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  1. please do not release this patch

    I strongly disagree with OP. In my opinion Version 12 is a big leap in the right direction. Some mapper in the developer studio grabbed his balls and FINALLY made a quality map. Talil is the new standard to maps. Belaya needs SERIOUS change with its god awful road system, and randomly placed hills, trees, bushes, rocks, everything... Really liking fireteams. Really liking ammo system... I need to explore FOBs and super FOBs to say something about it. And I need to experience the suppressive fire more to tell more about it. Also, games that got British VS Militia is very bad. The british are invisible and on the other end militia are huge black dots waiting to get shot.
  2. There is NO BEHIND YOU. There is North, South, East and West. Let the game advance already! Keep us guessing! I don't want to be force fed with all the info! Keep the game FUN and different every round!
  3. The KEY to every argument in SQUAD

    Key to every argument used to be ITS STILL IN ALPHA! LOL Squad should be a successor to Project Reality, its a flawless blue print. The beauty is they can even bring it on higher levels under Unreal Engine.
  4. I find it REALLY nice, and think of it as an improvement to teamplay & communication. Right now in the current version of squad you can see where every friendly player is watching when you look at the map, so even if you don't actually play and just look at the map you know exactly where the enemy is and how situations will develop judging on player movements and view angles. This encourages people who can read this from the map to go on and do their own individual flanks etc. which contradicts teamplay and communication aswell!
  5. Game needs more maps ...

    In my opinion, it not only needs new/more maps, it needs to remove old maps or drastically overhaul them! Reason is a step up to mapping design with Outskirts of Talil and Al-Basrah maps. In my opinion Kohat is also awesome map with few little additions and tweaks. Hand on the heart maps like Chora or Gorodok are absolute garbage. Map flow + randomly placed assets makes it generic (sterile in a sense) and non inovative. Or snow map Belaya with roads that make no sense. Or the city map Narva where everything is clean and sterile like nobody ever lived there let alone fired a rifle. On top of that you got BAD lighting on some maps with sunsets or sunrises, everything is so damn dark, it just looks BAD. Outskirts of Talil set a new standard in mapping. If they can't keep that up with other maps they are in trouble. Good job to the guy who grabbed his balls in the developer studio and made Talil map! The mappers are going to need something much more than genericaly placed bushes, trees and buildings.
  6. 2 years now- Crave some track ir support

    Can't believe people don't know what TrackIR is. Its like they are living in 1980's still.
  7. I remember seeing a video from a modder who made Mk18 with suppressor and Elcan SpecterDR scope, looked wicked! I can't find it to show it sadly.
  8. Sniper Gameplay

    This is what would work 100% without adding/creating proper bullet ballistics
  9. v12 new M4 sound..

    I have only heard it in the videos, and got to say it its clearly better then the old m4 sound in my opinion. The old m4 sounds like stick beating a plastic cup
  10. Sniper Gameplay

    I would really wish for kits to come back with little more ability to customise the weapons/kits. Sniper roles/kits can become part of Squad if they do proper bullet ballistics.
  11. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    From what I've seen on youtube videos, V12 got awesome M4 sound now. In V11 it sounds plastic, like you are hitting a plastic bucket with a stick.
  12. V12 is on the doorstep and Yellow Ants are on the lookout for dedicated tank crew & infantry. We offer relaxed and structurised play and hardcore camaraderie. Look no further as you will get to meet your best battle buddies forged in the baptism of fire!!! Find more info about our unit and recruit requirements in our first post above! ~S Rain Fill your recruitment form here: Name: Country: Timezone: Steam Profile: (You can provide it over private message aswell) Language: Age: Reason for join:
  13. Suggestion about traps

    Hate to disagree with you. Claymores, and especially trip wires are awesome in PR. When I think about it, they would really fit into the game, especially in urbanised parts of maps.
  14. the speed of animations

    What a shitfest it would be if they make SQ faster... Excuse my language but its the only way to describe it, from what I experienced in my humble 2000h play time.