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  1. The War Academy: Squad Concepts - Force Projection

    Nice video mate.
  2. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Yay, keep up the good work guys.
  3. Epic Games Lawsuit

    Well, this game got PEGI 12 and rated T so he's in legal age (he's 14) to play this game, either way, here's the quote from the article, "Not only that, but the mother makes a convincing argument that it would be difficult for Epic to prove in court that her underage son was bound by its end user licensing agreement (EULA) given that Fortnite is a free-to-play game and its EULA did not contain an option for underage users to obtain parental consent, which she says she never gave". But he did break the rules about using cheats in-game. On moral grounds, Epic should win but on legal ground, they should drop it and give this kid a hardware ban.
  4. 2 sergeants per squad

    Either you have one big squad or two fireteams, no more and no less.
  5. Positive Feedback

    Glad that you love it, I have the same reasons many years ago when Project Reality is going strong. Infantry gameplay is passable for me, but I would love to see helicopters implement into this game.
  6. SW:Battlefront 2

    Here's my thought on this game: this game demonstrates that consumers can change the course of EA's scummy plan to take all our money away. I'm happy that this event was broadcast to mainstream media and recent news are saying that shareholders are worried about the low sales of this game. I'm hoping that Belgium finishes with their investigation and declare that LootBox is gambling and pass new laws in a response to this shady business. If Belgium passes new laws, then we'll see the domino effect and other counties will follow suit which will cause gaming industry to improve.
  7. Rally Point Discussion

    I pretty sure that this thread lost the focus on this topic.
  8. Extra Rpgs carried by squad mate

    Good idea. But here's my idea: give rifleman a choice between sandbags, extra rockets or etc.
  9. List of active clans and communities

    Name: REBORN Tag: [RB] Clan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YMcg4Ux Language: English Description: REBORN is a newly formed NA-EU clan made by Project Reality Veterans. We ask anyone both casual and competitive players to join and play with us. We are hoping that we can join competitive scene of Squad in the future. We are mainly looking for members who are 17+ and mature. Members: 7 experienced members Other games we enjoy: We played War Thunder, Insurgency and Day of Infamy
  10. What Were Your Best Logi Runs?

    My best logi run: I started at Insurgency's main base on Al Basrah. Drive for about 150 meters south, stop, press Q, drive back for about 150 meters, drive forward again, rinse and repeat. Because of that, fob at the mansion got huge amount of supplies which let us build tons of stuff to defend our last flag. Unfortunately, US manage to break through and capture our last flag.
  11. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    @fatalsushi Agreed
  12. Are there any bot mods yet?

    @suds Ok, here's a simple question, why would triple AAA company, like Activision for example, bother to spend a lots of resource into single player potion of multiplayer focused game? Logically, they can earn tons of money for not adding single player, so why are they doing it?
  13. Are there any bot mods yet?

    I will use CS:GO as a example. Why do you think there are tons of bots for both official and custom made maps? They're there to help the players to learn how guns works and train their aim in a control environment. The bots, whatever they're good or not, are there to preserve the game, if online community is no longer exist anymore.