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  1. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    Its a successor to PR not a remake, the Dev's have a chance to take the best aspects of many older shooters that we loved and run with it.
  2. Alpha 9.8 Release

    @TDS Yeah I noticed it most on Russian LAT kit the AK in semi was messed up. I think it must be something to do with 4.16 as @anders said he didn't touch any sounds on the last patch!?
  3. Ok... check out this thread and follow the advise there!
  4. Reinstall EAC from within the Squad folder in steamapps remembering to select Squad in the dropdown. That's it off the top of my head I think!
  5. Are you a good shot?

    What I would suggest as me and some of the guys I play with did. Go to the firing range with an AK and practice the timed target section... practice and practice it will help a lot with quick close up ironsight shots. Aim for sub 40sec and you should be good. Tip... reload before you go in to get that extra round.
  6. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Heard whispers on the IC Joint Ops forum start of 2015, joined the forum Feb 2015. Knew straight away it would replace my ageing JO addiction. Jumped into it and was hitting the refresh button on day 1 on kickstarter. (#115).
  7. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Nice work, but as been said it does travel a bit light over the larger crests.
  8. Can you see the same servers using the Steam server browser?
  9. Don't worry, from another thread I believe Anders is already on to it! anders Lead Sound Designer Developer 138 posts Location: Sweden Posted 8 hours ago · Report post Maybe some day.
  10. [Solved] Low FPS on highend PC

    Definately something wrong there, I have 6700K non OC'd and a 980Ti. All AA OA IA off, SS on 1.25 and only shadows on Med rest high/epic. Firing range = 240fps In game = full severs 60 - 120 Could be heat related throttling your system, like others have suggested using afterburner to check temps and loads etc.
  11. Oh ok... Steam discussion is the last place i'd look.
  12. I thought there was a media ban on V9?
  13. New Noob!! Old Friend!

    Hi Nugz... glad you finally made it here!
  14. Steam Inventory Items causing server connection issues

    It's been on the games first page after loading for ages!! "Steam Inventory bug"