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  1. Havent tested this out but if someone could and let me know! https://github.com/realitymod/pra3
  2. The US Studios | TUSS

    Thanks For Taking The Time To Apply! Application Format! Must be the same or You Risk Being Denied. We have our own staff that's why there is Admin And Moderator Ranks. They are not affiliated with Squad At All. Rules: Prohibited Topics: - Drugs, - Pornography (including suggestive cartoons), - Religion, - Politics, - Racism, - Sexism, - Homophobic or transphobic content, - Videos and images of gore and death. All prohibited topics are handled by Moderator discretion. Do's and Dont's: - Respect other users - Respect the Moderation and Admin team - No hot mic’ing (if you don't know how to avoid this, please ask - we can help set your mic up) - No disruptive channel hopping - Do not post malicious links - No soundboards. - No Advertising. - Harassment or bullying will not be tolerated. - Keep trolling to an absolute minimum. - Dont spam the shoutbox. Staff impersonation is an instant permanent ban. To avoid being banned by accident, do not log in with GM/Mod/Admin/etc. in any part of your name. Reporting and Moderation: - Please talk to a Moderator/Senior Moderator if you feel someone is breaking the rules. - Reports are anonymous and will not be shared with the offender. - You will not be punished for making a report, unless deliberately spamming. - Avoid retorting to trolls and flamers, this will only make things worse. Just message a Moderator. Reporting Staff: - Moderators and Admins are subject to the same rules – if you feel a Moderator or Admin has treated you unfairly or is breaking the rules, please PM the Senior Moderator or any Senior Admin. - Please don’t make public accusations. - Please don’t argue with a Moderator or Admin’s instructions. Complaints can be PM’ed to any moderator. - Do not create multiple accounts. If these are created to get around a ban, then all accounts may be permanently banned. - If an account is incorrectly identified as a secondary account, please get in touch with Moderators. Name: <steamname> Steam Profile: http://www.steampowerd.com/id/youruserid Primary Language(s): Age (Required): Timezone or Region: Nature of Interest: Gaming Background: Additional Skills: Status: "Unsigned" if you haven't been recruited, (Edit to "Signed" once you are taken.)
  3. Also I have 1.3k Followers.
  4. Hey everyone! Im looking for a community to help out in. As A Staff member I can bring in new players via my stream and much more! Respond to this if you have any open Positions.
  5. Anyone Want To Collab On Videos?

    I will I live stream everyday!
  6. Custom Server Files?

    /thread Found it!
  7. Custom Server Files?

    I saw it said you, didn't need a license to host a custom server! How would i go about getting those files?
  8. Server Licensing General Info

    How do i get the server files so i can host a custom server?
  9. I am a good programmer because i coded a ESP, AIMBOT, NO-RECOIL, AND Much More. Private Scripts Dont get patched! *Message To All other hackers DONT RELEASE YOUR SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Called Hacks/Scripts Ill end up trying to decode/code scripts! Not hacking scripts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I know that! but im sure ill find a way to spawn it in! Cause on of the HMMV's In the game so far!
  12. And i know that, I was just maybe suggesting it.
  13. I have the right to ask, don't have to be so rude.
  14. Can you guys make it so we can test the current state of the vehicles because if you guys make it for firing range that would be nice just so people understand the current state and may help with bug finding?