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  1. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Bang on, was about to say the same.
  2. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Very glad they are at the same time slowing the game a little bit down and making it more realistic. The previous versions (including current), we just have had enough of it. Laser beam weapons, little to no reward for better positioning, just run and gun no brainer gameplay. Got stale really fast. We need more epic firefights, we need a game of chess when it comes to 40v40 etc. V10 recap looks really promising!!! Yellow Ants are coming back to Squad when V10 hits. edit: I don't think V10 will ruin competitive anything for Squad. Its just going to make it better, for reasons I stated above.
  3. November 2017 Recap

    The recap looks really indepth and promising! The gun and gun fight mechanics seems to feel alot more natural and polished. The GPMG and bipods, my lord, finally. See you on battlefield when V10 arrives boys! Thanks!!!
  4. Name TAGS and game rythm

    I agree the name tags suck. In my opinion they should have hardcore servers, where non of this crap would be turned on. And even more real bullet ballistics and handling of the weapon. Because now its just laser show.
  5. Squad-to-squad Radio not working

    I have this problem that came with V8 update (amazing stuff), I can't hear squad to squad radio anymore, but other squad leaders can hear me apparently. I tried putting audio settings to low and I tried clearing game cache aswell. I am running out of options so I decided to post here for help. I will be leading a pretty huge group of people (100+) on the event called Squad Frontlines, and this is a huge problem. Anybody got an idea how to fix this? Maybe how to restart mumble if that will work? Cheers, Rain
  6. adapting name tag colour

    So basicaly a wallhack for non medics.
  7. The End of Humvees? :(

    The HUMVEE is removed from the game? You got to be joking?
  8. The game seriously suffers from high latency no matter the server. So, I can fully understand his frustration.
  9. As a squad leader I say this is almost a must have tool! Tired of placing all this sniper markings just to show something to my squad. And at the same time whole team and their cousins sees my sniper markings on the map.
  10. Any ETA on V10?

    Whats freelook got anything to do with "mil sim"? LOL
  11. When the Bradley arrives...

    Cool did not know about this at all. That channel is very nice aswell. Thanks
  12. September 2017 Recap

    Exactly. Why limit the options? I would imagine we will get M240s for US Black Hawks. And these gunner positions would ofcourse be mannable by players
  13. More realism at rally spawn

    Very nice idea buddy!
  14. The TrackIR support would really be a great addition to the game. Having that freelook raises your situational awareness, but not only that, its really immersive with all of the stuff you created so far. By the way imagine the kind of movies we would make with Squad having TrackIR (freelook feature) support... Incase a player doesn't have a TrackIR device, if he wanted to use free look feature he would have that option binded to a key on the keyboard. As long as the button is pressed, he can move his mouse and use free look.
  15. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    I've been trying to put this across the forums long time ago. The hud in the game is minimalistic, and then you have that chat, that comes all across your screen, blocking your vision and distracting you wwith irrelevant and most often childish chat lines. I remember it to be hella annoying.
  16. Rally Point

    We used to get kicked (or banned can't remember) because of doing this. Killing 20+ spawning on fob and then destroying it, or killing everybody who spawns on the rally until they themselves spend the number of spawns on that rally. The so called "good servers" are so cancer. If you step out and for a second and do something out side of the box of average "good player", outside of their comfort zone all of a sudden they will accuse you of some petty made up stuff and then kick you off the server.
  17. REALLY slow motion movement with 9.9

    Type adminslomo 1 in console and it should be fixed.
  18. Should Weapon Sway Be Redone?

    I think not only sway but more work should be put in to eliminate laser beam ballistics. Its just too easy to shoot, hit and kill in squad, to call it a proper teamwork game.
  19. Bipods for marksmen?

    In the final form of how we would be able to use our weapon I imagine and expect is: Every weapon in the game should have the ability of weapon resting. With marksman and machinegunners having an extra option of bipod to get the rest and stability where ever they wish with unrestricted stability while looking way up and down. I believe why marksman does not have a bipod is because the shooting in squad is not challenging. Its like shooting lasers at people. After some time of playing when you get the hang of it you don't even need a scope to drop people few hundred meters away. Thats why probably marksman does not have bipod because it would be way easy for him than it already is. What we need is revisited bullet ballistics and weather effects on them. Also a little deeper dive into each weapon system would help this. When that is achieved then a skill of one individual is totally irrelevant and teamplaying comes into first plan like advertised. I heard that with new GPMGs the new suppresion effect will come into game and that is one step closer to the point I am trying to explain.
  20. Insurgency is so fun. Coming from PR aswell. I am gutted that we have been forced playing AAS all the time latelly. What I consider insurgency gamemode should be like is: - to gain intel of insurgent cache aproximate locations you need to eliminate specific number of insurgents which in result gives you higher percentage of gaining that map intel - there should be two caches spawning at one time and no more, but you can discover only one location by gaining intel not the other one. The other one should stay hidden until first one is destroyed to present a chance for insurgents to set up defences if they wish so. - new fob mechanics could be experimented with. Like if US side builds a specific fob it will accumulate small number of tickets over time for them if they keep that firebase fob alive. Maybe a new deployable like medical tent or barracks tent type of thing would do that. Thats just one way how to make fobs more relevant. - US should start with way less tickets than insurgents These are just some of the ideas that comes to my mind when talking about ins.
  21. Any chance to see some of THIS in Squad?

    Ever since we started playing EfT in closed beta we did not fire up and played Squad at all. The game feels so much more alive, gun mechanics, shooting, guns detail, world, weather effect etc. etc. Its the importance of just being in the world of Tarkov you don't have to be in a gunfight and shoot all the time its still going to be intense. Its what squad is really lacking. I have been talking about that since Squad got first release. Squad is teamwork kind of game but with some elements in it it does not support teamwork mechanics at all. It feels very arcade. When you die it doesn't mean much, just respawn in 40 seconds and go in for another laser beam gun fight. HMG bunkers and emplacements are almost useless, and when and if you use them correctly especially in some clans server they start to cry. Squad is in need of v10 ASAP. With overhaul of bullet ballistics and weapon handling (meaning fix laser beams), firing, slicker animations, weapon low stances, FOB overhaul, dragging teammates, fix cocking of hmgs, introduce gpmgs. Make obcjetives larger in area and make FOBs more important and maybe attached to the objective flags when you place them in cap zones. Airplanes, tanks and snipers.... all promised in kickstarter. Very excited about V10 - see you then. Cheers, Rain Wrong. Eft is trying to be realistic - thats why its so good.
  22. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    FOB changes are absolutely awesome! From the need to supply them to no longer magical destruction by enemy standing in its radius.
  23. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Yeah buddy! Thats quality work right here, wicked!!!
  24. Asset Rules

    Sure you can but only by his approval through the map menu. Because its his vehicle, and he is taking care of it, its part of his unit. Another small feature much needed.
  25. Asset Rules

    Thats exactly what he is saying. The foundation of squad gameplay is based on teamplay between squads. That evening that squad leader who I shot in the face for taking that logistical technical after I claimed it decided to mess with the whole teams plan. Slowing our start progress by precious minutes at the start. Absoluely no comms from him during the planning, only after I shot him to take the vehicle back he started to cry on commanders red channels. If I started to search for Exodus admins, to fire up discord for login, then start to chat there it could take me 20 minutes. I do NOT spend 20 minutes of my evening like that after 14 hour work shift to report some 10 year old. I want to play right here and there with my friends and enjoy the game. The problem was solved with the headshot, but the admin made the bad decision and kicked me instead of him. Now, the whole point is NOT the admin, or the server or his decision or admining. I can live with a kick or a ban, I got plenty of people I play with + our own server. The point of all this is, squad developers should change the claim system. And it a very simple change. Do not allow other squad leaders to take other squads claimed vehicles. And thats it.