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  1. ... at least add soft, light and vague barrel muzzles, until you fix main problem.
  2. Ingame picture - is soap with ANY resolution and on any graphics settings. Through tons of patches that passed - all the same. Worsest ingame picture among all shooters and mil sims. Before my eyes literally soap when you looking on grass, forest, and impossible to find and recognize enemy in 50 - ... meters before player. I love this game, but that's why I can.t play more then 2-4 games. 'Eyes adaptation' checkbox just a bit make it more playable. All above not only my IMHO, everyone conirm this. Probably this graphics engine issue, I do not know, but this what to need he fixed asap. Thank you.
  3. Indestructible walls and fences. At least make a bit much holes and doors in its. Especially in iron grid.
  4. 50 vs 50 servers ?

    Servers for 100 or 120 players. When we get it ?
  5. Other part of this problem is - if you ajust ingame gamma to see anyone on dark forestet maps, on desert maps terrain looks extra bright and seems like you fight in center of Sakhara in extra sunny day at noon.
  6. After v11 ingame picture become much worse. Before update my usual k/d was 0.5-1 After update my k/d drastically decrease 1 to 10. I palyed 6-8 games and saw no one enemy during this matches. Then my squadies recommend me turn off all shadows, I did this. Then I'm set ingame gamma in 'options' to maximum, turn of all AA, and only after that I begun to see first enemies in the game. Picture become more worse and dark especially on maps with forest after patch. Squad is rare game where you forced to set picture a bit poor to make gameplay a bit better.
  7. My Squad Wishlist / Bug list [7/26]

    Get back smoke during fire to the game. And add more muzzles during fire. On current soap picture instead game screen, sound one and only way to find enemy.
  8. Lean toggle cancel

    AT LAST YOU DID THS !!! I mean reset 'lean' position after run. Thanks.
  9. My Squad Wishlist / Bug list [7/26]

    - Corpses should stay on ground a bit more .. up to 10 minutes. - Possibility to pick up bandages from corpses and medikits from medics. - Add possibility for squad members mark enemies on map, at least visible inside squad only. Squad leader can share it for all team if he want. - Decrease spawn delay at least on 30 % - Extend small maps that currently 800 m * 1000 m.
  10. ver: a- All friendly tags (before me) are disappear (between me and the enemy} if my persona is prone (Z) and lean in this prone position (Q or E). Tags appear again when I'm stop leaning. Next glitch. Sometimes tags do not appear when I'm in vehicle on gunner position. Friendly fire as result.
  11. Steam Achievements.

    Steam Achievements. When we get it ?
  12. Lean toggle cancel

    'Crawling' (W) and 'Crawling fast' (Shift+W) - is oxymoron ! Make upon Shift+W persona run and prostrate again on release. Reset 'toggle lean' if persona made run, on Dow and up again. It is weird to keep persona crewed when you no need it more.
  13. Enemy marks on the map.

    In 'WWII Online. Battleground Europe.' - about hundred or few hundred players on each side (depends on Time Zone). Everyone can mark what he is seen. Every mark have lifetime about 5-6 minutes. All above do not convert map in that game to Crismas Tree. What you worry about in Squad ? - I see enemy, I know where he, but can't say. This is realism by your opinion ? - Or someone suddenly told in chat: 'On my corpse !!' I must in 0.3-1 seconds (who said !? who said !?) during fight note WHO really said, find his corpse on map (hard to do if you are not medic to separate fallen from living - same marks). This is your realism ? Good luck if so.
  14. Headquarter

    If developers make this mechanic (coins on the map) correct, every one want to be HQ in the game - to outgame opposite HQ like in chess. Not like now SL duty released. Tell it like it is ... noone want to be SL now. Players often avoid this duty, and often suddenly pass it from itself to others.
  15. Enemy marks on the map.

    Key word - 'ping'.