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  1. When I loaded up squad today, I saw all those featured modded servers on official tab. I thought, "what the hell is this shit?". After seeing my fav server is full, I decided to try that "shit" out for 5 minutes out of curiosity - I joined a zombies server. Fast forwards a few hours, I am telling you this was awesome. I never saw this kind of teamwork in any squad game (atleast when you're on Humans side) On "Last Stand" where you build a castle and protect its walls with your team from rushing zombies. Just having a 40-50 men fireteam spread across the walls shooting is awesome. When one guy falls from the wall to the outer side, 5 guys stack up on-top - one goes down and heals him. When the downed guy is healed, 7-guy shovel-squad takes the walls out and build it back letting the downed person and medic come back. On "Hives", having human squads spread across the map, moving towards to next hive from different roads - each squad stacked up together on open areas and big roads moving along. SLs coordinating the attack on next hive compound. I've never seen a game where squads are actually formed up this tightly. I think this "permadeath" idea that Squad never had added great teamwork value - using your friends to stay alive. This is something Squad never had, which is funny thinking how this game got prominent in the "Permadeath survival" era of online video games. Anyway, I don't know how - but this needs to be preserved through more interesting and different mods that shall spice up the vanilla squad gameplay.
  2. The Wrench - June Edition

    Great to see the community getting the whole modding scene serious!
  3. After a week or so of the new SDK I think there are a few things V7 needs to feature. - Fix up squad usable, and extend the usability of floating 3d text. This is a great tool, I've talked to Garret about the lack of 3d floating text support of the SquadUsable interface in blueprints. Having a seperate interface or perhaps an extendable class of 3d floating widgets would also be nice! - Extend the UI handling so we can replace the current UI and edit it. It's pretty hard to do overhauling changes when there are hardcoded non-replaceable rules like: Two teams, fixed loadout UI. - The inventory system. If that thing could be redone for V7, I think we will all be forever grateful.
  4. Modding Capabilities

    blueprints only. i dont understand that one whatever you want, you have no access to the core c++ classes but they are exposed to blueprints. if something is not possible the devs will try to expose classes to make it possible. yah not sure, so long it can be done via blueprints. writing files in an unrestricted way is probably not supported. shouldn't impact, it's simple game files added to the core game. only if the content is badly optimized it can cause lag (tons of vertexes in models, etc)
  5. Squad: Driving the Tractor

    I'll give you a job and fire you immediately. Pleb...
  6. First emplacement mod

    I've seen a tractor. I had to do something with it. The rest is blurry
  7. Squad: Driving the Tractor

    what a pleb. good job what the hell have a steak.
  8. First emplacement mod

    I've spent some time earlier today re-designing the actual emplacement. Have a look and enjoy.. I guess..
  9. First emplacement mod

    Hello. I am [M] Sidney and today after finding out the new SDK version contains a tractor prop - I decided to see how far out can I go on with it. The results are cool. This is indeed, a tractor 50cal emplacement. I tried making a working emplacement today, seeing how the new "vehicle" system works. After looking at how the emplacement blueprint is built and further investigating how the deployments work - I managed to build a custom emplacement. Video demonstrating it here (Low quality cuz don't wanna get into high upload time): Setting this up was fairly easy, all assets are already in the SDK. It's all about messing with the blueprints. I will try to post instructions on how to get it working soon. This is just a test, to see how things are working - I thought it would be nice to share! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Decided to spent my time this morning to design this a little further, just for the sake of it. Here you go! Now back to doing serious stuff..
  10. The Great Showcase Megathread (No Replying!)

    Retextured Vegetation (grass still WIP) The Russian Woodpecker - Duga-3 Radar Array More House retextures Working wind turbines
  11. how to go about making buildings

    I've uploaded multiple images of my Duga-3 radar array in the 3d-art section of discord, I've used certain techniques I came up with - they may have already existed or talked about but that's how I did it. The basics of making a great enterable multi-floored building would be to split each floor to a different section and then connect them in a blueprint. It might be a LITTLE inefficient render-wisely but if you make all meshes as Static Mesh Component, and LOD / Collision each floor properly while making sure all components are Static and not Movable - you will have great flexibility in making buildings (for example. easy to make up 6 floors and 4 floors buildings with the same parts). Eventually if you want to place down furnitures you're pretty much forced to use a blueprint and place down child actors. My array is not perfectly LODed or Collision'd but the modularity of breaking down parts into blueprints saves you time, IQ and makes it much easier and comfortable to organize and use. Overall just start learning how to model properly, how to UV a mesh and how to make collision objects recognizable for UE4 (I use blender) before making a building. Better learn this thoroughly and only then make a building than make a building and adjusting it a million times (learnt that the hard way). Come down to the 3d-art channel on discord for any questions. I received tons of support from other modders (and squad devs too, gotta give @RoyAwesome a credit for talking about LODs and the occluder :D), I would be more than honored to support you too. By the way, after finishing up my current project. I am planning on making USSR 4-10 story high residential buildings and also the squad devs are already working on these too (Finishing them up as far as I am aware of) so you'll have plenty of examples to take practice from!
  12. Modding Tips & Tools

    Would love to suggest L3DT, Large 3D Terrain Generator. http://www.bundysoft.com/L3DT/ The emphasize of this tool is on editing the terrain you generated by hand. Gives you the ability to raise, lower, flat areas out and smooth different height level. The professional edition has a 3 months trial (which you can renew, if you don't wish to pay). Will happily make a video tutorial on how to use this efficiently if I find the time to do it.
  13. Dynamic mod loading tool

    LOL what a fail, quoted the wrong post hahahahahahaha
  14. Dynamic mod loading tool

    you're awesome.
  15. Dynamic mod loading tool

    Give it some time, the squad devs are doing what they can while we are exploring the pussybilities with the sdk. Come and join us at the discord chat (link is in the SDK announcement)