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  1. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    Im just hoping this will get converted to British v INS when brits come, for that extra sense of nostalgia Looks amazing, awesome work Chance.
  2. Team-Wide Friendly Markers

    What's the point in saturating an already busy map with even more markers? The other SLs have ears (or should). All you've got to do is call out a location for the other SL.
  3. Is the mk.19 just too good to be in the game?

    People saying MK19 would be too OP... you are going to be in for a shock when IFVs and MBTs are in, lobbing up to and around 120mm HE rounds and 30mm High velocity autocannons. The MK19 will be worth nothing when a BMP just nails you with its ATGM beyond your sight. When these times come, its when you need to learn to play the game differently. Learn to use defilade, learn to use cover, learn not to skyline. Simple little things like this that the community currently cant fathom. Look ahead, and not just the current when discussing OP, this game will not be an infantry only game.
  4. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Will the SPG-9 come with its optic in the first iteration?
  5. Totally agree that multi disciplinary is a big no no. If there's Tanks for example on one map, then a squad should be dedicated to those assets. Same as Helos. Only real way around it is PR style admin enforcement in my opinion. It would be a complete waste of time building these assets only to have people misuse and waste them for their own personal use. Im actually pretty worried about how the community is going to perceive these assets and im incredibly concerned that the non PR community will continue to play this as a hardcore battlefield free for all thinking they can use these vehicles incorrectly and wasting them and the ticket penalty and ruining the game for everyone else.
  6. LAV Isn't used by the US Army.
  7. The issue you have, and hence why bad organisation at the start of every pub match, is that it takes about 1 minute 30 for pubs to even step up to the ball and Squad lead. Everyone would just rather sit unassigned until someone decides to SL. A better idea would be to have the timer only start when there are X amount of Squad leaders on either side. 2 minutes is more than enough to decide who goes where, its just a case of HAVING those players in place to make the decision.
  8. Its absolutely fine as it is in my opinion. You are running about with full loadouts, you're not going to be moving much faster or for much longer then that. I cannot see why the hell you would want it back to its arcadey feel it had before.
  9. Potential British Faction Vehicles

    You missed all the good stuff. Like the Chally 2, Warrior IFV and the Scimitar! I really hope the Scimitar makes it into an iteration of Squad. I know you said based on what we have seen so far, but I imagine we will see BAF after the majority of assets have been added in game. Also I believe the Bulldog (as in infantry role) was phased out by regular forces, as was the RWMIK. So doubt we will see either.
  10. BTR

    It was an amazing game. That's a taste of things to come, it was a proper fight, gameplay slowed right down and proper strategies used by some of the best clans Squad has to offer. It was a very big learning curve. But goes to show how easy the BTR is to wipe out if boxed in, which is what essentially happened to them. So people just need to use the right strategies to do it.
  11. BTR

    Haha you was in the match yesterday then? I was the vehicle commander during that match. And a hell of a battle that was.
  12. BTR

    Just wait for the complaints about MBT's with IR to come when people just cant fathom the simplicity of destroying one. Squads definitely going to weed out the more casual players that seem to be expecting a CSGO like experience. Adapt people, adapt.
  13. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Again, I am only referencing clan battles. Which are a more organised structural thing. If we want to play a match with 3 infantry squads and a 6 man squad that is running 2 APC's (BTR in this case) and two logistic trucks then we should have the ability to do so. Obviously thats not doable in public, and I completely agree with the proposed restriction system in that sense.
  14. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Clans will fight in different ways and should have the flexibility to do so. So if a clan wants to utilise all their vehicles and no infantry, then let them, but when they are all destroyed and end up at a bigger ticket deficit as a result then thats their issue and that will loose them the game. Obviously, I don't know what vehicles are on the layers as i'm not a tester like yourself, but surely that would be the result? Plus that, and they arent going to end up capping any points right? Because how are they going to enter a closed in cap point and not get rocketed?
  15. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    Yeah I figured as much. I totally agree with it in public play, i'm not saying otherwise. Because its going to be insane upon release at first. I was just concerned about clan-match side, thanks for clearing that!