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  1. Alpha 9.15 Released

    Havn't found a Thread yet so I'll just post it here: Not sure what you've changed but since 9.15 Me and a few others I've talked to are getting horrible FPS-Drops on some Maps. From 50-60 to 10-20, making the game unplayable. Noticed it first on yehorivka yesterday. Narva-Performance greatly decreased as well. The Odd thing is that it seems to be related to certain Map Areas. e.g. Standing on the Motorwaybridge on Yeho and looking East: 50-60 FPS, looking west: around 20 So far it seems that the FPS go down whenever you look towards (Central)Petrivka. Specs: Intel i5 4570 16GB DDR3 3072MB Radeon R9 280 Dual X Win 7 64bit SSD with Squad: Samsung 840Evo 120GB Usually playin on medium settings with 1920x1080 borderless. Also the fancy bloom and eye adaption stuff turned off and view distance high. Mostly around 50 FPS. Setting everything to low doesn't Change much.
  2. Alpha 9.13 Released

    Intel i5 4570 16GB DDR3 3072MB Radeon R9 280 Dual X Win 7 64bit SSD with Squad: Samsung 840Evo 120GB Not top notch, I know, but game is usually still playable for me with around 50 FPS on most maps. However on Mestia I get around 20, kinda spoiling the fun. Havn't played OPFL a lot in the past but, while not as bad, I'm also having rather low FPS on that map. Started getting those after it's vegetation was reworked a couple of patches ago so I'm guessing thats the culprit, apart from my shitty gpu edit: usually playin on medium settings with 1920x1080 borderless. Also the fancy bloom and eye adaption stuff turned off and view distance high. Setting everything to low doesn't improve much. 5FPS maybe.
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    TCD in First Light
  4. Excessive Teamkilling

    No way. Teamkills happen, to all of us and I think the majority is unintentional. Having your mates disconnect everytime they screw up could ruin teamplay. Imagine having your Medic, Squadlead or AT getting kicked in the heat of battle because of an accidental TK. Not to mention the possible abuse. Trolls could just walk into your fire to get you kicked.
  5. We NEED a commander

    They already have a name. Most players call them by the numpad-Number on a Keyboard referring to the 9 little Squares as Keypad. e.g. Delta 3 - Keypad 3 is the bottom right Square in D3.
  6. How to give the Militia an edge

    Sums it up pretty well. Two little Ideas to give the Militia an edge without just adding more weapons/vehicles vehicles that turn them into conventional forces: 1. Pretty simple: Give them more movement speed and/or stamina. - Makes sense since they are already wearing those fancy tracksuits and hats instead of those heavy helmets and uniforms. - Would allow them to move a lot quicker without vehicles which might be especially helpful on maps like Fools Road and First Light. - Makes it easier to flank the enemies, negating their terrible Adidas-Camouflage and the superior firepower of the Russians/US-Forces 2. Spawn a few Weapon Caches on the map they can use to get Ammo/Supplys I think having hidden Depots fits a Militia pretty well. Could be used for the faster supply of FOBs, rearming, etc. Probably not that simple to implement though so thats an idea for the later down the line.
  7. Round re-spawn max per player?

    I think a way to keep people from wasting spawns would be to simply raise the spawntimer per death, especially for multiple deaths in a short amount of time. Could use some kind of multiplier that increases the spawntime. The longer you stay alive, the lower the multiplier gets. e.g. (Just an example, numbers would need some tweeking i guess unless you want people to wait 10 Minutes to spawn at some point): Multiplier starts at 1 so it wont affect the first spawn. Each time you die it is raised by 1 and for every minute alive it is lowered by 0.1 (not below 1 ofc). So the 1st time you die you get the standard 90s Spawntime and the multiplier is set to two the next time you spawn. If you die again during the 1st Minute with a multiplier of 2 you'd get 180 Seconds spawntime. If you die after 5 Minutes the multiplier would be at 1.5 leaving you with 135s and so on... with the effects adding up for each death.
  8. Tanks and bomb cars

    Not sure what about Darkest Hour but having the SS in Games can be a very touchy subject in Germany and Swastikas are generally censored. Never played Darkest Hour but in Hoi2 for example I do recall some Censorship, e.g. having "Hiller" instead of "Hitler" (yes, its that ridiculous) PR had a lot of freedom when it came to such things because it was a mod and therefore never hat to go through any rating- or approval-process. Squad on the other hand is a Stand-Alone-Game and runs the risk of beeing censored, indexed or forbidden in certain countries.
  9. Squad Keeps Freezing discussion

    Issue is gone for me. Not sure if it is because of one of the Updates or because I use a different Audio-Output now. Gonna swap back to the old Audio next time I play and see how that turns out. Update: Tried it with the old Audio-device and had no issues so far so i guess you fixed it in my case.
  10. Are mortars going to be FOB emplacements?

    In older Updates and Forum Posts Mortars were also shown as a FOB-Emplacement. http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=104 So I guess the Mortar-System will be somewhat similar to the BF2PR Mortar-FOB Emplacements and there wont be carriable Mortar-Kits.
  11. Squad Keeps Freezing discussion

    Any news on this problem? Had problems with the stuttering/freezing in earlier versions but it seemed to be fixed. It's back for me since the 30. Sept. Update. Sometimes just a few minor freezes, sometimes its unplayable with 5-10 Second freezes with a few Seconds of gameplay in between. Sumaari seems to be most affected as far as I can tell, Tried Disabling Antivirus, Disabling Steam Overlay, Turning off Logitech Gaming Software, Installing Windows Updates, switching to low Audio Quality and so on. One (crappy) workaround i found is giving squad Real-Time-Priority in the Task-Manager. While it does keep the game from completely freezing, it limits the freezing to sounds so i guess it might be Audio-Related. Specs: Intel i5 4570 16GB DDR3 3072MB Radeon R9 280 Dual X Win 7 64bit SSD with Squad: Samsung 840Evo 120GB
  12. your connection to the host has been lost

    Same here. I can still get into the Firing Range though but when i try to join a Server, I get the "Connection to the host has been lost"-Error. Was able to play just fine yesterday (apart from the "fatal error" that is) edit: Was finally able to get into a server(around 10/70ppl) and play a full round til the fatal crash happened. Just tried joining the same server again (now around 70/70 players) and it worked.
  13. Lots of crashing and glitching

    Played a few rounds so far and almost every time the map changed, the game crashes with "Fatal Error". Also had two of those Crashes mid-round. Latest Log: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=54368462767137877328 Specs: Intel i5 4570 16GB DDR3 3072MB Radeon R9 280 Dual X Win 7 64bit SSD with Squad: Samsung 840Evo 120GB
  14. Negative. Just gave it another try this afternoon. Think it was Insurgency on Chora, not 100% sure though. Went fine for 5-10 Minutes, 50-60 FPS, no stutters. Then it quickly turned unplayable with the stutters lasting a few seconds while i barely got a second of fluid gameplay in between.
  15. As written in the other Thread (Before the Hotfix i think): Same error here. Just went on Jensons to try the .50. Since im a lil stupid i didn't realize you had .50s placed there so i set up a Fob and build one Bunker-MG and one Tripod. Happened for the first time while reloading the Tripod (not getting a loading animation unless i re-enter while reloading btw). Just gave it another try, did pretty much the same stuff and only got some minor stutters. Intel i5 4570 16GB DDR3 3072MB Radeon R9 280 Dual X Win 7 64bit SSD with Squad: Samsung 840Evo 120GB No idea if its related to the bug but I had the same problem. Was still in Windowed mode when i hit apply, then went Fullscreen via Alt+Enter. Little unrelated issue: Smoke from Launchers doesnt deploy for me. Just sends of a few tiny clouds. Is the bug known yet? Seems like this could be a pretty unfair advantage in MP.