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  1. Flashlight addition

    This was done by Axton... when he was playing with lighting, not sure if this was before or after he became a Dev. Whether it becomes a thing who knows?
  2. Look I'm sorry but my game runs absolutely fine and rarely experiences any negative impact on my inferior GPU (I know you know it's not all about GPU though!). I even wasted time last night putting a clip together for you showing high FPS and crystal clear view with my settings I've mentioned. But by your replies and your constant moaning for the last 2 1/2 years I'd be wasting my time trying to convince or prove anything different than the view up your own arse.
  3. That's right what was I thinking... why should I use in game graphic settings that make things look better with no impact on performance for me personally. When I could choose to not use them and just whinge at how bad it looks without using the working settings available. I forgot I also pre load textures, should I turn that off to? I honestly give up! Anyway lets get this thread back on topic... the OP is asking for help. What are your system specs and what have you tried so far?
  4. It's an option in the game and it works... why would you not use it??
  5. I have a 6700K and 980Ti... and mine is sharp as! don't see a problem. Tried reshade ages ago and it just looked over saturated whatever profile I used. I have cinematic on and everything epic except view dist on high. ( I don't go for cheese *** settings to get an advantage!) 0,70 on sharpness 1.25 SS TXAA Everything else off except eye adaption sometimes. No jaggies, no blurriness and runs around 60 - 100+ depending on map. I'll post a SS later if needed.
  6. Try reading updates sometime, coming from someone who was in the closed pre Alpha when going prone wasn't even a thing... this game has come a hell of a long way. You quoted about August recap, but then 2 months later they put out This Update from October explaining exactly what the hurdles have been and where they are. How is that not letting you know what is going on? They said how much more was to be done and that was just over 3 months ago. Core inventory had to be sidelined for the moment, so there is another thing that needs a lot of work... to which other things are hanging on it's completion.
  7. I answered on the other thread you posted the question in!
  8. V10 Public Test live again!

    In controls on the faded "Infantry" tab.
  9. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    Its a successor to PR not a remake, the Dev's have a chance to take the best aspects of many older shooters that we loved and run with it.
  10. Alpha 9.8 Released

    @TDS Yeah I noticed it most on Russian LAT kit the AK in semi was messed up. I think it must be something to do with 4.16 as @anders said he didn't touch any sounds on the last patch!?
  11. Ok... check out this thread and follow the advise there!
  12. Reinstall EAC from within the Squad folder in steamapps remembering to select Squad in the dropdown. That's it off the top of my head I think!
  13. Are you a good shot?

    What I would suggest as me and some of the guys I play with did. Go to the firing range with an AK and practice the timed target section... practice and practice it will help a lot with quick close up ironsight shots. Aim for sub 40sec and you should be good. Tip... reload before you go in to get that extra round.
  14. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Heard whispers on the IC Joint Ops forum start of 2015, joined the forum Feb 2015. Knew straight away it would replace my ageing JO addiction. Jumped into it and was hitting the refresh button on day 1 on kickstarter. (#115).
  15. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Nice work, but as been said it does travel a bit light over the larger crests.