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  1. Map Terrain Suggestions & Textures

    Keep in mind that the company that made Battlefront is a multi-billion dollar global entity. Speaking of which, the textures on everything in that game is huge because they used photogrammetry, a process which is usually reserved for films, not for real-time graphics. Its most likely the reason why the server size and maps are so small in that game; both the engine and the hardware are incapable of creating anything more at a stable frame rate. Squad's scope is far beyond that of Battlefront, in terms of scale, and may not be possible at the graphical level of most Triple A games. However, with this said, Im aware that UE4 is capable of fantastic material and texture shaders, as well as lighting that im sure many of us will be pleased with, and I have faith in the developer's ability to implement everything in its own proper time. It may take 2 years for them to leave alpha state, but they will finish it to their standards.
  2. APC Interiors confirmed... Tank.. Unknown

    Interiors of tanks isnt particularly necessary early on. We are still in early alpha stages, and seeing as how they are currently looking to improve performance, i doubt loading a series of high-res textures in addition to a second rendering of the exteriors would be beneficial to that. But damn, would it be sweet. I doubt id ever walk in that game again. =:3
  3. Closest game you've ever had

    I had a round just like this on Logar AAS. I remember one guy in our squad who kept giving up even though the medic was basically right there. We also lost by one ticket. Needless to say, we all screamed at that guy.
  4. 40mm Parachute Flares for Night Maps

    Ah, well fantastic. Thanks for the answer, and all the great work so far! Wish the team all the best. =:3
  5. 40mm Parachute Flares for Night Maps

    True, there are other types of flares, and i suppose it would be easy enough to implement some different types of flares too. But for the sake of game balancing, i feel like only 1 or 2 classes should have access to flares, instead of everyone getting their own. This would allow for an incentive for cooperation and teamwork. And the reason i mention 40mm only at the moment is because the grenade launchers are already in the game, and therefore the devs can implement them easier without having to create more assets (aside from the actual flare). Having different types would require even more assets and animations tied to said assets. For the future, absolutely i would like to see more. but for immediate testing of them in an alpha stage, 40mm seems the quickest and most effective.
  6. First off, I know this idea has been floated before, but the last posting about it was several months back, and I thought I'd bring the idea up again. Most people can agree that the night maps are a bit difficult to see in, and some even resort to upping the gamma for greater visibility. Being a (somewhat) realism purist, i don't like doing such things, but that does give us a serious disadvantage to those that do decide to exploit the gamma. This is why i feel grenade-launched flares may be the best option; 1- This utilizes the already-in-place potential for grenadiers to mark areas of enemy targets, and makes them more valuable to the team. 2- Anyone that is utilizing the upped gamma will find it impossible to see during the flare due to over-exposed visuals, which makes this exploit less useable if one has to go into the menu and turn down the settings just in order to see. 3- The unreal engine 4 is one of the best engines currently capable of dynamic, volumetric lights, and should experience minimal frame drop even on the highest of settings. Please rate the poll if you have a moment, or if you have any imput or better ideas, please comment in the section below.