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  1. Step 1 - Get the helicopters working on Squad Step 2 - Build the system that helicopters can carry vehicles Step 3 - Have people make Vietnam maps Step 4 - Brag to everybody that we have the best Vietnam game in the world.
  2. I watched the video that talk about the summary of the live stream, and one of the main points is division. From my opinion when I play CoD, it was boring for me, spawn, shoot and die, 25 times.
  3. PR have vehicle warfare, the only problem is that normal players can only handle Falklands map (jets only) Any else, nobody likes them.
  4. I'm waiting for WW2 maps for PR for 3 years, still waiting for it
  5. EA doesn't have to announce BF 1944, CoD will fail on the multiplayer level.
  6. What I don't like about Squad is that it's heavily depends on the latest technology.
  7. Here's another ww2 game . @LugNut @Major Trouble
  8. For my defense, first, campaign have the ending, yours doesn't due lack of progress, second, I claimed that it makes sense to rate after few hours of playing, not hundreds of hours.
  9. Average CoD last about 4-9 hours, would it make sense to rate the game in that time.
  10. Quite sad how AAA games set up the standards and any good fps game that is outside of the standards will be hated by the uneducated gamers.
  11. Since lots of people didn't bother to search for similar topic, let's have a system that do auto-search based on the topic and when they click "submit topic", there should be a warning window that start "There's other topics similar to yours, now do you want to submit topic?" Do you guys agreed?
  12. Exactly
  13. I'm just making a list of all bioware 2017's mistakes of production of Mass Effect:Andromeda, so that way, in the future, when bioware makes another game, we can go back to this list to see if there's actual progress in the development. 1. Terrible lib synchronize 2. Terrible facial animation 3. Character holding the pistol, backward 4. Paraphrase sentence in dialogue wheel This list will continue to grow as more players report more bugs and issue "You know you f*** up when Pewdiepie s*** your game" -paraphrase of random YouTube commit on PewDiePie's video.
  14. Mortars will be part of FOB, if they were use properly, they become a objective for the enemy, if not, why waste your time. Artillery(and other heavy barrage) will be part of commander's arsenal and SL is the only one who can place the mark on the map.