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  1. Widened rear sights

    a sort of balance you all saying, instead of famas id say the british L85 but i stick with this iron sights because there arent any previous versions of it and im ok dealing with its recoil and usability. about aks iron sight from v11 and v12 i really miss the older one like i said, couse ive founded them a good compromise between all thats been said(played the game on 1440 and 1920 without any sort of hate for it), now on v12 the gap of the rear sight and the thickness of the front one perform a bad match, seems too easy too, too large like rear sight gains centimeters on the dust cover and increases in width. (m4 iron sights instead got no changes form v11 to v12, am i wrong?)
  2. Widened rear sights

    was about to open a topic just miss the older iron sights, for me now the game is like -10% enjoyable
  3. AK s Iron sights

    i know its an old post but i preferred the old iron sights than v12 ones here on 11/18
  4. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    im ok struggling on a tank or warrior in v12 (ehi talking about light AT), a tank has to be strong on front side at least as showed in game at the range. im not sure now but i used to blow up with a single rear hit every mraps i had the chance to shot on, now i have noticed it still going around on black smoke (10\15% damage missing), even tested at the range, something is weaker or something is stronger -totally confirm Tempest's video definitely something not usual even in that case
  5. My computer vs Squad (system requirements)

    probably not maybe at 800x600 but, its too low to have a nice gameplay
  6. oc cpu - ram

    i ve read on many forums that the i5 750 has good potential with a quite balanced oc. I dont understand why push an i7 cpu i ll add 2gb just for increase the memory capability of my pc. I do believe +12gb of ram are useless ( if im wrong explain me please ). 8gb for me are enough
  7. oc cpu - ram

    no video in there
  8. oc cpu - ram

    a dual core has a lot of work on this game, my cpu s already gasping of course, the gameplay on -50p is quite good. but i want to increase my settings ( i have all on low ) maybe afterwards play on 70p server without problems. But first i d like to have the same firing range fps rating on servers. That s why im interested on 8 gb of ram and a solid oc
  9. oc cpu - ram

    i agree at 100%. thank you for your advices
  10. oc cpu - ram

    not yet, atm im waiting to buy the cm212 evo for oc
  11. oc cpu - ram

    thought my ram wasnt enough. But il take them too. thats what im supposed to do. according to oc clocks, any suggestions about bottleneck ,like with one gtx 900 series? i hate bottleneck
  12. oc cpu - ram

    Hello there. Im wondering if my weak i5 750 @2.66 after an overclock will increase its performance avoiding bottleneck on further vga upgrade. I explain myself, im running squad on 6gb ram - gtx750ti 2gb- i5 750 stock clock. My plan is to have 8gb 1600, cpu oc @ 3.8\3.9 with CM212 evo, and a new vga (advices for an appropriate one, will be appreciated). And after all will it be enough to running squad on med settings? Thank you for the time spent on this topic, im not a mothertongue, a computer technician neither. I know the recommended requirements, im asking for advices.
  13. Music!

  14. FPS: 30-40 (50+server) CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 750 @2.70 GPU: gtx 750 ti stomx oc 2gb RAM: 6gb 1333 Res: 1440x900 Settings: 1440x900 150% res scale + all off i will oc the cpu @ 3.70\80 with the CM 212 Evo and upgrade to 8gb ram 1600. im wondering if dx12 will help me too, and im confident that devs will try to put hands on servers because i noticed ( and as i saw in few topics im not the only one) that on a +45\50 gameplay fps will drop. sorry my eng