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  1. I've played a lot of V12 during the last weekend and I like the new features like RAAS and the tanks but some of the new stuff turns out to be really annoying and should never have been implemented in this game. Calling out enemy positions in Squad channel is sometimes quite tough sometimes depending on your location as you always have to find spots you can refer to. This can be hard at times but is something that you can definitely learn and improve by just playing the game for longer than 2 hours. This new kind of ping marker for everyone takes away a huge amount of the game's most important thing - Communication. It just results in players saying things like "enemys / FOB on my ping" and makes the game even more casual and accessible by reducing the overall learning curve, which wasn't really necessary. In general the new UI changes are unneccessary and just too much, the map gives too much information now, like FOB circles, FOB supply point stats and more which destroys the immersion at least partially. Leave those things to the players! Let them talk! The only good thing I see about that is, that the Squadleaders role gets a little relieved by that. But the Squadleader role was always stressful and that's something you should be able to live with and also something that you can improve by doing it more often. Squad is already accessible enough, it just looks like the devs are desperatly trying to acquire more potential buyers by making those kind of changes, but this ruins the game for those who love the game for what it does best - Teamplay & Communication!
  2. Please Change the Medic M4A1

    I totall agree with you I dont get the decision giving everybody a red dot sight
  3. Why did you change the medic weapon of the milita faction? The AKU was much more precise and enjoyable to play. And it was one of these guns that play much different from other AKs and now even more people play kind of the same weapon and tbh the aks74 is complete trash and destroyed a lot of my fun playing as medic. Please give us an option to get the beautiful aku back for the milita medic so we can all have fun in this game again
  4. New Problem Squad v4.2 [SERVER] ;(

    I can confirm that I often get kicked out of the Server when the map changes... And since today the game won't open at all sometimes I get a blackscreen but then it crashes and then nothing happens