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  1. Will we see jets in the future?

    There's a "few more" things promised from Kickstarter... And its not looking good (we also lost a HUMVEE in recent time). Time will tell. The project leader still got time to do it right.
  2. A beautiful sight!

    Squad NORTHEUM and We love squad germany are best servers out there, no abusing admins that are full of themselves, just pure gameplay! Thanks guys!
  3. If any we lost a bloody classic HUMVEE to something its easily fixed by name and model manipulation... Unbelivable.
  4. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    Making a rally not into spawning point but a point where you can regroup your men would be nice. Then all the guys who take their life for granted will try to stay alive for longer and add a purpose to the game. For as long as there are fast spawns, this will encourage run and gun gameplay, where people don't put any value on for example Logistical runs.
  5. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    Communicating never works with public random players. People you don't play with are too distracted and are too busy spawning as soon as possible so they can die as soon as possible, and repeat the process (while blabbering useless nonsense all that time). Life of a SL is difficult in that regard, alot. Even though it shouldn't be. Because it all happens and starts from squad leaders - every movement, every firefight, every decision. The game mechanics should make SL life as easy as possible.
  6. Name TAGS and game rythm

    Thats a very easy thing to get inplemented yet the game suffers heavily from it.
  7. Alpha 10 Public Test

    We haven't launched squad since it went back to v9
  8. Movement too slow ?

    The pace of running is alot better then before!!!
  9. Requirements

    You should consider being a comedian, you are doing a good job
  10. New U.S. Army Handgun - M17

    It almost looks like a cheap plastic airsoft gun, the tamed cheap liberal gun. An M9 complete opposite
  11. New U.S. Army Handgun - M17

    Holy crap, is that thing ugly or what?
  12. No amount of tutorials can teach people ''follow me'', ''cover this door/area'' or something along these simple spoken commands. Even ''good'' players are unable sometimes to do this because they are overwhelmed with their (ignorence really) knowledge. Thats why we need gameplay changes. And V10 recap talks a little about these changes... Everything else control-wise can be found on loading menu or in controls setup.
  13. Wind speed can affect the trajectory

    Sure hope they will implement this. Not just that it fits in this kind of a game and environment they are trying to create, but its a must!