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  1. greyed out could be an idea, at least for your squad. I do agree its hard to see from the map who is alive or dead.
  2. We'd love 3d scopes, we tried them back in pre alpha, they worked, but they hit framerate super hard. As a result theyre not happening. Thats about it on this front, decision made.
  3. They will, we just need to get round to doing it Same as the logi truck actually dropping visible crates, neither are hard tasks, just everyone is pretty busy on other things atm. Interesting note, the ammo crates for Project Reality were one of my first ever models, i really want to do them again for Squad!
  4. yes. I cant say for sure how he designers will implement them on a class or kit level, but all that stuff is planned.
  5. youve come at a good time Have a read around on the a8 release threads, we just did a bunch of optimisation. Yes, as long as you have a fairly decent gfx card you should be able to get a solid 60fps, and fingers crossed over the next few months things should get even more optimised too.
  6. A8 will be out for enough time to hotfix critical stuff before the free weekend.
  7. hey dudes, am just reading through.......nice work on the bake, and iirc, dof is simply something we havent got round to yet.......the potential is there, and im sure someone will get round to switching it on at some point. Tbh there is a lot of interesting new stuff coming for weapons/handling etc, im sure you guys will read about it as soon as its ready to be shown off.
  8. No distance fields as of yet. Weve tried to get it to run twice, as the game looks a lot better with it, but we need to optimise other aspects of the game first. Hopefully it makes a reappearance down the line. One more point with dfao and shadows, is that they dont like heavily stretched or squashed meshes, but dont worry about that too much for now. The way youre doing those buildings looks fine to me, but fishman is right, seperating them out into modular parts is the way to go when you can, although you can get toooo modular as well!
  9. Not my dept, although from what ive read around, some Dshkas have different rates of fire.
  10. For sure, this kind of thing will only be for high end GFX cards, and has to be toggleable on or off. Were not even sure what is possible or not yet, just letting you guys know were looking into it
  11. Hey dudes yeah, were evaluating this right now. The best features for us i think are the terrain tiles. Ive been messing around with new terrain stuff for a while now, but whats nice about megascans is its a very rigid set of rules applied to all their terrain captures, so everything is kinda homogenous. This makes for a great testing setup. However, to get great looking terrains, we need a step up in our tech dept, which means, you guessed it, more expensive shaders! However, high end gfx cards are not really taxed by squad atm, most of their frame is spent sitting idle, so once we get the cpu usage down, we can start having nicer things like this.
  12. Yep, atm the zoomed in and out sight are the same, we have both reticles, just wasnt enough time to hook em both up for a7. I think with an overlay texture for the black sight surround, and two seperate meshes, it should be fairly easy to swap reticles upon zoom levels. BTR, cheers for the info, that is exactly what i wanted. Thanks.
  13. Interesting, so are the sight aligned so the trajectory and crosshair converge at any point? Or is it just boresighted so theres always a 180mm offset? Example here: So the centre of the camera is offset 120mm and 180mm from the centre of the barrel. Do the russians try and compenstate for this with a zero at a certain distance, or do you guys just have a constant offset? The way the sight is setup at the moment is with a constant offset, which may be why it is shooting at little off.
  14. Groovy, thats good info cheers. I didnt do anything with the actual weapon/bullets etc, I just did a quick implementation of the sight, which i think is not aligned exactly, especially at range. Ill defo do some tests tho Quick question. How to the RUS army align their BTR sights? For instance the US I think zero at a specific range, then adjust the reticle for other distances, but I think the russians do things differently. For instance here, the gunsight is offset left and up from the gun barrel. The US would set their sight to converge at a specified distance (zero) then alter the reticle for different distances. I have read that the russians zero their sights in a much more straighforward manner tho. Could you explain that process a bit? I am thinking through a few improvements now actually, thx for the trigger