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  1. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    Also in the current version, once you're hit, you can still return accurate fire. There needs to be a definite handicapped when a player is injured. I'm not saying that we should have a PUB like injured state but something more akin to RO, where your screen dims out to black and there's a high contrast increase.
  2. Squad Roles: Discussion

    More options doesn't mean better gameplay. A simplification of things is best for the player, so I'd keep it down to two squad types: Infantry and Vehicles. And +1 because this kind of thing reminds me of PR and CoH.
  3. November 2017 Recap

    Without a doubt, as an APC/IFV gunner, I would accidentally smoke 5/7 times lol Thanks to the whole dev team for listening to our vehicle junkie needs!
  4. Current Alpha-stage: Driver view ports are ineffective and inhibit gameplay. MTLB: Lives up to its shitbox name, has a robotic like spasm from viewport to viewport. Stryker: Feels like a cask mixed in with a dog's anti-bite neck collar. BTR & BDRM: I am looking at still-art, in a war-zone. Coming from Project Reality (not an ARMA player), 90% of the time you'd find me in an APC Squad as the designated driver. And with the recent introduction of vehicles in Squad, I'd like to pitch in my two cents on the current state and needs of vehicle gameplay. In PR, the gunner, and sometimes the driver, had the ability to accurately range and bear a target. As well,two-man vehicle crews were enforced by the game: rest and warmup time for the turret, no one-manning, better viewpoint mechanics for the driver. Most of these aspects are missing from the current alpha, and the introduction of an advanced viewport system would be a good first step. As a driver, I need the ability to communicate direction bearings and spot targets for my crew. We need to be able to pivot our heads from viewport to viewport in a smooth, linear, fashion. And in the case of the Stryker, BDRM, and BTR: there needs to be a vehicle-interior mechanic where the driver can "lean" to different viewing angles when constricted to a single viewport. Spotting targets is also a huge component of driving, if I am equipped with binoculars I want to use them inside my vehicle. Similar to giving more functionality to SLs, there needs to be more form and function for vehicle crews. So please, discuss .-. Synonymous Posts:
  5. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Very well made. I learned a lot about vehicle teamwork through PR and applied some of it to Squad, and I definitely agree in Aragron's argument that the vehicle meta should be centered around inter-squad teamwork. But back in PR, the meta was that vehicles should prioritize engaging and removing enemy vehicles first, and after they should finally push up and coordinate with their infantry to dislodge enemy fortifications and enemy infantry. Meanwhile, the meta in Squad is totally opposite and different, vehicle crews prioritize a positive K/D ratio. So they prioritize engaging with enemy infantry over engaging enemy vehicles. There are many pros to this, as you can see APCs coordinating with infantry squads more often but for me I dislike it, it feels slow and some of the vehicles are used incorrectly (i.e. the BDRM is used to push up and walk along with infantry). But then again, I just might be a conservative, old, PR-hag Also here are some communication tips that I use in both PR and Squad. It works for me and is the norm in PR, but I don't know if it's the norm in Squad. The driver should be the vehicle crew-leader and have priority of directions & movement Always make sure that you're calling out your turns and plans of engagement (This will keep your gunner updated) Keep a check on your gunner's positioning and angling Communicate to SL or other SLs!!! The gunner should have a small priority over positioning and angling for effective firing Try to direct your driver to positions that allow your vehicle to be hulled down It should be appropriate to your driver's goals and priorities You have priority if the vehicle need to RTB (THIS IS SO IMPORTANT) Both need to constantly call out which directions and sectors their covering for each other i.e. Driver: "Gunner, cover north to northwest sector; I'll spot our western and southern flank" and vice versa
  6. Some fun with acog scope.

    I loved this feature in Red Orchestra! It was my only reason to use the Sturmgewehr (shitty gun) and I hope that it's incorporated without the affixed reticle.
  7. Code names for each Squad member

    I feel like this only has merit for APC crews. For example, in Project Reality I always go ham as the APC Squad Leader. And when I squad lead I usually try to pair up my guys with Callsigns. It's easier to call out an APC crew pair by a callsign, rather than calling out the names of both crewmen inside the specific APC. So for the sake of communication and APC strategy, please! APC Crewmen callsigns would be a godbless >.<
  8. Weapons unnecessary animations

    I personally like the long reloads, it adds more anxiety and suspense when in a firefight. And for the reload head bobbing, I don't mind those. Unlike half of the old people here on this forum, I'm a young'un and I don't get seizures from random FOV changes and screen shifts. But the head bobbing does add in some weight to the reload animation, I don't want my reload animation to feel like I'm fast-reloading a PVC pipe. Because then we'd fall into the CoD factor, and we all know who's buying Infinite Warfare next year *cough* @Roque_THE_GAMER *cough*
  9. Will there be Slight Variations in Vehicles?

    Personally want to know what lighting is like in the vehicles and if it stays consistent during movement. Was experimenting with this in Unreal Engine 4 and when I set the speed to past 100,000 the lights would lag behind the object.
  10. Gave photogrammetry a Try

    Send in pics of the Solid and Wireframes! Want to see what it looks like without the 4k textures
  11. Monthly recap hype

    Bros, I'm gonna guess on this train!!! They're finally going to talk about the breacher class and his weapons, foot IK placement will be teased, new US character models are 90%, and APCs are textured!
  12. Can Not Join Server, Non Members

    Same! It's cool to have 2 locked slots for server admins, but 5+ reserved slots for some BS system? That's messed up. Got so pissed at trying to join 65/72 player servers and getting rejected for these "subscription"/"server membership" restrictions. If you want your own clan server, just get a server with a password lock. Not a mix of public and private! I really hate these dumb ass server membership stuff, even though its aids in funding the servers >.< And I really hope it goes back to the PR style of server browsing and maintenance. With reserved admin slots, browsing refresh when clicking on and looking for a server, and no goddamn server membership stuff that inhibits players from joining in!
  13. Swimming Under Water

    Bruno cooked up some new water particle effects in Version 6 so there's a chance that there might be some cavitation effect in the water. Don't know how it'll look and work though and please no trolling and baby-fighting in the forums! >.<
  14. FOB Eplacement Idea: Automatic Grenade Launcher

    Let's leave the noob tubes to the mortards But in all seriousness, we should stick to our role model; Project Reality. All we need is SAMs, HATs, HMG, and Mortars. I don't want to go through 100 million emplacement options!
  15. Squad in Three Words

    Pre-Month Public Planning.
  16. The idea of hot-potato logistics aint my cup of tea. I'm cool with the infantry moving it by hand but being able to transfer it back onto the vehicle is a bit bullcrap. In Project Reality having a good transport/logistics squad was essential for each game, and with the exhaustive back and forth of resupplying a squad and resupplying back at main base, it made supply crates have the worth of diamonds. We shouldn't fuck up the importance of these assets, and we should actually inhibit it and make it more complicated/difficult. //Note I'm only talking about heavy supply crates for FOB building or to get kits
  17. The dude has spoken. You must abide. And legit, this is extremely useful. Even though we haven't had any game-breaking idiots yet, we're bound too. Goddamnit, hell, even every round in Project Reality has that one douche... So it's best if we could selectively do this through the idea given by Lebowski.
  18. Battlefield 1

    As a fan of World War 1, I'll see what I can do to liven up the genre in Squad Taking a 3D Modeling class atm and hopefully I'll progress to that genre in 3DS Max, further it into an Unreal Engine 4 prototype, and start up a modding team in that subject! HYPED FOR SUMMER WOOHOO
  19. Replace Insurgent Medic Binocs With Camcorder

    Those crazy camcorders with the impossible zoom, probably have million dollar lenses. I don't think our Gi-had Joe's a photo hippie! lol But I do love me some practicality and improvisation with our Insurgent Forces. Their current binocs should be opted out for Soviet-grade or civilian/tourist based equipment.
  20. april monthly recap ?

    They haven't posted the Part 2 DevBlog for Vehicles yet so I'm guessing it won't be mentioned in this month's recap But one thing they mentioned in the last (March) recap were the US Character models and new animations! Can't wait to see what they've cooked up in those fields
  21. Trenches & more base-building assets

    Once mortars are in game, that's the only way you're going to maintain an FOB, with trenches and sheltered emplacements. So I'm down for the idea of a tall trench mound, it seems unrealistic but it could be about crouch height and have a long length.
  22. FOB on Flag - The Way to Do It

    I can't believe some people are actually and effectively setting up FOB positions! For the life of me and the 10+ hours of Squad, I haven't seen a single PR themed FOB. Future of Squad for FOBs: Emplacements update (6-66-2066) Vehicle update (7-11-2069) Logistics update (5-55-2555) FOBs update (6-09-2696) In Project Reality there are three types of bases: Spawning FOBs Mainly set aside somewhere secret, in the forests of Endor right next to the CP. Impossible for the enemy to find. Super FOBs Defensive positions; with perfectly set emplacements that overlook CP OR are inside the Capture Point. And Mortar FOBs No idea if SQUAD is going to have them but usually placed in another server that somehow executes perfect 100+ Confirmed kill fire missions. FOBs are a joke right now in SQUAD because most of the core features aren't completed (Emplacements and Logistics/Vehicles). And they're usually over-run easily, are a huge ticker drain, or are poorly placed by boot Squad Leaders.
  23. Discussion: the map of the medic

    HUD elements/Information should be relative and balanced to the specific role or location a player is in, back in Project Reality the commander had the ability to see the Health Statuses of all Squads and their Squad Members. And following the Project Reality model, the SLs and Commanders in SQUAD should have the same information available. But giving this map info to the common player is unnecessary and very clustered; especially to the Medics. I agree with the idea for radius/distance based HUD elements. And in the Medic's case, the icon of a downed player should have a relative transparency and should only be indicated on the Medic's compass, not in his central peripheral vision. (NOTE: Please no magical GUI eye-floaties) My main beef is that SQUAD should give its information to the player through THREE crucial elements, the Compass, the Map, and Player Communication. These are the THREE foundations of Project Reality, and Squad should preserve this balance of the Force. #PolanskiLovesCivilDiscussionsOnSQforums #MofugnMontesquieWithHisMofugnChecksAndBalancesAllUpInThisBitch #FukRazorCuzPolanskiAintHavinNoneOfThisPatheticUseTheMofugnCheckTheSearchEngine
  24. Making our maps less magical

    I disagree, Squad should be a visually based game, with more information on screen, and more options for planning (map-wise). We should never trust the player to commit to a verbose style of gameplay, because it'll become tedious and seen as unnecessary. But I'm not against furthered communication. VOIP and Radio Comms are essential building blocks that should coincide with our HUD elements: The Compass and The Map. There's a definite push to give players more information, seen with the introduction of Individual Squad Markings and a change in the Medic's HUD elements. And most of this was designed to avoid the furthered use of the VOIP system, evolving communications to solely be based for marking contacts or planning tactics. But I agree on your idea for the Map system, I think as of now it doesn't work well the current style of gameplay. Most of the combat in Squad is close quarters, while in the future it should really be based on slow-paced and long-distance firefights. Their should be a lag in understanding, and having the Squad Leader as the sole medium for the overall team's strategy would aid in bolstering communication between Squad and inside each squad.
  25. Snailer's Foot Tracks v0.2

    Woohoo! My foot print normals are going to have an intensity over 9000+