont feel that its a huge difference. 35 fps is 35 fps after all. Try CSGO its easy to get 144 fps there and then limit fps to 30 with riva tuner as comparison. Its a WORLD of difference.
  13. Too "realistic"/Slow?

    I feel like this too tbh. What really gets me is the ADS time. Takes ages to get that weapon up sometimes. Its not always though, does ADS slow down if youre out of stamina or running?
  14. Monitor upgrade

    I dont feel this way about g-sync at all, 60 fps still sucks. Especially in some games where you get input lag on top aswell with low fps. Its only a bit better, the only thing i REALLY notice is the lack of screen tearing. It depends on the game though, in BF4 for example it does make a bigger difference. In Siege for example 90 fps is still piss poor and makes me wanna cry.
  15. 30mm Gunsight explain pls

    Dont know if thats how its done with the AK Grenade launcher but may be it just lacks an animation yet?