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  1. It's not true, I have a stable internet, yet I use bots for CS:GO. If they don't have internet, they can use LAN to fight against each other.
  2. Let's see, Battlefield 2 is a multiple-only game. It have bots on three different levels: Easy, intermediate and Hard. Project Reality, a mod of BF2, is big, open, multiplayer-only game. It also have bots as well, since it based on BF2. Squad, spiritual successor of Project Reality, is big, open, multiplayer-only game. It doesn't have any bots to train the new players how the guns work in the fields. Every multiplayer-only games have bots, regardless if it's worth dev's time or not @Skul, for example, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, CS:GO and CoD, all of them use bots. My opinion: Squad need bots.
  3. Hey, Remember Me, it's really sucks. This sentence above enforce @madcat768 's point.
  4. How's it bad? It's excellent that everyone is using their voice.
  5. Can we have it in V10 or V11?
  6. So, in conclusion, having more options is better than less. There are multiple ways of dealing with tons of people using the shovel as a weapon.
  7. This ^^^
  8. 1) Without shovel, how do we kill enemy without making a sound? 2) Once we ran out of ammo for our guns, how do we protect ourselves?
  9. @PolishKruk your idea is good but that would increase amount of connection for the server, which will slow down the server, which is not a good thing. @Sandipan The amount of data for the server to collect and upload to the website is too much, good idea but it's not gonna work.
  10. Show it to the normal people and they wouldn't be wiser. That's impressive.
  11. Well, it's important to have it. You need evidence when you ban people.
  12. If the word "texi" isn't obvious to normal players, then it's Easter egg.