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  1. I REALLY like this idea, some of which I have been talking about here on the forum. Specifically option to turn off name tags on long ranges (above 20 meters) and option to turn off friendly arrow markers on the map and turn them into circles (or completely remove them for some really hardcore servers). I am sure a whole bunch of us are wanting this. With this being a server setting we would not piss off people who don't want this change.
  2. The grenadier is very deadly in urban environment, given that he knows how to do it and he already developed the feeling of 40mm trajectory. For now you can only go by feeling because the sights are useless currently. I remember Roy agreed with this and he was talking about possible solutions of putting the sight on the left handguard rail. In my opinion, they need to make all sights including ironsights and future scopes to be interactable with. That way they will add depth, interest and value to the game while eliminating the problem of a M203 and possibly other future sights. Don't forget the old bug of all sights being misaligned when looking up or down. If I am not mistaken that will be fixed with new animation overhaul. As for the kills, for us its normal to have 20 to 30+ kills per person in the squad per round, rounding up to 130-150 (on average) to 200 (on good days) kills in the squad, with 25 some revives.
  3. But thats how it should be. Who will mantain those forward positions with repair stations and defend flags if not one third of the team?
  4. The vehicles would be absolutely useless and constantly wasted if vehicle claim system gets removed. The claim system came to us like a blessing.
  5. Lots of people were strongly against M16 here on the forum, they were claiming that no frontline unit has them. While that maybe/probably is true. The rifle is a classic and is still issued in some unit (especially in USMC). I am sure that theres whole load of people wanting them in game (including myself).
  6. How is destroying enemy fob supplies not an impact on the game? You are aware that FOBs now need HABs that cost 500 points and if you want to re-arm vehicles it costs ammo. If you destroy that supply crate you are denying the enemy their resources. I don't think having visible supply crates would impact the performance too much.
  7. The thing with the entering of the vehicles is, its just the first iteraration of it. As it is now, we can enter in any vehicle juat by walking close to it and pressing ''f'', it does not matter if we are close to its doors, unfortunately. We should be able to enter a vehicle only trough its door/hatch and exit the same way. All this being said. Stryker spews and takes infantry on the back.
  8. I completely agree. Also, the game will look ALOT more polished when they fix this. I assume its on Developer list, because it looks and feels from the outside its a must on "to do list". To some its just a small detail, but to some its huge. We are looking forward to the change.
  9. I would REALLY like to see YOU populate the server to 80 people with only few people, the whole map and every objective capable and no fobs. What a LOL. You got to understand when people enter the game and they see 10 people on opposing side the only thing keeping them in is. An active fob, a rally, a good SL and an objective where tight fight happens. While I agree that is not where squad shines. Squad should be played out to its max on the whole map with endless solutions and decisions. But the previous is needed to populate the server/prevent people from leaving. If you didn't like that you should definitely avoid servers that forbid rushing flags and pushing the enemy to main base. They can be as ridiculous as almost not allowing you to play together with your mates and using rally points.
  10. Something that we can see rather just a number that represent ammo and buildable points would be awesome. And with the future engineer demos and current incendiery grenades we could destroy enemy supply crates.
  11. As far as I can remember there were talks from dwvelopers about localised damage system being implemented later on.
  12. Nicely said boys! It would unleash full squad potential.
  13. Admin uses admin cam. Spots our MTLB going to village to rush (Fools Road). Tells us, not to rush, to stop on the road. After couple of seconds he then procceds to say we can now rush. Next thing we get pinpoint ambushed. He abused the admin cam just to set up an ambush and wipe us on the road. edit: removed one line. Up until now we had fun on it, but lost interest because of the incident. We might be back in the future. Good luck
  14. The sounds and effects are awesome. But since its just an AI, its not interesting at all. We need real people piloting the CAS and Air superiority jets.
  15. New animations, that includes (with me guessing it), weapon collision, head (full trackir/freelook support) and torso rotation, vaulting, dragging wounded teammates, new animation for transisioning between standing to crouch and prone position, new lean system (because current one, with hand on the heart, is terrible). Diffrerent types and variants of APCs and IFVs. Main Battle Tanks New roles like Pilot, Heavy Machine Gunner, Breacher, Engineer etc. Mortars Air Superiority and CAS Jets & Attack and Transport Helicopters New deployables (sandbags, bunkers and hescos), new type of deployable like TOW and A-A weapon Boats, so we can transport and move troops over water. New small arms weapons Weapon resting Working bipods All that comes to my mind... All of these except the detail about animations and boats were shown in the Kickstarter to fully create Combined Arms Warfare. Without AS or CAS Jets, or MBTs Squad is not a true combined arms war.
  16. People dont understand the excitement of shooting the jet down.
  17. I fully understand this. And I agree with you. I also think shooting very accurately is easy.
  18. I can't even count how many people got mad at me since the start of Squad because I kicked them out for reasons of: - wanting to choose who I will Squad Lead and play with (my friends and unit members only) - wanting to keep people who are able to follow simple commands like "come here", "follow me", "mount up/dismount" and kick people who can't - people with no microphone (very hazardous people to the whole squad in some situations) - mic spam - or just wanting to keep the squad small I think every squad leader should be able to choose who he will play with and who he will not play with. There are sessions where you want to be as serious as possible, in our case, 90% of our play is like that. We have already got used to stuff that comes with playing with public players becuse we are unable to lock our squad. I will give just 1 example out of hundred others. We are holding a building with 2 entrances. I am holding west entrance and some random public player (if he finally agrees after telling him 15 times and does it) holds the east entrance. Couple of shots on east entrance are exchanged, and then comes dead silence ingame and comms. Couple of seconds later, I am dead. That public player did not say a word that he is down or wounded or the enemy is at his door, NOTHING. My point is, about public average players is: as a (good) squad leader, you got to NOT rely on public players in combat, only rely on your friends and unit members who understands your normal operating procedures. As in 80% public players is lacking off, brevity, map understanding and knowledge, situational awareness, no microphone, lack of english knowledge, lack of vision, your units understanding and interpretation of combat and movement, and most important lack of discipline in combat. However with all this being said, new players that we meet on public servers, that like the game and are enthusiastic about it make for the best recruits. Please give us locked squads, it is time... We need to be able to be in control, and trough that control fully enjoy what the game has to offer us, and to prevent possible hard feelings of kicking some players out of our squads.
  19. Exactly. Works in PR, it will work here. It can be done...
  20. After couple of more rounds you will start to IFF only by using visuals (colors of uniforms, and silhuettes). Hence why I am always proposing on the forum that developers release the full potential of Squad by removing the tags (make them visible only within 10 to 20 meter radius) and make friendlies on the map appear like circles and not arrows. In adition not to make some people ''angry'' about the change, make this option into the server setting and call it Hardcore Mode. So people who still want fast-paced, spoon-feed-me-all-info, run n gun gameplay they can still join non hardcore servers.
  21. Also noticed this, smoke before was much better. It offered alot more concealment.
  22. I agree on this. Things like: weapon resting, working bipods, new animations and weapon collisions, new vehicle and armor types with their armor weak and strong points to shoot at (penetration values), further FOB mechanic tweaks, rally point "nerfing" etc. would be a milestone in my eyes. That being said Al Basrah is one of the best, good looking and realistic maps like Kohat, Yehorivka and now with V9 Gorodok.
  23. I played about 10 rounds of Al Basrah AAS and PAAS. Expectations for how the map plays out before I tried it were completely opposite of how it really played out. We advanced trough urban environment and took each flag in no time (fast pace gameplay). One would think that all those floors and windows in the city would create the need to clear evey house and apartment block to advance. Playing as US or Insurgents, same. I also thought that one of the main flags will be that Firebase on the highway, but no fights were ever fought there in those 10 rounds, which is a shame. As it looks like an awesome spot for a flag to fight over and build a FOB and fortify it further. For the fast pace nature of the map I am still not sure what is causing it. Last thing I want to do is "blame" the map design. Because I believe its not that, I really love the map, in my opinion its one of the best maps so far but it needs flags in different areas to make it better. The fast pace, no effort gameplay trough the city may be because of free weekend, and 90% of people unwilling to cooperate and 20% willing to only troll around. Or, it still may be due to game mechanics. Rally points, shooting mechanics, speed etc. I got faith that it will be tweaked, the Devs already made some good game mechanic tweaks to slow the game down, both in V8 and V9. Good stuff. When we played US side on one of the rounds we blocked 1 of the 4 bridges (we had a Stryker aswell) and killed about 90 people while dying couple of times we were accused of "spawn trapping" the main base of insurgents. While the rest of the bridges were wide open for them to use. So, basically it was not a spawn trap, we were using the map layout strategicaly. One would think the idea is to tacticaly out-manuever/out smart the enemy. In this case we blocked one of the strategic bridges. And then the blame starts. We felt like they were about to forbid us to use our rallies and weapons aswell, only showels allowed. Same goes with people that forbid players "rushing" first flags. Utter stupidity. It all kind of felt like this: Back to the map design, I really love the desert. Its featurless, no trees, bushes etc. But it feels so full and looks so good and realistic. Similiar stuff was done to Gorodok with V9. Devs removed some trees and bushes and created big beautiful open fields. Made the map more realistic. Made it into more tactical environment, instead of a bush or a tree up in your face where ever you move or look. What we tried and succeded (and I remember doing that in PR on Al Basrah) while playing on Insurgent side. I got 2 of my friends with me, they had LAT and HAT kits, me being the SL. We got our SPG-9 Technical, we would set up in the desert between Village flag and the city, and I would look around with the binoculars to spot US Strykers, HUMVEES and Trucks. Once spotted we would drive the Techy behind them shot the SPG into their rear, dismount the RPG gunners and finished them off in an instant. Also, rushing the village flag with insurgents is fun too! We managed to hold out couple of rounds like that until the end.
  24. Really good idea and I can imagine easily implementable.