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  1. List of active clans and communities

    Name: REBORN Tag: [RB] Clan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YMcg4Ux Language: English Description: REBORN is a newly formed NA-EU clan made by Project Reality Veterans. We ask anyone both casual and competitive players to join and play with us. We are hoping that we can join competitive scene of Squad in the future. We are mainly looking for members who are 17+ and mature. Members: 7 experienced members Other games we enjoy: We played War Thunder, Insurgency and Day of Infamy
  2. What Were Your Best Logi Runs?

    My best logi run: I started at Insurgency's main base on Al Basrah. Drive for about 150 meters south, stop, press Q, drive back for about 150 meters, drive forward again, rinse and repeat. Because of that, fob at the mansion got huge amount of supplies which let us build tons of stuff to defend our last flag. Unfortunately, US manage to break through and capture our last flag.
  3. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    @fatalsushi Agreed
  4. Are there any bot mods yet?

    @suds Ok, here's a simple question, why would triple AAA company, like Activision for example, bother to spend a lots of resource into single player potion of multiplayer focused game? Logically, they can earn tons of money for not adding single player, so why are they doing it?
  5. Are there any bot mods yet?

    I will use CS:GO as a example. Why do you think there are tons of bots for both official and custom made maps? They're there to help the players to learn how guns works and train their aim in a control environment. The bots, whatever they're good or not, are there to preserve the game, if online community is no longer exist anymore.
  6. Are there any bot mods yet?

    It's not true, I have a stable internet, yet I use bots for CS:GO. If they don't have internet, they can use LAN to fight against each other.
  7. Are there any bot mods yet?

    Let's see, Battlefield 2 is a multiple-only game. It have bots on three different levels: Easy, intermediate and Hard. Project Reality, a mod of BF2, is big, open, multiplayer-only game. It also have bots as well, since it based on BF2. Squad, spiritual successor of Project Reality, is big, open, multiplayer-only game. It doesn't have any bots to train the new players how the guns work in the fields. Every multiplayer-only games have bots, regardless if it's worth dev's time or not @Skul, for example, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, CS:GO and CoD, all of them use bots. My opinion: Squad need bots.
  8. 100+ Lessons Learned as a Squad Leader

    Nice job.
  9. Ready or not - new tactical shooter!

    Hey, Remember Me, it's really sucks. This sentence above enforce @madcat768 's point.
  10. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    How's it bad? It's excellent that everyone is using their voice.
  11. Can we have it in V10 or V11?
  12. Please no shovel melee

    So, in conclusion, having more options is better than less. There are multiple ways of dealing with tons of people using the shovel as a weapon.
  13. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    This ^^^
  14. Please no shovel melee

    1) Without shovel, how do we kill enemy without making a sound? 2) Once we ran out of ammo for our guns, how do we protect ourselves?
  15. Squad Chat logs ?

    @PolishKruk your idea is good but that would increase amount of connection for the server, which will slow down the server, which is not a good thing. @Sandipan The amount of data for the server to collect and upload to the website is too much, good idea but it's not gonna work.