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  1. West Coast Tactical

    Handing out 30 day bans for creating a locked squad under 4 members is not a good use of administration powers.
  2. Give the AKS74U back to the Milita Medic!

  3. Backer Tag Redeem!

    @beginna Yeah, I cant exactly remedmber what level of backer i was. Whatever the max was at the time. Squad leader maybe.
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I've searched my email to no avail in finding said email.
  5. I did do it at alpha.joinsquad.com Im at the steam prompt. It's not accepting my key and i cant enter it again on alpha.joinsquad.com
  6. when i try to put it into steam it does not accept the code. :/
  7. Have the pre-purchases been taken down? When i click on the button nothing happens
  8. Who are we? The Chaos Vanguard is a large multigaming community that has grown very fast within several games in a very short period of time (we just had our 2 year birthday!). We have a very active TeamSpeak and forum that is used on a daily basis by our members! We have approximately 8000 members in our community and over 500 members on TeamSpeak daily across NA/EU timezones! What can we offer you? Our Squad section is our newest section and we are really looking forward to the beta release of the game! The Chaos Vanguard supports players from both NA and EU regions. We embrace and promote both casual and competative gamestyles and a lot of nice events both within the game itself but also within the community. Apart from our Squad section we support other games such as DotA, LoL, HotS, CS:GO, H1z1, Warframe, Smite and many more that you are welcome to play with our members without having to apply to each game specifically. One application is enough. What we require from you You have a working microphone.You can understand/speak english.You must be at least 16 or older.You must be willing to use Teamspeak 3.Follow Squad's Code of Conduct & Rules. How do I join?! Joining us is very simple. No interview is required. All you need to do is register on our website and send us your application by filling out the form provided. From there you just follow the instructions provided to you in your application. Does this sound like a community/group of gamers you'd like to join? In that case... Visit our homepage and register/apply: www.thechaosvanguard.co.uk Feel free to visit our TeamSpeak, or message myself (ForceRecon / Freakshow) on the forums if you have any questions: ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk We look forward to your application!
  9. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Blufor 1. Canada 2. British 3. eu forces. opfor Russia china iran or even mec (as mec is now a reality! )
  10. That would really suck. I really don't fancy the US vs taliban ins layers mostly due to the crappy cache spawns and lack of a truly defensible location ie. underground cache's.
  11. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Yes, we must support the Donbass in Defending against european and american mercenaries /sarcasim. Let's be honest. If Russia invaded ukraine they would be in Kiev in less than a week. The head of the ukranian military said explicitly on live television that Russia has not invaded ukraine. However we all knew this to begin with.
  12. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Canada! Novorussia & ukraine though cmon! Syrian Arab army FSA Peshmerga Isis (only if its a zombie mode and i have access to a minigun)
  13. I think it would be a great addition to the game to have the Ukrainian conflict featured in the game or as a DLC. I could see this conflict make for great AAS maps . Would be awesome to see grads in this if possible ! Factions: Ukranian Army (National guard, volunteer battalions) Novorussian Army ( DPR, LNR , local militias) -Equipment used Maps: AAS Second Battle of the Donetsk Airport The airport has been a hotbed of fighting and activity as both sides have fought over and completely destroyed it. Would be interesting to see destructible buildings in this one. Battle of Horlivka Ins Battle of Mariupol Siege of Sloviansk