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  1. This guy nailed it.
  2. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    I find funny how you guys talking about so called base denil yet you got "clan people" and people without a clan abusing graphical settings to get the edge over other players.

    Hand on the heart the only good maps are the newest ones and these are: Talil, Scorpo and Al-Basrah. Kohat and Yehorivka are also decent but nothing special like the other 3 new maps. Chora and Fools Road are absolutely horrible looking, and has very bad gameplay flow, it was nice to have them back in the day to test the game, but now I think its time to pick up the pace and create good maps. Hell let loose is absolutely amazing looking, both in map asset models and map design. In HLL a trench is a trench and you can use it as such. In squad if there is a trench or bunker better be sure there will be a tree covering all view, or there will be no depression from trench so you can't use it as a shooting position
  4. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Another good map to finally steer away from bad maps like Chora. And FINALLY territory control we have all been waiting for so long!
  5. 1. Map knowledge 2. FPS game genre experience 3. Ability to read situations even if you can't visually see it 4. Good squad leading 5. Practice! (I got 2000+ hours ingame, trust me, the more time you spend ingame the more deadly you are) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And very important: 6. Graphical settings Many competitive teams in squad tweak and exploit graphics to get the edge over other players and get 10-30 more frames per second on performance (I call them ****ing morons.). The first step they would do is turn off shadows. Turning your shadows off immediately puts you in easy mode. I have been calling for locked shadows for about 3 years now, then we can get somewhat even playground. So, these so called ****ing morons, will see you way before you see them with your beautiful graphics that you earned because you got a beast of high end PC. They will shoot you through concielment like there is no tomorrow. Thats how, my friend, you get a high KD radio. But please don't become a ****ing moron. They are ruining the game.
  6. Hell Let Loose will blow your mind. But not only your mind, it will blow compe.............. See you on the battlefield
  7. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

    I have no clue why would a clan leader/server owner let a former cheater have admin rights on his server. Once a cheater always a cheater, or better said once a scum always remains as scum.
  8. Weekend Roundup, Its 5/30 Somewhere

    Its funny how you listed "RIP vs. the world" event they do on their server. Always brings back memory of my unit wrecking the living hell out of them, and then they ban us from their server.
  9. Excessive Weapon Inspection

    Don't look at the gun. The feature is awesome.
  10. So Squad is not dead, but what about OffWorld?

    200 hours are you trolling?
  11. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Why do liberals always have to ruin everything including fun in online games.
  12. Weapon Recoil

    The gun play and how weapons look in I: Sandstorm is awesome.
  13. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Good stack, nice shadows off and all
  14. January 2019 Recap

    Thats why I won't back 95% of early access games ever again. If they don't have money **** them. Go to the bank like I have, loan the money and do the thing you want. To avoid this kind of stuff because it happens very often.
  15. Struggling with target acquisition.

    This old problem keeps getting ignored. From my recent experience, everytime I try to enjoy high graphics I keep getting shot by the enemy who can see me through multiple layers of conceilment. When I turn shadows off I instantly see everything and play alot better. Shadow settings must be locked and same for everyone. If somebody can't run Squad with shadows on, its for a reason he needs to get his lazy fat ass of his gaming chair and get to work to earn some money to buy better PC.