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  1. How to suppress?

    Suppression would be an effective tool for any pace of game, if you have suppression, your squad mates don't have to continuously duck behind cover because the likelihood of taking oncoming fire is somewhat lessened (because OPFOR is suppressed), thus allowing them keep their momentum going thus keeping a "fast pace" so they can close with and destroy the enemy.
  2. as stated just above your comment I was asking in reference to OP's inquiry and presenting a valid reason why it shouldn't be taken out. I FORGIVE YOU <3
  3. How to suppress?

    If you are suppressing you should be establishing fire superiority (in the prone) from the get go (i.e. go ham) and then once that is established doing short 10-20 round bursts roughly to maintain it. Preferably you should do it with another SAW gunner and basically trade off with your bursts so there is a constant stream of fire. (talking guns)
  4. What's the red thing on top of the acog scope?

    I remember my buddie's PSO has a slot for a nickel battery so they definitely should have an illumination feature.
  5. What's the red thing on top of the acog scope?

    The blur issue was caused more or less by the intensity of the sun at any given moment, but you could tape it to a point where it would only receive some Sunlight or no Sunlight. Really it boiled down to personal preference, it will still get the job done either way though perhaps with a larger shot group. :)
  6. I was asking in reference to OP's inquiry and presenting a valid reason why it shouldn't be taken out ;)
  7. What issue does it cause though? It really doesn't seem like it's a big deal to me, especially if said dead person wants to coordinate with their SL on where to spawn next etc.
  8. What's the red thing on top of the acog scope?

    Yup, I always taped mine up so I didn't have a giant red blur when shooting.
  9. Dragging Bodies-Casualty Collection

    See the injured firing back while being dragged?
  10. Dragging Bodies-Casualty Collection

    I'm curious if there is anyone in real life who can drag a 180 pound man with 50-75 pounds of battle rattle whilst firing even more accurately from the hip.... I have yet to see this happen in real life. I am all for a dragging and carrying mechanic, however the person doing so shouldn't be able to fire. HOWEVER, if the person being dragged is still conscious they could potentially fire back while being dragged etc but I doubt that sort of element will be incorporated.
  11. 2 grenades are fine.

    I personally think it's fine as is with the riflemen (who should be the designated pointman anyway) with 2 frags. Maybe giving 2 to the SAW or LMG gunners as well, but other than that it's good as is in my opinion. Proper CQB tactics with teammates will help circumvent the lack of grenades (i.e. checking corners/blind spots etc)... because that is something that actually takes skill.
  12. Hand Grenade Concussion

    yup, grenades create over-pressure which can lead to a TBI (concussion) in the event you aren't injured by the shrapnel or fragmentation.
  13. Gather intel in Insurgency mode

    If they made it so insurgents could recover the bodies of fallen comrades (assuming they bled out, but before the BLUFOR can obtain intel) that would be pretty cool. Like burying the body (good use for the shovel in-game), burning it, or dragging it off with them. I imagine that would be pretty realistic because ultimately if you have an insurgency or a guerrilla army, you wouldn't want to give your enemy little victories by providing a body count in addition to intel.
  14. Map Terrain Suggestions & Textures

    regardless, I think Squad looks amazing as is
  15. Map Terrain Suggestions & Textures

    I think one thing to keep in mind is how small the Battlefront maps are in comparison to the Squad maps. It would be very resource intensive to have a large map with that much detail (not that it can't be done), but I'm assuming you are just posting the pictures merely as a reference and not of what you are expecting exactly. Honestly it's just a matter of waiting to see what sorts of neat maps they come out with next :)