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  1. Graphic exploiters / cheaters

    So this is still a thing are Devs going to lock shadows anytime soon?
  2. I am up for changes that do improve on the game play as long as it still sticks to its roots. I'm not expecting squad to be exactly like PR but if The core elements of tactical combined arms are changed dramatically so much that is doesn't even resemble the original formula of AAS and Insurgency then whats the point in supporting this game
  3. How can you say squad is its own game when it absolutely copies of every possible aspect of Project Reality and is only going to continue to copy it, with the core game play being around squad based movement and communication with a class system, F.O.B systems, AAS and Insurgency game modes and (FOOLS ROAD a project reality map) all things distinctive of Project Reality so you definitely can't say that squad stands as its own game because its not true and that's a fact. I'm not saying evolving is a bad thing but when it starts to interfere with tried and true methods that have been tested FOR YEARS then we have a problem. The only reason more people aren't playing project reality is because its on refractor 2 which is very limiting and dated which are addressed in UE4 but the actual game play is solid and has been for years it was very rare that people complained about AAS or Insurgency being broken game modes that needed changing. Why do you think people stuck around for 10 years with the MOD because its was and still is fun as hell to play it only needed a graphical update and a little tweaking and updating to fit with a modern engine. Now again I'm not against evolving to fit a modern engine but if it starts to deviate away from how the game modes essentially worked with or without vehicles then it its no longer the same game. To me PR was already great and needed very little changing, if you look at it like soccer, if your were to take out the goal posts would that still be soccer? if you change roles of players or took some rules out (like no hands on the ball) would it still play like soccer? If we are going to change the game so much that it doesn't resemble anything that could be a hint to PR then you may as well stop saying its a spiritual successor and stop development on vehicles and just delete the fob,rally system, AAS/insurgency and instead put team deathmatch or rush and call it a day. (and also refund me under false advertisement)
  4. Did you just admit that you never played Project Reality? So how can I take anything you say with weight when you have no idea what you're talking about.
  5. PR was perfected game play over 10 years, OP sounds like he never played it before or has only played a couple hours. Anyone who knows how PR plays will not want to change the core game play at all. Vehicles will only increase the play ability by offering even more ways to move/transport around the map with a logistical system of supply crates and ammo. Attack vehicles like APC,Tanks,Air support have never been a problem once you know how to deal with them and by using things like TOW emplacement/Anti-air /handheld launchers you will not have to worry. Not only that but vehicles are actually kind of hard to use without boots on the ground to guide them in because its so easy for infantry to hide and outflank vehicles. Not only that but in PR vehicles also cost a large amount of tickets and spawn time so its was very important to manage and use them correctly or face losing the game because you lost all your assets. If vehicles and game play stray too far from Project Reality I'm definitely calling for a refund.
  6. Bleed is too harsh?

    Lord help us "Murphy" if you're part of the QA team and senior at that, not only have you been nothing but hostile but you fail to understand being clouded by your misguided sense of entitlement that what other people are stating is their OPINIONS. You and other people dismissing feedback so easily should realise that the game mechanics changing drastically like this are going to happen and people are going to give their critic as they see it and you seem to be auguring so aggressively that your view is more important which is very childish. Should I also remind you that the core fan base is from Project reality if it wasn't for us this game would never have made it off the ground on kick starter. What I want to know is why is there such an urgency to change the formula that took 10years to perfect? should we just get rid of F.O.B's now because some are annoyed that new people don't know where's the right position to place one? I have to agree that rounds are a lot quicker than previous patch because of the ticket bleed being so fast it does leave out a lot of possibility of counter offensives and overall re-activeness which can be very punishing if your new to the game or don't have a lot of tactical knowledge or awareness. Sure there's learning the hard way repeatedly losing but are you ever really going to have fun and fulfillment in a match that would last 20-30mins. I was under the impression that squad was going to be a balance of battlefield and ARMA - quote from the kickstarter page origins and goals: "Squad was originally envisioned as a way to carry on the legacy of the popular “Project Reality” mod for battlefield 2. Our goal for Squad is to take 10 years worth of experience, testing and research with the original Project Reality formula and apply it to a modern stand-alone engine. We want nothing less than to reclaim the genre of tactical shooters for the creators, modders and players who have waited a generation to get back to intelligent, satisfying gameplay." So going off this would mean they would like to stay true to project reality and its game play formula. If they want to deviate from that then they may as well delete this from their goals and refund everyone who was under the impression that squad was going to be a Project Reality type game.
  7. Vehicles and Other Content

    what I'm saying is they've had decent success with early access sales so I'm wondering why things are still so slow they have something like 20 or so people on the dev team right ? so why not hire contractors or something idk
  8. Vehicles and Other Content

    2 . Ya man I've read just about every update note about everything but I heard they've been working on vehicles for ages and they still haven't got them working yet ? that's why I'm wondering if they can hire more people to help out or something you know? surely they've been making a decent amount of money from the early access sales. 4. rally points are still spammy as hell man its what.. 2-2.5mins cooldown right ? 9 spawns can easily hold out for that long and to be able to place another rally and just keep repeating the process untill you find the enemy rally or you run out of tickets on your team thats how it usually ends up.
  9. Vehicles and Other Content

    One other thing I forgot to mention with rally points is constant rallies being placed and people spawning off them, in most cases this makes it damn near impossible for medics to revive their squad because people would rather spawn on rally than wait for medics and it usually takes 30sec to a minute maybe more when your in combat its just not worth waiting around for it when you can jump back in the fight from your magic spawn area.
  10. (I posted this on the steam discussion page as well but I would like to hear what you guys think on the squad forums and maybe some devs) Vet of PR since 2008 Ok first let me just say I have been a supporter and donater ever since I heard the announcement of the game and I would like to help continue the success in any way I can. Few things: 1. Skirmish Skirmish Skirmish - Thats all this is right now until logistics system/vehicles are in place. 2. Vehicles - I know UE4 doesn't have an offical vehicle template or whatever and people are working the bugs out but really should it be taking this long weren't you guys working on this 6 months ago? 3. Logistic system - Yes we'll have to wait for supply trucks/choppers for this to be working as intended but right now the game is way too arcady. Dropping fobs magically out of thin air only needing 3 people is ridiculous. 4. Rally points - Spamming all over the map and lasting 9 spawns just keeps noobs out of the real fight shooting eachother on the hills away from objectives. Not only this but I hope to see a timer on them in a later update like in PR so as to stop people from magically appearing out of nowhere. 5. Animations - Yes yes its early acess but the god awful animations drive me crazy basically you're 1 animation away from being a stiff object. Cool theres basic jumping but the feet and legs dont move ! atleast a vaulting animation over objects would be nice. 6. Run and Gun - Ok this might sound stupid but its Too Easy To Kill People. You can basically run and gun because theres no sway or anything that would hinder your aim after running like a kilometer this doesn't reward people who are in strategic position that just get dumped on by some lone wolfer coming out of the wood work off a nearby rally! 7. Communication - Alot of people dont realise that as a squad leader you can spot enemy targets/and team movement on the map for everyone else on your team, I'm hoping that later down the track there can be a short tutorial wether it be tooltips or a short video for people on how to squad lead and the tools they have at thier disposal. To continue on communication would it be stupid of me to suggest a mute button so that we can mute other squad leaders who are trolls/kids yelling into mics or harrasing other players? TLDR I just wanna say that I'm glad you guys are making this game, I'm not trying to be overly negative or anything I just wanna see this game become the best it can be and I hope the community and devs see this so we can discuss further things that can help improve on the game.
  11. Sneak peek - Fools Road

    Just a small look at Fools Road! great job on it devs ! :D
  12. Incendiary grenade at night

    looks really nice devs keep it up :D
  13. Able to FRIEND squad mate in game ?

    Isnt the game going to be running through steam ? So I'm guessing we have the same steam names ingame so you can just add them as friends right?