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  1. In the memory of Andrija's Anti-tank Platoon - These are photos from our recent combat operations: Few decent scoreboards: We welcome Appie as our brother in arms now, very humble, commited and active for our unit - we are very glad to have you! Also, we have decided to take two more recruits on our evaluation proccess, stick around Will and Flavius you ain't seen nothing yet! Unfair, unforgiving, real and effective in combat - we are, Yellow Ants unit = Teamwork, Friendship, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Selflessness. VIRTUS NON COPIA VINCIT ~S Rain
  2. I strongly agree. Especially with nerfed rallies and less forgiving shooting mechanics.
  3. Holy crap - I am installing Darkest Hour again. This is wicked!!!
  4. The real problem are deaf-blind think-in-the-box type of admins on some specific servers that forbid for example if you setup on one of the bridges on Al Basrah. Or if you try to ambush the enemy strykers with spg-9 technical and succeed and then accuse you of ''camping'' (whatever that means in a tactical game) main base. Some of them even ban people because of that. Pure cancer.
  5. The freelook, bipod, weapon low stance and prone transition.... finaly! That AA cannon and blackhawk took me offguard though, did not expect to see that! Any news on HMG emplacements? Are they going to make them more user friendly for us, so we can start to really use them? Awesome recap, can't wait to see more, and use it in the game.
  6. This is impressive. Is it achievable for Squad?
  7. I am in boys - full speed ahead!!!
  8. This game presents itself like a dream game. But those are just words so far. If they can back the words up, its going to be BIG. The models and screenshots are high quality.
  9. You are correct. Nobody is forcing people who have 1000 to 3000 dollar PC configs to play any game including Squad on maxed out beautiful settings. But, on other hand, people like you force us with mid to high end machines to lower our settings to bare bones to stay on equal ground and be ''competitive'' or else we would always struggle. I understand the urge for the ''easy mode'' with graphical exploits and what not, to always be the rounds top killer on scoreboards. But some of us see beyond that. And we like our game maxed out, beautiful and that aspect of it gives enjoyment and immersion to us. And currently this can not be fully enjoyed knowing that some graphical settings give big advantage (even though with V9 things progressed a little as apparently its not possible to change ini files like before). ''Competitive'' nature of this type of game must allow for even ground in the final version. Even if that means forced/locked settings (in this case shadows). And to the end I will not stop advocating for beautiful graphics as there is no point for us to play on 1990 graphics just so we can stay ''competitive'' in multiplayer sessions. Some games got this right, we are about to see what happens in our Squad in regards to that in the future. Rain
  10. korengal

    Greetings CodeRedFox, Your Korengal map looks absolutely brilliant. I have alot of faith it will be as good if not better than original under the new UE4 engine. Hope you settled in your new home. If you are struggling in finding time to do some more work on the map, I am sure you could find somebody with the same vision and experience on PR Korengal who can help you with your work. You could try Squad Modding Community discord channel in finding these kind of people. But you should remain careful of who you choose to help you with your Korengal map. As is now, your map to some of us is as anticipated as squad updates or new features. It would be a shame if you lay all the work off when there are options that can help you finish the map. In anticipation of some more updates, Rain
  11. The damage of mortars is non existant and almost laughable in the current version. If they make mortars more harder to use, fire or supply, they will become useless and nobody will use them like they don't use HMGs. In my opinion all they need to do is make mortars more deadly with larger blast damage radius. And for the HMGs make the zoom more powerful to enable its intended use which is reach out on longer ranges no the enemy with its higher calliber (12.7 mm, 14.5 mm). And also one small detail about HMGs while we are at it is, if the HMG is cocked there is no need for 2nd cocking animation when you enter it again.
  12. @Odin Alright - thanks!
  13. Are we allowed to run "tournament mode" on officially licensed server?
  14. This video has nothing to do with the mortar, but with the ammo. Sabotaged or fault (spiked) ammo was popular and common especially in invasion of Iraq, still is today in middle east. From wikipedia: Rate of fire for M252 81mm mortar: Rate of fire 8–16 rpm sustained 20–30 rpm in exceptional circumstances and for short periods