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  1. September 2018 Recap

    It would be nice to know how many APC, trucks, cars, etc. does each team have before you join the battle.
  2. CAS, Jets & Helicopters

    What about propeller aircraft?
  3. Battlefield V

    Bad news guys, BFV now confirm to have Battle Royale.
  4. Battlefield V

    This game was marketed as an "authentic" game.
  5. Too many games?

    I noticed that there's a huge increase in Napolean warfare games and small tactical 5v5 games.
  6. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    If this game is free, how do we discourage hackers and cheaters?
  7. Teamspeak 5

    Not to be off-topic but here's my two cent on a new Steam group. It's basically like Discord, but for the people who don't have Discord account.
  8. Teamspeak 5

    Where's Teamspeak 4?
  9. Fall Out 76

    They should stop using out-dated engine
  10. Battle of The Bulge

    What not ask him on his community forums or Discord?
  11. Fall Out 76

    This game's design was never made with vehicles in mind.
  12. Little White Helicopter

    This thread has been locked for "Misleading Title" - [Insert well-known moderator]
  13. Battlefield V

    Here's a quick humor: