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  1. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    Nice cheats, scumbags
  2. Beta 17 Public Testing

    Player controlled jets and sniper kits are missing.
  3. Hey Jarhead, we appreciate your interest, and we would gladly take you in for recruit phase but our timezones do not match unfortunately.
  4. Hey Jarhead, we appreciate your interest, and we would gladly take you in for recruit phase but our timezones do not match unfortunately.
  5. FOB Construction

    The crappy AI controlled A-10C gun runs and artillery call ins are going to ruin Firebases in the near future update. There will not be anti-air defence systems in the game like manpads at all, so you can't counter strike jets. The AI jets is just a shortcut and replacement to human controlled jets promised from kickstarter. Very disapointing to say the least. In my opinion I would rather not see these AI jets implemented in the game at all. From my experience of FOB building, which I call firebase (because I use it to control a large chunk of the map by using its weapons 50 cal, TOW etc.) I would agree with Gunnerbomb69, the hescos and sandbags need proper re-texture work. We need more bunker types (like the big ones in main bases for example). We need hescos that cannot be jumped or vaulted over. The fifty cals could use slightly higher field of fire (left to right). The way razor wire is being placed needs rework, it needs to be placed down faster and easier on a bigger scale so we can wire the firebase properly. Lastly, a faction flag would be cool to have aswell
  6. On average my squad would be getting 50 to 70 tickets a round with a 4-5 man locked (serious game) squad. This is a pretty good idea. I like it.
  7. Looking for new recruits. Leave your info here.
  8. [YA] Yellow ants

    We are looking for new wave of recruits. Please leave your info in recruitment thread
  9. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    Agreee. Really well put together.
  10. Helicopter Joystick Support

    I thought I was going to use my flight stick from day one of helicopter release.
  11. No Shadow has to go quick

    It generaly takes 15 people to down me on average. I would say thats pretty good, considering the fact I sometimes go 70 to 0 aswell. High skill + very high SA and game sense I would not claim what you are saying very lightly. Yeah, shadows off need to go.
  12. No Shadow has to go quick

    Then clearly you are not earning enough to cover your gaming enthusiasm. We should not suffer so you can boost your broke ass ego.
  13. Gameplay Chaos (FOB's)

    When it all comes down to it really... TC is what squad is.
  14. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    In all reality though NATO has no unity and I would not think that NATO members would ever come to help if we get attacked. Since we are much smaller in population we would just be used as buffer zone vs. eastern block. That being said I think from games perspective I thinks its fine to have either us vs uk or us vs caf. And I like realistic setting but this would be exception for me. Thats my opinion.
  15. No Shadow has to go quick

    Yes. Basically, you drop shadows detail to lowest setting and you got no shadows ingame. Having no shadows gives you ability to far easier spot and acquire targets. Putting you at great advantage over others, at the cost of bad graphics. Many people do it, and they feel no shame because ''its in the game settings''. I would say, LOCK the shadow settings for all. If someone can't run the game because of that, let him earn the money for his new PC. Because why would the people with high end machines who run the game on highest settings suffer for people with low end machines. Lastly, the question is - is it because of the low end machines, or their K/D ego that shadows are being turned off? Because, me personally I have seen people with high end PC's abusing shadows.