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  1. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    We are still around gents! Roughly 60 active members, #5 rated server on Squad, and actively competing! Unfortunately at this time we have closed off open recruitment. The best way to land a spot with us is to put in the game time on our server and interact with current members! Thanks!
  2. Potential Fix for v7.1 Fatal Errors

    @Major Trouble Thanks for the feedback. It's definitely a leak issue and a UE4 issue with physx settings (substepping is the only new issue I see) I just haven't quite dialed it in yet. The other steps are to clear any previous files lingering on your PC so it's not further hindering the error. Maintenance tossed in with a possible solution. Let me know if you find anything else out that works. Testing this right now: bEnableAsyncScene=True bSubstepping=True bSubsteppingAsync=True
  3. Potential Fix for v7.1 Fatal Errors

    UPDATE: Now on 12th game of testing with no FE's. The players on popped server just DC'd on map change and I stayed. Trying to dial in why it's working for some but not for all. Again, there are others ways to avoid FE's - I just wanted to try a detailed plan to see if it worked. Appreciate the feedback!
  4. Potential Fix for v7.1 Fatal Errors

    @icharis Thanks. Ive had about 10 others say it worked. I'll be diving into it more today for testing. Will share in-game settings as well.
  5. Potential Fix for v7.1 Fatal Errors

    @Rich8 I was aiming for something that didn't require a self DC & rejoin every map change but whatever works for you This will come in handy for fellow clan members in an event, streamers, and those who wish to stay locked in a server w/ friends. See ya out there!
  6. Potential Fix for v7.1 Fatal Errors

    Fatal Error Crash Fix 2.0 - 10 Step Plan Disclaimer: Played 6 games w/ no errors - A full server DC'd and I stayed... A true Hallelujah moment! Test at your own regard - Let me know if it works for you. 1.) Disable Steam Overlay for Squad (can still hear notifications) 2.) Verify integrity of game cache on Steam 3.) Go into DefaultEngine.ini and change bSubsteppingAsync=False to bSubsteppingAsync=True (use Notepad) C: Program Files (x86) - Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Config 4.) Remove plugins - C: Program Files (x86) - Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Plugins 5.) Delete Temp Steam files - C: Program Files (x86) - Steam/appcache/httpcache 6.) Delete Steam Cache - C: Program Files (x86) - Steam/steam/cached 7.) Delete Steam User Cache - C: Users/"yourpcname"/AppData/Local/Steam/htmlcache (make sure 'view hidden folders is checked') 8.) Verify drivers are up-to-date (given) 9.) Restart PC and launch Steam as administrator 10.) Open Squad from Steam client not desktop app UPDATE 8/14/2016 @18:15pm PST - Working for some flawlessly and not working for others at all. I have played over 20 games now on full popped public servers with no issues. It's definitely physx related and an issue with the new UE4 ([/Script/Engine.PhysicsSettings]) - I will try my best to dial in a clearer solution this evening.
  7. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    @x1aviation Added on steam! We'll get you into our Discord and rocking some games with the rest of the guys! Thanks for applying
  8. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    Site: http://ar-squad.com/ Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQdKDnbi7Eeqhme4-IcaajA Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/armedandready-squad Server: aR | Armed & Ready | ar-squad.com (
  9. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    @DaveZWho did you end up joining?
  10. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    aR is in and will be responding to polls this week.
  11. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    aR is in - Sumari AAS v2 for us
  12. Alpha Version 6 Released

    IF I MAY INTERJECT HERE - The game looks amazing! Very pleased with the update for an ALPHA - Devs are responsive and aware of issues. Things I noticed: Sumari and Gorodok do run slower but on ALL other maps, my team and I actually saw performance increases! The .50 is beautiful, the tunnels on Fools Road are insanely breathtaking and really change the cap point. Thanks to the Devs for an amazing update and I know a hot fix for this first hiccup is coming soon! Please note that commenting here about refunds and making personal attacks does nothing to further the game or help those trying to fix the issues you are complaining about. Cheers all and please go ENJOY the game!
  13. Alpha Version 6 Released

    A few things... 1.) Amazing write up. 2.) Devs are kicking arse in Alpha! 3.) Proud to be a part of this community 4.) Cannot wait to get mowed the eff down by a .50! 5.) RCON for admins is seriously one of the greatest things about this update! 6.) Keep up the great work, incorporating feedback and perfecting Squad. I love you. That is all.
  14. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    @DaveZ There is room and you would be our only EU player... The door is always open though
  15. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    Bump - Still active, still recruiting, still graciously hosting a community server