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  1. Yet Another Generic Request for Help c:

    Hmm, the freezes could potentially be caused by a very very slow HDD. It could be something else aswell though, do you have any problems with other new games that eat up a lot of ressources? Is that windows 7 updated properly? When did you do a clean install for the last time? If i was you id first move up to windows 10 and get a SSD since this is the least expensive thing to update, you can get cheap win10 keys for like 15 dollars on the interwebs. This may not change so much in (most) games, but it will improve your system speed in general A LOT. Just gives you overall a better computer experience. Anyway, if you want to keep playing newer games you will have to update your hardware at some point. Sorry man, i know its expensive af Edit: Also apply the low graphics preset, then change some settings from there. The low preset disables Post Processing which eats up the most ressources from my experience. Also make sure your VRAM is not maxed out, this can cause those freezes aswell since the game will have to load textures from the HDD instead of the gpu ram. May be it helps. If you want to upgrade your cpu+mainboard, id recommend Ryzen 5 1600. Best bang for the buck atm i think.
  2. That is true however it doesn`t have anything to do with age. Some people on the internet are just absolute shitheads, and they`ll abuse any and everyone. Truth shall be told, im usually the first one to start shittakling regular edgy 12 year old wannabe bullies who think theyre all so cool. Just cant stand this "im the coolest clown in school" attitude.
  3. Just seeing you coming here and asking if its worth a shot ill tell you there wont be an issue. Sure some dickheads may shittalk you but just ignore it - theyre the kind that just shittalks everyone because theyre simply horrible salty humans. Most people hate kids in video games simply bcuz the majority of them act out all crazy 247 and generally cannot behave. I doubt youre having any issues of that sort, so just hop in and be nice/play together and youll meet some good people who wont have any issues with your age. Just be a nice humble human being and everything is fine.
  4. Awesome Squad pictures

    Im curious what your settings are, looks like more than 1440p. Got the same resolution but worse picture quality.
  5. How old are Squaddies? - Questionnaire

    Im 12. And i find it offensive that there is only 50+. As if it doesnt matter anymore once youve hit 50. #Triggered
  6. V10 weapon muzzle control

    v10 forcing you tinto CQB? I just drop that here.
  7. Squad's gameplay just feels basic still compared to PR

    So many pr people (3 actually xd) who have the same thoughts, none of us being told to gtfoh (yet). I cri.
  8. Remove the "focus" ability (with video)

    Tbh i dont know why youre criticising the focus option, you were still pretty damn accurate without that. I think what you want is omnipresent weapon sway, and im not sorry to say: Hell no, pls not that again. Also: On a PC screen 200-300m may look like a ridiculously long range (bcuz your screen is obiously tiny compared to your actual eye vision) but go outside and try to shoot on that distance. Its not super difficult. Human sized targets arent super tiny little dots anymore either. 400m+ is where it gets tricky and anything further than 500m is considered out of range for an assault rifle (HK G36, 5,56mm). The firing speed is quite high though, i think thats partly why pr uses 1 second deviation after each shot. May be put in some 1 second slight sway after each shot? Nerf the "hold breath" mechanism a bit but give people more zoom + have it constantly like arma does it? I dont know, but theyll work on the shooting mechanics anyway. So dont be sad friend and see how future updates handle it. That was some impressive shooting nontheless, dont want to be on that hill. NVMD
  9. Unplayable since update

    Also, psyrus from the forums gave me this useful link: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/how-to-improve-game-thread-cpu-performance Try this to find out whats causing the issue. Read carefully and tell us your numbers.
  10. Unplayable since update

    Yes that may be true but it doesnt help Passeeeh whose hardware is underperforming.
  11. Unplayable since update

    Processor: Inter Core i7-7700 3.60GHz Video Card: Geforce GTX 1060 3GB RAM: 16GB OS: Win 10 64bit No need to overclock anything (also that is a 7700, non K = no overclocking), those fps are WRONG and OC wont fix it. You cant go from 15 fps to 60 or higher by just oc`ing. Software side issue 99%, <1% hardware failure given the fact that v9 ran properly and he didnt say anything about problems with other games. Im sorry to say this too but you wrote "im waiting for THE fix". I doubt there will be a fix for your specific problem (MAY BE IM WRONG THOUGH THEN PLS CORRECT ME), you either fix it yourself or... Thats why one can very well hate computers, consoles are the way to go if you cant be arsed to do this kind of stuff. Did you ever benchmark your system btw? Ran memtest too? Anyway there shouldnt be a problem when fps pre v10 were fine, something`s wrong with your game files/drivers. Thats only MY SUSPICION. I cant tell from afar. Did you join the discord and ask someone for help? Some things you could check though: CPU/GPU overheating? Install hwmonitor and check temperatures, also check wether the game is using your gpu properly. Try to find out wether the cpu or the gpu is causing the issue. -> Is the game using your dedicated gpu or onboard graphics? All drivers up to date? Does your system score properly in benchmarks? Did you try a clean reinstall of the game via steam? Make sure to delete %appdata%/local/squad folder too. Leave all the other folders ofc only the squad folder. Open task-manager, give squad high cpu priority and try if it has an effect. Check Squads nvidia control panel settings. Check your ingame settings, resolution, etc. Anything else i missed? If it has nothing to do with any of these things, id have no clue and had to really look into it myself which is impossible. But theres smarter people than me who know more, so ill leave that to those.
  12. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Can we agree wether its more or less recoil/sway than in v9 first may be? Im getting confused. I kinda agree AND disagree with everyone here. Im also for less recoil while i still think v10 is miles better than v9. Anyway thanks everyone for the drama, its highly appreciated. Keep it coming.
  13. V10 weapon muzzle control

    What? 0.30 with 800 dpi is high sense. Im at 0.33 with 400 dpi and thats still considered high. Theres professional battlefield players that play with 50 inch/360 degree rotation - now that is what i call very low sense. And they werent pro players if it was "too low to react fast enough" in a super fast paced fps run and gun kinda (garbage) game. Its not the others who have their sense too low, its you using a ridiculously high sensitivity. You may lack experience from other fps games regarding this but try playing csgo with your sensitivity... No wonder you could master that v9 recoil, im willing to bet your shooting on long range was downright horrible though. How are you even going for headshots with this sensitivity? Spray and pray or? AND DONT GET ANGRY PLEASE, i dont want to throw shit at you im just legit baffled. Im sure youre a nice guy + good player and we can discuss this properly. However, i think v10 is MUCH better than v9. Would still agree to further reduce the (vertical) recoil though. I cant even tell why exactly, but the guns feel absolutely better. You have much more control and theyre way more responsive compared to the previous version. I was waiting for this since ages and hearing people say v9 was better is giving me goosebumps. Edit: I actually just went ingame with 800dpi and 0.30 and i can pull off a 360 with a single small handswipe. Why would anyone ever need to do that, you need to turn 180 degree at max. Unless youre constantly 360 headshooting people for fun of course, then i would understand. But then again having half of that sensitivity i can still 360 with a very large swipe. Its all personal preference anyway. Also proof of 50 inch/360 just for fun. This IS NOT NORMAL though lmao. I also have only 214 hours playtime, although it feels more like 50 hours playtime bcuz i already started playing before squad went on steam and only came back occasionally to check progress. I think Squad went on steam somewhere end 2015/beginning 2016 if i remember correctly.
  14. HAB + Freeze

    After placing a radio when youre trying to build a HAB the game tells you that youd need 400 construction Points to build it when in fact this is not true at all. It`s also underlined in red showing the SL he wasnt able to build it when he actually can. Irritating af, took me half an hour to figure that out, no shit. Also whenever im on the loading screen (joining/leaving servers) and alt-tab the game just freezes and never comes back to life. Edit: Nvmd you can only build a hab without construction points on the shooting range. How does one drop the fricking supplies with the logy truck then? Q not working, left or right mouse not working either.
  15. [2.FJg] Squad Competitive Team (SCT) is recruiting!

    Im just a professional gawker, dont mind me.