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  1. I remember seeing a video from a modder who made Mk18 with suppressor and Elcan SpecterDR scope, looked wicked! I can't find it to show it sadly.
  2. Sniper Gameplay

    This is what would work 100% without adding/creating proper bullet ballistics
  3. v12 new M4 sound..

    I have only heard it in the videos, and got to say it its clearly better then the old m4 sound in my opinion. The old m4 sounds like stick beating a plastic cup
  4. Sniper Gameplay

    I would really wish for kits to come back with little more ability to customise the weapons/kits. Sniper roles/kits can become part of Squad if they do proper bullet ballistics.
  5. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    From what I've seen on youtube videos, V12 got awesome M4 sound now. In V11 it sounds plastic, like you are hitting a plastic bucket with a stick.
  6. V12 is on the doorstep and Yellow Ants are on the lookout for dedicated tank crew & infantry. We offer relaxed and structurised play and hardcore camaraderie. Look no further as you will get to meet your best battle buddies forged in the baptism of fire!!! Find more info about our unit and recruit requirements in our first post above! ~S Rain Fill your recruitment form here: Name: Country: Timezone: Steam Profile: (You can provide it over private message aswell) Language: Age: Reason for join:
  7. Suggestion about traps

    Hate to disagree with you. Claymores, and especially trip wires are awesome in PR. When I think about it, they would really fit into the game, especially in urbanised parts of maps.
  8. the speed of animations

    What a shitfest it would be if they make SQ faster... Excuse my language but its the only way to describe it, from what I experienced in my humble 2000h play time.
  9. v12 Movement and transition faster ???

    Oh no, that would be very SAD news if its like that.
  10. Concussion

    Mortars are useless in the current version. Probably will stay useless for a long time to come before some of the developers start playing on public populated servers. Atleast 5 rounds a day, to get a CLEAR PICTURE of their games gameplay. My take/view on mortars: it should be hell on earth when you are being hit by mortars. It should be 200% more effective than it is now. Especially when there is no cover, you are bound to catch some shrapnel from mortars hitting close by. Agreed on concussion for both the AT and mortars! Great post!
  11. Suggestion about sound levels

    Agreed. Also there should be a toggle option for slow walk. Not only hold to walk, but a toggle.
  12. Issue: Horrible lightning. Very dark sunset, very unrealistic. Can't see anything especially vs British faction.
  13. What would you like to see in Squad

    - humvees - 50 cal and DShK-a gunners ability to duck down/crouch to cover - ability for gunners to fire with their M4s or AK's from the turret position if they wish - realistic maps - insurgency game mode from PR (and then some) - squad leader role quality of life improvements to UI - removal of rally point and do something similiar to beacon on squad leader where squadmates spawn - ability to place long razorwire that actually STOP people, and if they pass severely wounds them - more deployable defensive build options - driving is boring, fix that. See how insurgency sandstorm handles technicals for example. - realistic towns on all maps and not randomly placed buildings in labyrinths - again see how insurgency sandstorm builds towns. - remove background mountains (like on Chora, the most awful map of them all, from design to distance render problems) to get more performance and stability which further enables creation of realistic towns - bullet ballistics - ability to drag wounded teammates - fix BAD sounds of weapons being fired from 1st person view, it sounds really weak like you are hitting a plastic bottle with a stick (far third person or distant sounds of gunfight is good). We want strong and cool sound when firing our weapons. - make weapons look better (see insurgency, project reality, escape from tarkov etc. all of these got better looking weapons) - remove those dark unrealistic and bad looking lightnings from maps, 1st it looks bad and 2nd you can't see well. - make transport truck passangers able to shoot from their seating positions - ability to repack mags - ability to quick reload (droping the mag on the floor) - dynamic weather (wind, rain, fog etc.) - remove the ability to move on very steep hills (it looks and feels ridiculous and gameplay suffers from that, for example in similiar fashion see how PS is slowing down players through bushes) - bring back the good aimpoint for US forces, the current one is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, especially in transition from high ready to ADS. - ability for LMG and GPMG gunners to crouch into cover when they are deployed with a bipod on a wall etc. - sniper role and marksman with bipod (bullet ballistics) - fixed wing jets - transport and attack helicopters - anti-air missile systems - towable equipment (ammo, AT guns, supplies etc.) - 100+ men servers
  14. What would you like to see in Squad

    1. Ballistics 2. Whole spectrum of combined warfare, from fixed wing jets to a lonewolf sniper role. 3. Firebases that are effective and logistics that are fun, working razorwire that we can place in long lines and not just 2 cm's of paperwire 4. Better, stronger weapon sounds and better in game gun mechanics 5. Realistic map design 6. Riddance of bad lightning on maps, and bleak and washed out colors 7. Working long distance render (disapearing mountain edges) 8. Quality of life improvements to Squad Leader role (remember they carry the whole weight of the game) 9. HUMVEES under a different name (to fool the law) 10. Vehicles getting stuck (1/2 by bad unrealistic map design, and the other 1/2 by unfinished "wheel/tracks" code) 11. Dynamic weather (weather changing as time passes, starts with sun in the morning, rain at 12 oclock, and fog in the evening for example) 12. Fixed skinny legs on soldiers 13. Clear kit difference on models 14. Night maps and NVGs 15. Removal of AAS game mode that is completely predictable, boring and outclassed by moving frontline gamemode 16. Insurgency game mode from PR 17. Shadow settings locked for all users to ensure fair play and no advantage to people who put graphics to low to get the edge over others 18. Ability to drag wounded team mates to cover. In general adding depth and atmosphere to the game, you got to make Squad fun when there is no fighting going on at times! And then when the fight happens it takes your breath away with everything combined.
  15. Squad vs Insurgency

    Squad mappers need to take a look how cities look like in Sandstorm and try to mimic or do better. Gun play in general feels so good in Sandstorm, the weapon you are firing feels and sounds powerful in comparisson to Squad. Gun play mechanics in squad need to get better already that did not change since it exists. We need something similar to EFT and Sandstorm in terms of gunplay mechanics and proper ballistics on top of it all because SQ has huge maps where firefights tend to happen from 50 to 500 meter range sometimes when bad map design don't come into equasion (meaning, bushes and trees on every step and angle). Ballistics would aditionaly open up the possibility for Sniper role (promised feature from Kickstarter).