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  1. Really enjoyed the stream boys. I'd like to thank Sgt Ross for taking time to be in the stream and give us all the info and answers. We cannot wait to start playing with the new stuff, it looks awesome. Really looking forward to it.
  2. I hope they will continue to work on Squad long after official "release".
  3. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with the map or its replayability. What I will say about the said tactics of locking down key bridgeheads is, its a tactic, and a good one. Bridgeheads must always be controlled, as its the main crossing point, a funnel where everyone passes across with vehicles or on foot. At the start of the round insurgents have plenty of time to setup 3 to 5 FOBs within the city to defend it. More than enough to defend the city. If insurgents lose all those, its clear that the team who is playing on insurgent side does not have the capacity to defeat or hold the opposing team. So it does not matter anymore if US locks a bridgehead down or not. Keep in mind the HAT kit, some people have become VERY skillful with those, where they can shoot it accurately on long ranges. With one hit from ins main (or coming up from behind from one of the 5 FOBS within the city) they can destroy a Stryker or a HUMVEE guarding one of those bridges. We have holded the South bridge about 10 times now with the Stryker. And believe me we got hit by a HAT already.
  4. I was hoping somebody would remake that map. Awesome!
  5. I REALLY like this idea, some of which I have been talking about here on the forum. Specifically option to turn off name tags on long ranges (above 20 meters) and option to turn off friendly arrow markers on the map and turn them into circles (or completely remove them for some really hardcore servers). I am sure a whole bunch of us are wanting this. With this being a server setting we would not piss off people who don't want this change.
  6. The grenadier is very deadly in urban environment, given that he knows how to do it and he already developed the feeling of 40mm trajectory. For now you can only go by feeling because the sights are useless currently. I remember Roy agreed with this and he was talking about possible solutions of putting the sight on the left handguard rail. In my opinion, they need to make all sights including ironsights and future scopes to be interactable with. That way they will add depth, interest and value to the game while eliminating the problem of a M203 and possibly other future sights. Don't forget the old bug of all sights being misaligned when looking up or down. If I am not mistaken that will be fixed with new animation overhaul. As for the kills, for us its normal to have 20 to 30+ kills per person in the squad per round, rounding up to 130-150 (on average) to 200 (on good days) kills in the squad, with 25 some revives.
  7. But thats how it should be. Who will mantain those forward positions with repair stations and defend flags if not one third of the team?
  8. The vehicles would be absolutely useless and constantly wasted if vehicle claim system gets removed. The claim system came to us like a blessing.
  9. Lots of people were strongly against M16 here on the forum, they were claiming that no frontline unit has them. While that maybe/probably is true. The rifle is a classic and is still issued in some unit (especially in USMC). I am sure that theres whole load of people wanting them in game (including myself).
  10. How is destroying enemy fob supplies not an impact on the game? You are aware that FOBs now need HABs that cost 500 points and if you want to re-arm vehicles it costs ammo. If you destroy that supply crate you are denying the enemy their resources. I don't think having visible supply crates would impact the performance too much.
  11. The thing with the entering of the vehicles is, its just the first iteraration of it. As it is now, we can enter in any vehicle juat by walking close to it and pressing ''f'', it does not matter if we are close to its doors, unfortunately. We should be able to enter a vehicle only trough its door/hatch and exit the same way. All this being said. Stryker spews and takes infantry on the back.
  12. I completely agree. Also, the game will look ALOT more polished when they fix this. I assume its on Developer list, because it looks and feels from the outside its a must on "to do list". To some its just a small detail, but to some its huge. We are looking forward to the change.
  13. I would REALLY like to see YOU populate the server to 80 people with only few people, the whole map and every objective capable and no fobs. What a LOL. You got to understand when people enter the game and they see 10 people on opposing side the only thing keeping them in is. An active fob, a rally, a good SL and an objective where tight fight happens. While I agree that is not where squad shines. Squad should be played out to its max on the whole map with endless solutions and decisions. But the previous is needed to populate the server/prevent people from leaving. If you didn't like that you should definitely avoid servers that forbid rushing flags and pushing the enemy to main base. They can be as ridiculous as almost not allowing you to play together with your mates and using rally points.
  14. Something that we can see rather just a number that represent ammo and buildable points would be awesome. And with the future engineer demos and current incendiery grenades we could destroy enemy supply crates.