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  1. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    Agreed. I am not optimistic enough that this will be implemented, sadly...
  2. Clariffication post to all you who are wanting to join our unit. We are not a clan. We are not what you hear here alot a "Squad clan". We are not attached to any particular game. We don't start and stop when a game releases or dies out. We are group of friends / comrades who like realistic tactical shooters. Who like to improve and share our battle skills within our unit. We like to discuss real stuff and have people from the active duty or who served in the military. We try and it satisfies us to do everything organised when we fight in multiplayer environment. We have our own style of fighting and our own way of communicating in battle. Or we gather just to chat and have a laugh while we watch bunch of naked women online. You might be wondering which games we play the most, and those are: Post Scriptum, Escape from Tarkov and Squad So, to immediately make things clear for potential new people interested in joining in, we are NOT a Squad clan. We are a unit. Yellow Ants UNIT ~S
  3. Lowest of low ways to play any game, not just Squad.
  4. Sitrep - Post Scriptum has shown how great it is, its slower and more realistic enabling us to use tactics and teamplay in comparisson to Squad. I would like to thank all members from the squad showed down bellow on the screenshot. Some of you shown interest into our unit. Solid character and dedication to the unit and you will be our band of brothers. If you want to join us leave your info down bellow. ~S
  5. Status update for potential new comrades, we are now in preparation for Post Scriptum. We are going to be full axis unit and are expanding our tactics to those of German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. Our axis involvement in Post Scriptum extends to 2nd SS Panzer Corps which is a formed realistic unit spec. created for Post Scriptum. Together with them we are planning to do organised and planned battles hopefully on a daily basis. Where there is high hope for solid teamplay and immersion. If you would like to be a part of something bigger and not feel left out or disapointed by playing with random players I strongly encourage you to reach out to me and begin your journey into our tight group of friends. Read our recruitment requirements above and leave your info post. See you on the battlefield ~S
  6. Improving RU optics.

    If you think iron sights are bad, you are clearly a bad FPS gamer in general. I love magnified optics and reflex sights, iron sights are awesome as well.
  7. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    Yeah, in my opinion and experience after building all kinds of firebases, I would like to say that US .50 cal HMG and Russian HMG need a wider cone to be usefull. At the moment, the scopes on HMGs helped, alot. But we are still "not there yet" with HMG emplacements.
  8. Rounds are too long.

    I LOVE it how it is now! The rounds before were so fast there is not enough time to do anything properly. If you want fast rounds, and I am not talking down on you or fast paced games, go play some fast paced games like Call of Duty 4 or Battlefield 3. If you want proper combined arms tactical game on huge maps, the battles got to feel like battles, or a war got to have a feeling of a war and not a childs paintball skirmish or counter strike match. The longer battle time adds depth, planning, bigger tactics and strategy, and feeling to Squad.
  9. SquadChat - 3 - ft. Chuc and Fuzzhead

    Thanks, will watch after work when I arrive home.
  10. Ticket Bleed

    The matches feel awesome now!!! Before it was over in 15 minutes Elerik put it well together: elerik - "Iam vary happy with longer game rounds. Finally there is a room for make some decisions and planing and not just rush and hurry like rabit on steroids. Also iam happy that people now somtimes just stop and slow down. Sometimes its hectic sometimes there is less firefigths but thats exactly what I like at this game and i believe that not just me but much bigger part of community. Its not run and gun game. Most of market is full of that so we dont need another game like that."
  11. Quick Note on Helicopters from Merlin

    Again thanks for posting information like this from external source as it should be posted here first.
  12. Kamdesh map and map UI in general

    There are no pretty names in contour lines and hill heights. You are delusional. Google pictures: https://www.google.hr/search?q=topographic+maps&num=30&client=chrome-omni&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=2ahUKEwjhoIy7qu3aAhWmsKQKHQJ3AfUQ_AUoAXoECAAQAw&biw=1920&bih=949
  13. Kamdesh map and map UI in general

    I don't want pretty names, I don't know where did that came from. And you don't, because in the game nothing is marked on the map except grids. I want a topographic military map, with all the heights, roads, rivers, rail roads, woods etc. marked on the map. So I know how to position everyone in my squad. Something like this or better: Also name tags in this version tells everyone if somebody is dead. The persons tag is white if he is dead. Thats completely unneccesary and spoon feeds players for an extremely easy situational awareness which adds up to madness.
  14. We are recruiting more people as V11 update is on horizon. If you are interested I encourage you to check our recruit requirements and leave a post here with your info. Cheers
  15. Played V11 for a bit, feels like very little small tweaks but heading into right direction, nothing too impressive as the game is still lacking in basic game mechanics. New map Kamdesh is looking and feeling alright, but again, like on the snow map, the road system doesn't make any sense and should be fixed. The small helicopter in US main base made me laugh The gameplay is the same as in every other map, small area to take insignificant 50x50 meter square area ie. ""flag objective", forcing you to blob in and laser beam the enemy to submission. We need something like "frontline game mode" which I suggested here: Also when we open our maps we want to see more! Like a height, we want to see roads, hills and railroads marked on the map. We want to see wooded area marked on the map... etc. etc.