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  1. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Yeah PR is a perfect blue print. As long as Squad has laser straight aim it will perform like that.
  2. Announcing Project Reality Inspired Mod ATHENA

    Where would the server be based EU or US, or elsewhere?
  3. Announcing Project Reality Inspired Mod ATHENA

    In what server and at what time can this mod be played?
  4. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    The map is awesome.
  5. Sniper / Breacher Class

    The bolt action rifle only needs smoother chambering so you stay on target when you work the bolt. I still haven't tried it but i am confident i can get 20 kills with it before resupplying. Normally each round I get 20 to 30+ and sometimes more kills with SL weapon class. P.S. the sniper kit needs to come to all factions
  6. server order list - filters??

  7. I miss building firebases, they ****ed it up completely.

    Geez yeag man make the entire game yourself man... geez.
  9. Canadian Armed Forces Deployed!

    Thats right. We should have had a sniper kit with working bipod A LOOOOOONG time ago already.
  10. Rally point that contains ammunition

    Don't you consider that as a good idea? We could put your rearm rallies up on the skyscrapers!!!
  11. Rally point that contains ammunition

    We also need jet packs! Hell yeah!!
  12. The other day I played Scorpo. It was really sad. They basically ruined a prettymap. They've put dense fog with rain showers every 4 seconds. It looks horrendous and my eyes started to hurt after 30 minutes of play. All squadmates were complaining about it. Sometimes you must ask yourselves do devs sometimes even play their own game?

    The rumors say that all vehicles are using WW1 engines from habsburgs great army.
  14. TC is what Squad should be. Keep working on it guys.
  15. Universal Optics

    We need zoom option for irons to compensate for bad pixel vision when we use irons.