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  1. Historical accuracy in war games

    The society is downgrading since 1945 onwards. The religion that once formed and shaped our lands and communities are being abandoned. The school system and education is low and in some parts only the rich get the knowledge. Happy flags and SJW disease plague the people recently. Everything is anti-family. All that matters now is influence, money and power. The people don't matter. BF 5 is nothing but a game for the majority / masses, which are sadly very stupid people, and it sells good. And its not their fault. Its being systematicaly done through decades over TV, newspapers, government activities, education system etc.
  2. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    Agreed. I am not optimistic enough that this will be implemented, sadly...
  3. Clariffication post to all you who are wanting to join our unit. We are not a clan. We are not what you hear here alot a "Squad clan". We are not attached to any particular game. We don't start and stop when a game releases or dies out. We are group of friends / comrades who like realistic tactical shooters. Who like to improve and share our battle skills within our unit. We like to discuss real stuff and have people from the active duty or who served in the military. We try and it satisfies us to do everything organised when we fight in multiplayer environment. We have our own style of fighting and our own way of communicating in battle. Or we gather just to chat and have a laugh while we watch bunch of naked women online. You might be wondering which games we play the most, and those are: Post Scriptum, Escape from Tarkov and Squad So, to immediately make things clear for potential new people interested in joining in, we are NOT a Squad clan. We are a unit. Yellow Ants UNIT ~S
  4. [YA] Yellow Ants Why should You join Yellow Ants? You will create strong bonds and make new friends with members within our group. We don't recruit people en masse which means you will have proper teamplay on a daily basis, thus improving your Squad experience, inside and outside Squad Community. We got a militaristic aproach to the game that works. Also, playing with long time veterans of the game you will learn alot. Who are we? We are group of friends mainly from Europe who like a tactical, realistic and team oriented approach to FPS games but our love extends to different game genres aswell (Age of Sail, Flight Simulators, Tank Sims, Strategy Wargames to name the few). Do not let this discourage you in trying to join us, we will accept everyone who meets our requirements if you have a working microphone and speak English as we use it as our main communications language. We call ourselves Yellow Ants and this name comes from an Anti-Tank unit who fought in the Croatian independence war in the 90's. That being said its our desire to keep the memory alive for the brave men who fought and died in Andrija's anti-tank Unit. We learn as a team, we win and we lose as a team. Yellow Ants are always on a lookout for like-minded people to join us. With the Chain-of-Command, communications and server, we are ready to attract more people into our circle of friends. We are also co-founder of whiteFOX gaming structure which we were deeply involved and built upon when Squad came out. Now we are separate unit and are looking for likeminded people, look for our requirements bellow. Requirements to join us: Being super skilled is NOT a requirement to join Yellow ants. We rather prefer a raw talent with a humble heart and no ego. One who wants to learn and grow in tactics and fighting skills. Beyond that our main requirements are that: * You have a team minded approach to everything you play * You have a high desire to learn and play with discipline * You have a character void of ego * You have an ability to function within the chain of command * You have a working microphone and are atleast 18 years of age * And last, that you got a sense of humor in a firefight If this sounds like we are your kind of people, you can contact Rain or Sathi3l trough Steam. Feel free to contact us via private message on forum aswell. Steam contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rain-maker/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/sathi3l/ Video of Yellow Ants playing Squad (old video): Cheers, Rain
  5. Lowest of low ways to play any game, not just Squad.
  6. Sitrep - Post Scriptum has shown how great it is, its slower and more realistic enabling us to use tactics and teamplay in comparisson to Squad. I would like to thank all members from the squad showed down bellow on the screenshot. Some of you shown interest into our unit. Solid character and dedication to the unit and you will be our band of brothers. If you want to join us leave your info down bellow. ~S
  7. For me personally and other people within my unit we are most excited about what the developers called a "Territory Control Game Mode Prototype" in September 2017 recap. And are really expecting it to come out. The reason why we love this idea so much is because Squad has big open maps, with alot of interesting areas/points of interest on it. But we rarely get to go there let alone fight there on some of the maps. The "Advance and Secure/AAS/PAAS" is represented in other games aswell not just Squad and this game mode forces all players to fight inside or typicaly very near that 100x100 meter Objective/Flag area. That tiny objective which the game forces you to fight for can cause alot of chaos and most often it all boils down to minimalistic tactics of who will bring more people into that tiny spot on the map. Since Squad has big open maps its a shame that these tiny insignificant portions of the map called flags mold gameplay in such a bad way. So, the Territory Control game mode is a very anticipated game mode in which we will practice bigger and better things with our combined arms and firebases. Now what came to my mind is something that would be called a Frontline Game Mode. It would be a dynamic battlefield where possibly not a single battle would be the same. In this game mode there are no flags instead your squads would need to capture territory (or ground), by capturing territory with boots on the ground you form a "frontline". A line which separates Bluefor from Opfor. You decide what locations on the map are tacticaly relevant. The whole battlefield is your playground so to say. This line, or "frontline" forces squads to really work together, with possibilities to fortify areas with Firebases (or how community calls it FOBs), there is possibility to cut enemy territory and cease their supply venues and many more. Video presentation of how this would work: A game mode trully superior to AAS/PAAS game mode and would fit in perfectly in Squad. Also, with Frontline game mode Squad would offer something you can't really find anywhere else.
  8. Status update for potential new comrades, we are now in preparation for Post Scriptum. We are going to be full axis unit and are expanding our tactics to those of German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. Our axis involvement in Post Scriptum extends to 2nd SS Panzer Corps which is a formed realistic unit spec. created for Post Scriptum. Together with them we are planning to do organised and planned battles hopefully on a daily basis. Where there is high hope for solid teamplay and immersion. If you would like to be a part of something bigger and not feel left out or disapointed by playing with random players I strongly encourage you to reach out to me and begin your journey into our tight group of friends. Read our recruitment requirements above and leave your info post. See you on the battlefield ~S
  9. Improving RU optics.

    If you think iron sights are bad, you are clearly a bad FPS gamer in general. I love magnified optics and reflex sights, iron sights are awesome as well.
  10. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    Yeah, in my opinion and experience after building all kinds of firebases, I would like to say that US .50 cal HMG and Russian HMG need a wider cone to be usefull. At the moment, the scopes on HMGs helped, alot. But we are still "not there yet" with HMG emplacements.
  11. Rounds are too long.

    I LOVE it how it is now! The rounds before were so fast there is not enough time to do anything properly. If you want fast rounds, and I am not talking down on you or fast paced games, go play some fast paced games like Call of Duty 4 or Battlefield 3. If you want proper combined arms tactical game on huge maps, the battles got to feel like battles, or a war got to have a feeling of a war and not a childs paintball skirmish or counter strike match. The longer battle time adds depth, planning, bigger tactics and strategy, and feeling to Squad.
  12. SquadChat - 3 - ft. Chuc and Fuzzhead

    Thanks, will watch after work when I arrive home.
  13. Ticket Bleed

    The matches feel awesome now!!! Before it was over in 15 minutes Elerik put it well together: elerik - "Iam vary happy with longer game rounds. Finally there is a room for make some decisions and planing and not just rush and hurry like rabit on steroids. Also iam happy that people now somtimes just stop and slow down. Sometimes its hectic sometimes there is less firefigths but thats exactly what I like at this game and i believe that not just me but much bigger part of community. Its not run and gun game. Most of market is full of that so we dont need another game like that."
  14. Played V11 for a bit, feels like very little small tweaks but heading into right direction, nothing too impressive as the game is still lacking in basic game mechanics. New map Kamdesh is looking and feeling alright, but again, like on the snow map, the road system doesn't make any sense and should be fixed. The small helicopter in US main base made me laugh The gameplay is the same as in every other map, small area to take insignificant 50x50 meter square area ie. ""flag objective", forcing you to blob in and laser beam the enemy to submission. We need something like "frontline game mode" which I suggested here: Also when we open our maps we want to see more! Like a height, we want to see roads, hills and railroads marked on the map. We want to see wooded area marked on the map... etc. etc.
  15. Quick Note on Helicopters from Merlin

    Again thanks for posting information like this from external source as it should be posted here first.
  16. Kamdesh map and map UI in general

    There are no pretty names in contour lines and hill heights. You are delusional. Google pictures: https://www.google.hr/search?q=topographic+maps&num=30&client=chrome-omni&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=2ahUKEwjhoIy7qu3aAhWmsKQKHQJ3AfUQ_AUoAXoECAAQAw&biw=1920&bih=949
  17. Kamdesh map and map UI in general

    I don't want pretty names, I don't know where did that came from. And you don't, because in the game nothing is marked on the map except grids. I want a topographic military map, with all the heights, roads, rivers, rail roads, woods etc. marked on the map. So I know how to position everyone in my squad. Something like this or better: Also name tags in this version tells everyone if somebody is dead. The persons tag is white if he is dead. Thats completely unneccesary and spoon feeds players for an extremely easy situational awareness which adds up to madness.
  18. We are recruiting more people as V11 update is on horizon. If you are interested I encourage you to check our recruit requirements and leave a post here with your info. Cheers
  19. We welcome Romi and Alokin into our ranks. At the moment we are able to take 2 new recruits!
  20. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Yeah I noticed that in the early days of squad, the pattern of foliage placing on maps to force close fights. But what is most annoying is how much lone wolves can sometimes sneak up on your squad and do heavy damage because of foliage blindfold. OP first light had even lower branches in the past where you couldn't see infront. You are lucky by playing it right now...
  21. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    Awesome work cannot wait to try this
  22. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Mappers take notes Hopefully there will not be a possibility to easily traverse this heavy terrain. But thats not your work CodeRedFox, that needs to be a game mechanic where it doesn't allow us to climb steep slopes/hills. 10/10
  23. "Believability" of maps, realism

    You guys who suggest about making our own game are ridonk, come on now... LOL. Its like coming into a hotel and your room is dirty and a manager tells you to build your own room/hotel to stay in. I am also the one thinking that the game lacks in the map aspect, heavily. And that reflects to gameplay. The best map in the game are Kohat, and the only map that comes close to it is Al-Basrah map. OP First Light and Kokan are decent, but thats it really. Chora is the absolute worst map ever. And the new Belaya on the snow, is absolutely terrible with its road system, it makes absolutely no sense in any way. The only cool aspect of Belaya is its snow environment.
  24. Came back for v10 TAGS/SPAWN opinion

    Completely agreed word to word especially about name tags. Well put together. IFF should be done through comms and experience and name tags should only show up up close an delayed and not through objects.
  25. What is fun to you, may not be fun to others and vice versa. You speak of realism like its not fun? When was that not fun?! I love realistic games, they are perfect environment for teamplay.