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  1. The TrackIR support would really be a great addition to the game. Having that freelook raises your situational awareness, but not only that, its really immersive with all of the stuff you created so far. By the way imagine the kind of movies we would make with Squad having TrackIR (freelook feature) support... Incase a player doesn't have a TrackIR device, if he wanted to use free look feature he would have that option binded to a key on the keyboard. As long as the button is pressed, he can move his mouse and use free look.
  2. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    I find funny how you guys talking about so called base denil yet you got "clan people" and people without a clan abusing graphical settings to get the edge over other players.

    Hand on the heart the only good maps are the newest ones and these are: Talil, Scorpo and Al-Basrah. Kohat and Yehorivka are also decent but nothing special like the other 3 new maps. Chora and Fools Road are absolutely horrible looking, and has very bad gameplay flow, it was nice to have them back in the day to test the game, but now I think its time to pick up the pace and create good maps. Hell let loose is absolutely amazing looking, both in map asset models and map design. In HLL a trench is a trench and you can use it as such. In squad if there is a trench or bunker better be sure there will be a tree covering all view, or there will be no depression from trench so you can't use it as a shooting position
  4. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Another good map to finally steer away from bad maps like Chora. And FINALLY territory control we have all been waiting for so long!
  5. 1. Map knowledge 2. FPS game genre experience 3. Ability to read situations even if you can't visually see it 4. Good squad leading 5. Practice! (I got 2000+ hours ingame, trust me, the more time you spend ingame the more deadly you are) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And very important: 6. Graphical settings Many competitive teams in squad tweak and exploit graphics to get the edge over other players and get 10-30 more frames per second on performance (I call them ****ing morons.). The first step they would do is turn off shadows. Turning your shadows off immediately puts you in easy mode. I have been calling for locked shadows for about 3 years now, then we can get somewhat even playground. So, these so called ****ing morons, will see you way before you see them with your beautiful graphics that you earned because you got a beast of high end PC. They will shoot you through concielment like there is no tomorrow. Thats how, my friend, you get a high KD radio. But please don't become a ****ing moron. They are ruining the game.
  6. Hell Let Loose will blow your mind. But not only your mind, it will blow compe.............. See you on the battlefield
  7. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

    I have no clue why would a clan leader/server owner let a former cheater have admin rights on his server. Once a cheater always a cheater, or better said once a scum always remains as scum.
  8. Weekend Roundup, Its 5/30 Somewhere

    Its funny how you listed "RIP vs. the world" event they do on their server. Always brings back memory of my unit wrecking the living hell out of them, and then they ban us from their server.
  9. Excessive Weapon Inspection

    Don't look at the gun. The feature is awesome.
  10. So Squad is not dead, but what about OffWorld?

    200 hours are you trolling?
  11. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Why do liberals always have to ruin everything including fun in online games.
  12. Weapon Recoil

    The gun play and how weapons look in I: Sandstorm is awesome.
  13. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Good stack, nice shadows off and all
  14. As far as I know Offworld Industries removed the HUMVEE to prevent being prosecuted by General Motors over copyright or whatever. Why simply not change the name into BAMBEE and change a few details on the 3D model (that can't be easily seen in game, maybe something under the vehicle) and put it back into the game. We have been missing it since it was removed. It will be under a different name, and design will not be identical, hence why BUMBEE will not represent HUMVEE in the game. Regards, Rain
  15. January 2019 Recap

    Thats why I won't back 95% of early access games ever again. If they don't have money **** them. Go to the bank like I have, loan the money and do the thing you want. To avoid this kind of stuff because it happens very often.
  16. Struggling with target acquisition.

    This old problem keeps getting ignored. From my recent experience, everytime I try to enjoy high graphics I keep getting shot by the enemy who can see me through multiple layers of conceilment. When I turn shadows off I instantly see everything and play alot better. Shadow settings must be locked and same for everyone. If somebody can't run Squad with shadows on, its for a reason he needs to get his lazy fat ass of his gaming chair and get to work to earn some money to buy better PC.
  17. Why, Get Rid of First Light ?

    I would like to see it come back revamped and expanded filled with attention to detail. I was actually suprised they removed OP first light but gorodok and chora are still in rotation.
  18. [YA] Yellow Ants Why should You join Yellow Ants? You will create strong bonds and make new friends with members within our group. We don't recruit people en masse which means you will have proper teamplay on a daily basis, thus improving your Squad experience, inside and outside Squad Community. We got a militaristic aproach to the game that works. Also, playing with long time veterans of the game you will learn alot. Who are we? We are group of friends mainly from Europe who like a tactical, realistic and team oriented approach to FPS games but our love extends to different game genres aswell (Age of Sail, Flight Simulators, Tank Sims, Strategy Wargames to name the few). Do not let this discourage you in trying to join us, we will accept everyone who meets our requirements if you have a working microphone and speak English as we use it as our main communications language. We call ourselves Yellow Ants and this name comes from an Anti-Tank unit who fought in the Croatian independence war in the 90's. That being said its our desire to keep the memory alive for the brave men who fought and died in Andrija's anti-tank Unit. We learn as a team, we win and we lose as a team. Yellow Ants are always on a lookout for like-minded people to join us. With the Chain-of-Command, communications and server, we are ready to attract more people into our circle of friends. We are also co-founder of whiteFOX gaming structure which we were deeply involved and built upon when Squad came out. Now we are separate unit and are looking for likeminded people, look for our requirements bellow. Requirements to join us: Being super skilled is NOT a requirement to join Yellow ants. We rather prefer a raw talent with a humble heart and no ego. One who wants to learn and grow in tactics and fighting skills. Beyond that our main requirements are that: * You have a team minded approach to everything you play * You have a high desire to learn and play with discipline * You have a character void of ego * You have an ability to function within the chain of command * You have a working microphone and are atleast 18 years of age * And last, that you got a sense of humor in a firefight If this sounds like we are your kind of people, you can contact Rain or Sathi3l trough Steam. Feel free to contact us via private message on forum aswell. Steam contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rain-maker/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/sathi3l/ Video of Yellow Ants playing Squad (old video): Cheers, Rain
  19. Royal Battalion are recruiting

    I will never forget the rage from qff clan when me leading my unit setup a blockade with BTR 82 in a hull down on the north road on fools road. We literally destroyed entire team. Too bad qff admins kicked us from the server. Good luck with the new clan though. Maybe we will come and play on your server, if there is one. Regards Rain
  20. We welcome Ice, Kojo and Ashbringer into our circle of friends! Right now we are starting to take new wave of recruits for our unit for weekly operations in squad and daily in Escape from Tarkov. Apply for our unit bellow this post. ~S Rain
  21. January 2019 Recap

    In my honest opinion, in the end what it will take to fix Squad and advance in potential will be modders. I envision that will be something like Squad: Project Reality. Which is not ideal, I would rather have official game developed fully and properly before modders start introducing all the things we got baited for on kickstarter. Why modders? The official development is painfully slow, they are laying down foundations which from our perspective looked incompetent given how much time passed until they made little progress. And in our case, we stepped in from Kickstarter, we have been with squad through thick and thin basically. Thinking that promises will be kept and done, but we were in for disappointment. HUMVEE's removed, which is understandable, the team would be sued by GM, but very possible to see that coming back with a mod, because GM couldn't sue the modders so easily. Sniper kits are not coming because of cry babies, most probably will come from modders, and player controlled fixed wing jets will not come. Bipods took centuries to make work. Tracked vehicle physics. Gunner in a turret in vehicles still can't duck in cover, and can't use both fifty and M4 (which was talked about by officials AGES ago). Map design only got better very recently with Talil, and previously with Al-Basrah - hats down to the guy who made these two. We got fingers crossed for classic that is Fallujah, that brings hope. With map standard being higher now (congratulations), they need to remove the atrocious ones starting with Gorodok and Chora, it looks ugly and it has no flow. The maps need detail, attention to detail. We still got problems with small rocks and trees flipping our vehicles. The AAS is getting old fast and frontline mode is needed. Why? You got these huge maps and then you put and objective and force 78 people to fight on that tiny spot in the map. It doesn't play well and it sucks. Best gameplays for AAS is done with 2 squads vs 2 squads (18v18). In frontline mode you would utilize entire map, not just tiny portions of it. Everything would come shine, logistical support, helis, APC transports, artilery, tanks, even snipers and fixed wing jets (if they grab their balls and implement them) etc. Instead all we got at the moment is linear, predictable AAS. The problem with shadows still persists, those with shadow off got massive advantage, forcing us to turn shadows off and make the game ugly. Theres so much more to all this and I love how certain people everytime somebody make a post like this take things out of context and turn reason around to make a pathethic excuse. Before fanboys attack me, know this. I am bigger fanboy of squad than you will ever. Regards, Rain
  22. January 2019 Recap

    In b4 no dragging announcement because nothing was ever promised or guaranteed
  23. January 2019 Recap

    I certainly do recall a promise when I got 15+ people to back Squad . Not only for fixed wing pilots but sniper kits aswell.
  24. January 2019 Recap

    Player controlled CAS? Or broken promise from Kickstarter...