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  1. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    FOB changes are absolutely awesome! From the need to supply them to no longer magical destruction by enemy standing in its radius.
  2. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Yeah buddy! Thats quality work right here, wicked!!!
  3. Asset Rules

    Sure you can but only by his approval through the map menu. Because its his vehicle, and he is taking care of it, its part of his unit. Another small feature much needed.
  4. Asset Rules

    Thats exactly what he is saying. The foundation of squad gameplay is based on teamplay between squads. That evening that squad leader who I shot in the face for taking that logistical technical after I claimed it decided to mess with the whole teams plan. Slowing our start progress by precious minutes at the start. Absoluely no comms from him during the planning, only after I shot him to take the vehicle back he started to cry on commanders red channels. If I started to search for Exodus admins, to fire up discord for login, then start to chat there it could take me 20 minutes. I do NOT spend 20 minutes of my evening like that after 14 hour work shift to report some 10 year old. I want to play right here and there with my friends and enjoy the game. The problem was solved with the headshot, but the admin made the bad decision and kicked me instead of him. Now, the whole point is NOT the admin, or the server or his decision or admining. I can live with a kick or a ban, I got plenty of people I play with + our own server. The point of all this is, squad developers should change the claim system. And it a very simple change. Do not allow other squad leaders to take other squads claimed vehicles. And thats it.

    Nice video boys! ~S from Yellow Ants
  6. Asset Rules

  7. Another WW2 game enters the fight

  8. Asset Rules

    This is just common sense, it has nothing to do with me wanting to team kill anybody. You are missing the whole point...
  9. Asset Rules

    Yesterday I got kicked (or banned, I don't know, I did not check) from one of my favorite servers Exodus (24/7 Narva and Al-Basrah) because of the claim system. At the planning time before the round start, we talked about gameplan and vehicle claiming. Where I said atleast 2 times that I will be claiming and taking the logistical technical. But, ofcourse there was one of these squad leaders that are really not into it, or not interested in what we were doing. So after I claimed the vehicle for us, he claimed it from me and started driving away. So naturally, before he gets away and ruins the plan, I shot him right in the face, and grabbed the logistical car back. In the next 30 seconds I was kicked (or banned). The current claim system is flawed and needs an urgent fix. Or situations like that will continue to happen.
  10. Its not about customizing your weapons in Squad, its about pushing the game forward, onto another level. Separating even more from other games. And making it look professional. Imagine riding in a convoy of 4 vehicles with your squad and you are about to punch trough the city full of insurgents, with nightvisions on a night map of Al-Basrah and seeing this: Or, if we don't get NVGs (because we probably will not get them), imagine that same convoy with lights on on a night map, and with lights on your assault rifles busting trough the houses and clearing the city, with beautiful lightning. I completely understand this guy wanting this. Immersion in a realistic game is bringing more than half of the fun, and that should be the point of the games. Guys that do not understand that never really enjoy the game, they just here for the hell of it. Remember PRs assault on Grozny and Fallujah map? They make you feel you are really there. And I am not here to talk about their balance (or some similiar bullshit like that), I am talking about how a map can immerse you into the game, where even the wait before the battle is fun - you DO NOT get that in Squad. Almost everyone in Squad is playing like they are on speed, always want to shoot or run headlessly around, everybody is always in a rush because of the game mechanics. I think developers should really start focusing on that immersion part. These lights and NVGs are just a small aspect of that, a small puzzle of the bigger picture. There are many more things like that. Fixing FOB deployables, expanding classes like for example GPMG class or breacher class, bipods, wirecutters, weapon jams, low ready stance, health system, realistic bodies (jumping from a 2 meter wall with combat equipment would probably break your ankles), leaning currently is absolute CRAP it should be fixed with a proper lean, holding the gun normally and not rotating it on 45 degree bank on the lean, proper bullet ballistics, snipers... Could go on for days. All this would expand on a perfect blue print which is Project Reality and make it 5 times better than it, on a modern UE4 engine.
  11. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    Got to say graphics look nice. But, the running animations, especially the ones showing german soldiers running seems very odd. Also, the germans usually carried their rifle in one hand when running in combat, if its not slung onto their back. Woluld be nice to see that fixed. From the trailer I would say this will be like quake type very fast paced madness. Like I said before this trailer came out. The words are just words, until we see how the game plays.
  12. We should be able to stack Hesco blocks on top of each other, and place them right net to each other. STILL, waiting for that. We had that before, it was awesome.
  13. Its ok to help - but I was talking about those back seat squad leaders who have the audacity to squad lead when they join your squad but are too sensitive and afraid of work so they can't create their own squad and do it properly, so they squeeze in here and there some rubbish orders for your squad.
  14. Step number 1. Immediately shut down any and all backseat squad leaders early on. Even if it means a kick from the squad. Step number 2. Assign kits within a squad. Tell them not to change them until the end. 2 medics 2 lats and full scopes. Optional AR or sniper. Who changes the kit get rid of him by a kick as fast as possible. To prevent the spread of the plague of individuality. Step number 3. lay the plan down in the beginning only once. If someone asks you 3 more times whats the plan again. Kick them. Because they are not listening and in a gun fight they will also be deafblinds. Call out commands out loud and only once. Remember you as a squad lead reserve the right who you will play with. And you dont need to explain yourself for that. Talking from experience from 1600 hours of squadleading. These 3 points are just off the bat I thought off. Good luck
  15. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    This is exactly how it should look like.