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  1. Squad vs Insurgency

    Squad mappers need to take a look how cities look like in Sandstorm and try to mimic or do better. Gun play in general feels so good in Sandstorm, the weapon you are firing feels and sounds powerful in comparisson to Squad. Gun play mechanics in squad need to get better already that did not change since it exists. We need something similar to EFT and Sandstorm in terms of gunplay mechanics and proper ballistics on top of it all because SQ has huge maps where firefights tend to happen from 50 to 500 meter range sometimes when bad map design don't come into equasion (meaning, bushes and trees on every step and angle). Ballistics would aditionaly open up the possibility for Sniper role (promised feature from Kickstarter).
  2. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I didn't expect Squad to be direct competitor to AAA game titles. But some features that could be done in a month tops time, they didn't manage to do in 2 years. Hell leave all features aside, you are still running your squads with no topographic map
  3. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Same. I am just keeping SQ on my PC for new updates, I try them and remind myself why I don't play it. Will keep it until full release if it ever happens that is. Still, fingers crossed maybe a miracle will happen like somebody will take over and actually get the shit done and make a good game. I've made hundreds of posts for feedback and suggestions but all I see or hear on here is "go on redim (or some shit like that where they inform their "fans" outside the official sites first and then couple of days later they put an update here - that alone shows alot)", or "make your own game". Its not that I don't know what I am talking about. I got 2000 hours in Squad (sadly), same with PR probably, and couple of more thousands in shooter games in general. P.S. don't forget destructible environment and no render problems on distance, oh yeah and working anti aliasing, oh yeah and fixed wing jets, oh and snipers, humvees, good netcode, graphics YEAH
  4. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    PR BF2 is fading away for 10 years, I bet another 10 years and it probably won't finish fading away.
  5. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    If Project Reality BF3 becomes a reality I will be deleting many games from my steam library because this will satisfy my gaming needs.
  6. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    There alot of things in PR and not in Squad
  7. air assets??

    Yup, still doesn't change the fact what we payed and backed SQ for.
  8. From kickstarter: TBH hope for SQ is very low in the past several months. We lost HUMVEES, and multiple kickstarter promises won't make it to the game. The dumbing down is REAL. I guess we need to see if P.S. will f*ck up aswell. Fingers crossed.
  9. air assets??

    From Kickstarter: Keep in mind, thats what we backed and payed for.
  10. It's been 1 year next month

    AAS is boring and predictable. On top of that it offers only a meat grinder type of gameplay. We need dynamic unpredictable frontline where firebases and logistics play huge role. Also, map design was cool and passable for testing purposes until now, but its time to step the game up and make some more realistic maps I think.
  11. Game Roadmap

    Vray gud maet. Ncie jbo!
  12. A better tactical map

    Yes. That map should be simple to create and it didn't come for 3 years now. What makes you think they will do it? They won't. Start looking into Post Scriptum if you want Project Reality/Squad style gameplay. No rallies, weapons feel amazing and maps are 100 times better than in Squad. Also there are ALOT more vehicles in PS, and they look amazing. You can tow anti-tank guns with vehicles aswell. To wrap it up Post Scriptum even right now looks and feels miles ahead of Squad in every department.
  13. A better tactical map

    Keep dreaming you are not getting it.
  14. Razor Wire

    Its useless in short.
  15. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    Agreed. I am not optimistic enough that this will be implemented, sadly...