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  1. Got to admit all of the responses made me happy!
  2. Tanks? What tanks? There are no tanks in V9. The HAB is awesome, it puts more importance on the FOBs instead of useless and meaningless so called ''sneaky'' FOBs. People that were thinking that FOBs on the flag was a no-go will get really disapointed when they find out that all this time they were wrong. Its a good eye opener and I am happy because of that. As they learn how to properly make a forward operating firebase, the battles are going to be more interesting. The addition of new vehicles, mainly APCs, Stryker being the most heavy APC is awesome. But then again, its balanced already with HAT kits and BTR-82. The game is shapping up to be true combined arms. The sound guy Anders did a really good job. All of it, vehicle engine sounds to small arms sounds. The ricochet sounds are brutal. The net on the HMG emplacement - thanks! I also got the feeling that suppression effect is better. (definitely there are rooms for further improvement here) For the V10, I expect new animations, working bipods and mortars. And ofcourse introduction of IFVs. Can't wait to take Bradleys into combat. Mortars are going to be awesome, we need them asap. All game changers, leading to tactical battlefield, true Combined Arms War.
  3. Hate it or not, we pledged kickstarter for combined arm warfare, jets included. Its a must, both CAS and air superiority jets. Look what V9 did to the game with new types of vehicles. Flipping awesome. Its shaping up to really be combined arms warfare as advertised. It would not be overpowered, you clearly never ever played PR.
  4. I agree word for word. Very nice point.
  5. While I understand where you are coming from with large terrain and air strips being necessary to achieve fixed wing aircrafts being implemented. I also think there is another way to make it work. For the maps like Yehorivka or Kohat, the CAS and Air Superiority Jets could already work. Yehorivka already got the strip on the south side of the map. Next concern is map size in comparison to jet speed. To prevent that jet covering the whole map in 1 minute, the speed of the jet could be slowed down, just like in PR. It works perfectly. Or, just like in new titles you see nowdays (Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, or War Thunder). They got playable infantry/tank area with classic flag capture system, and the airstrips are outside of that area. So, the pilots esentialy take off with their jets and helis from the airstrip thats located outside of the play area, and then coming in, in the AO/playable area like mentioned. In this way, we could make it work even for the smaller maps like Chora for example. In my opinion jets are a must for the final version of Squad. As advertised on kickstarter, they should follow up on it. Real combined arms warfare 50v50 should not exclude fixed wing aircrafts. It also brings the value higher and depth of the game.
  6. I probably watched about 6 hours of A9 stream footage all together. And noticed that all kinds of sounds has been changed/tweaked. That new BTR-80 14.5 machine gun sound is awesome, that one stands out for me!
  7. What we also experienced when we met Humvee CROWS in a hulldown position like that while operating our BTR-80. The Humvee will still lose to BTR-80 even though he is in a hulldown position. Given that BTR-80 is operated by proper gunner.
  8. Hey bud, We recognise your name already because your group keeps playing on our server. We already got regulars on our server who are actively squadleading and in general enjoying the teamplay and non-toxic environment we provide to players by active admining, also top notch server hardware we are hosting on will provide as much as smooth experience as possible on the 80 player slot server. I also think our server is the fastest or at worst scenario one of the fastest servers currently online in Squad. We do not have rules that will restrict the player/squad/squad leader like you see on some other popular server. Example, if you got separated from your squad, you will not get kicked out of our server by the presumtion you are "lonewolfing". You can do that if you think its tacticaly right decision to do, but at the same time we encourage the teamplay. We also will not kick anybody who decides to rush forward flags. We will not influence the gameplay and create a sterile and un-natural environment with admining. So far we were lucky to have good squad leaders willing to cooperate and communicate. Our only rules for all players that come to play with us and our regulars are: no trolling (that also means no teamkilling), no cheating/exploiting, and respect all players. Its just going to get better. We look forward to seeing and playing with you on our server, ~S Rain
  9. It does not matter what Squad has or hasn't got. I would rather expose little turret to the enemy than the whole vehicle. Its harder to hit small area than big vehicle on the crest line. The point is we will squeeze out every advantage we got in combat. Why should I give even slight advantage to the enemy in combat? It does not make any sense to me. I would put my squad and our assets in danger. I can recognise this screenshot now. This is my unit, I was there.
  10. This is called hull-down position. Its used for tanks and armored vehicles to protect its chasis from AT weaponry. Its awesome, and we do it for BTR-80 and Humvee to effectively lock down and hold a certain area. Calling that stupid, makes me think you have absolutely no idea about tactical positioning of your squad in general as a squad leader, and you still got alot to learn.
  11. Our unit has recently applied for and received a server license from the makers of our game. We are hosting the server on top notch hardware. We filled it to the max of 80 people for 3 nights from 20:00CET to 05:00CET with no issues or lag. Monitoring the tickrate of the server to keep it high, we created a script to restart the server every morning. High tickrate, active admins and good teamplay will ensure enjoyment and we hope to make more friends this way. We are recruiting a few more people for our unit, preferably new players, as we see you the new players as best recruits given that you like the game and are willing to learn. We look forward to seeing and playing with you on our server. ~S Rain
  12. I strongly agree with this aswell!
  13. Hoping for the same. Then logistical system will make sense.
  14. Good thread mate
  15. The long awaited overhaul of FOB system (hope its not a final version, because theres much more potential in it)! Awesome! I hope that this new system might remove the faster paced placed spawn points. We are looking forward to some rally point changes as well. The vehicles are awesome, love all of them!