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  1. The TrackIR support would really be a great addition to the game. Having that freelook raises your situational awareness, but not only that, its really immersive with all of the stuff you created so far. By the way imagine the kind of movies we would make with Squad having TrackIR (freelook feature) support... Incase a player doesn't have a TrackIR device, if he wanted to use free look feature he would have that option binded to a key on the keyboard. As long as the button is pressed, he can move his mouse and use free look.
  2. Will we see jets in the future?

    There's a "few more" things promised from Kickstarter... And its not looking good (we also lost a HUMVEE in recent time). Time will tell. The project leader still got time to do it right.
  3. [YA] Yellow Ants Why should You join Yellow Ants? You will create strong bonds and make new friends with members within our group. We don't recruit people en masse which means you will have proper teamplay on a daily basis, thus improving your Squad experience, inside and outside Squad Community. We got a militaristic aproach to the game that works. Also, playing with long time veterans of the game you will learn alot. Who are we? We are group of friends mainly from Europe who like a tactical, realistic and team oriented approach to FPS games but our love extends to different game genres aswell (Age of Sail, Flight Simulators, Tank Sims, Strategy Wargames to name the few). Do not let this discourage you in trying to join us, we will accept everyone who meets our requirements if you have a working microphone and speak English as we use it as our main communications language. We call ourselves Yellow Ants and this name comes from an Anti-Tank unit who fought in the Croatian independence war in the 90's. That being said its our desire to keep the memory alive for the brave men who fought and died in Andrija's anti-tank Unit. We learn as a team, we win and we lose as a team. Yellow Ants are always on a lookout for like-minded people to join us. With the Chain-of-Command, communications and server, we are ready to attract more people into our circle of friends. We are also co-founder of whiteFOX gaming structure which we were deeply involved and built upon when Squad came out. Now we are separate unit and are looking for likeminded people, look for our requirements bellow. Requirements to join us: Being super skilled is NOT a requirement to join Yellow ants. We rather prefer a raw talent with a humble heart and no ego. One who wants to learn and grow in tactics and fighting skills. Beyond that our main requirements are that: * You have a team minded approach to everything you play * You have a high desire to learn and play with discipline * You have a character void of ego * You have an ability to function within the chain of command * You have a working microphone and are atleast 18 years of age * And last, that you got a sense of humor in a firefight If this sounds like we are your kind of people, you can contact Rain or Sathi3l trough Steam. Feel free to contact us via private message on forum aswell. Steam contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rain-maker/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/sathi3l/ Video of Yellow Ants playing Squad (old video): Cheers, Rain
  4. A beautiful sight!

    Squad NORTHEUM and We love squad germany are best servers out there, no abusing admins that are full of themselves, just pure gameplay! Thanks guys!
  5. If any we lost a bloody classic HUMVEE to something its easily fixed by name and model manipulation... Unbelivable.
  6. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    Making a rally not into spawning point but a point where you can regroup your men would be nice. Then all the guys who take their life for granted will try to stay alive for longer and add a purpose to the game. For as long as there are fast spawns, this will encourage run and gun gameplay, where people don't put any value on for example Logistical runs.
  7. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    Communicating never works with public random players. People you don't play with are too distracted and are too busy spawning as soon as possible so they can die as soon as possible, and repeat the process (while blabbering useless nonsense all that time). Life of a SL is difficult in that regard, alot. Even though it shouldn't be. Because it all happens and starts from squad leaders - every movement, every firefight, every decision. The game mechanics should make SL life as easy as possible.
  8. Name TAGS and game rythm

    Thats a very easy thing to get inplemented yet the game suffers heavily from it.
  9. Alpha 10 Public Test

    We haven't launched squad since it went back to v9
  10. Movement too slow ?

    The pace of running is alot better then before!!!
  11. Razorwire Idea

    Hello, It just came to me. While there is nothing wrong about how current way of putting razorwire down works, and I would not change it, I would however expand on it and put more ways how to deploy it in the game. Why? If you, like us, like the idea of funeling the enemy into a certain kill zone with razor wire or blocking some avenues of aproach then you will understand. But to explain why to other people, is to be more conveniant and easier to use. The idea is to open the map as a squad leader and deploy ("put", or "paint") razor wire on the map. So, when you "paint it" on the map, its deployed in the world where your teammates can go and showel it. Also, these "painted" razorwires would be visible on the map for teammates so they know where to go to showel and build them up. Also, another veeeeery old thing is which STILL didn't change. Razorwires need to be razorwires and not paperwires. They need to hurt and they need proper equipment to get removed faster, like razor cutters. Regards, Rain
  12. Requirements

    You should consider being a comedian, you are doing a good job
  13. New U.S. Army Handgun - M17

    It almost looks like a cheap plastic airsoft gun, the tamed cheap liberal gun. An M9 complete opposite
  14. New U.S. Army Handgun - M17

    Holy crap, is that thing ugly or what?
  15. No amount of tutorials can teach people ''follow me'', ''cover this door/area'' or something along these simple spoken commands. Even ''good'' players are unable sometimes to do this because they are overwhelmed with their (ignorence really) knowledge. Thats why we need gameplay changes. And V10 recap talks a little about these changes... Everything else control-wise can be found on loading menu or in controls setup.
  16. Wind speed can affect the trajectory

    Sure hope they will implement this. Not just that it fits in this kind of a game and environment they are trying to create, but its a must!
  17. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Bang on, was about to say the same.
  18. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Very glad they are at the same time slowing the game a little bit down and making it more realistic. The previous versions (including current), we just have had enough of it. Laser beam weapons, little to no reward for better positioning, just run and gun no brainer gameplay. Got stale really fast. We need more epic firefights, we need a game of chess when it comes to 40v40 etc. V10 recap looks really promising!!! Yellow Ants are coming back to Squad when V10 hits. edit: I don't think V10 will ruin competitive anything for Squad. Its just going to make it better, for reasons I stated above.
  19. November 2017 Recap

    The recap looks really indepth and promising! The gun and gun fight mechanics seems to feel alot more natural and polished. The GPMG and bipods, my lord, finally. See you on battlefield when V10 arrives boys! Thanks!!!
  20. Name TAGS and game rythm

    I agree the name tags suck. In my opinion they should have hardcore servers, where non of this crap would be turned on. And even more real bullet ballistics and handling of the weapon. Because now its just laser show.
  21. Squad-to-squad Radio not working

    I have this problem that came with V8 update (amazing stuff), I can't hear squad to squad radio anymore, but other squad leaders can hear me apparently. I tried putting audio settings to low and I tried clearing game cache aswell. I am running out of options so I decided to post here for help. I will be leading a pretty huge group of people (100+) on the event called Squad Frontlines, and this is a huge problem. Anybody got an idea how to fix this? Maybe how to restart mumble if that will work? Cheers, Rain
  22. adapting name tag colour

    So basicaly a wallhack for non medics.
  23. The End of Humvees? :(

    The HUMVEE is removed from the game? You got to be joking?