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  1. probably just reference, but the good thing is you have a high res but triangulated part of everything in the viewport with you, and all the photos as reference as well. And blocking out and proportions etc are a cinch. As for textures, outside on a cloudy day would get you good useable results, but moving a t72 on a whim isnt the most straightforward of tasks. Something for next time tho. There is still the probability that even the textures would be better remade in substance or photoshop, and that the scanned ones might not be as good, but, if you're going to all the trouble of doing this, might as well go in with the objective of getting get the best scan you can capture, especially as these will last for years as a perfect reference.
  2. Heya rhino, its all automatic, it compares the parallax differences between a series of photos and from that can triangulate where the photo was taken in 3d space. Well, thats my understanding of it anyway, as long as you set the camera up correctly, you get good results, but it takes a fair amount of trial and error to get familiar enough with the process to get really good results. Id say these were about 80% good, the models are perfect for what we want them for (a 3d blueprint) the only real letdowns were in lighting, which we couldnt do much about, and have a plan for for next time. If you want any help getting started with photogrammetry, shoot me a pm!
  3. Yes, its possible, especially with ground stuff. We are already using photogrammetry for some objects ingame, and experimenting with other aspects too. If we get any good results, we'll do another blog.
  4. Just a wildcard, no idea if it is your issue https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/318806/huge-performance-drop-when-evga-precision-is-runni.html
  5. thats super weird man, you should be getting a lot better frames than that....like i say, i am on a 770 and i mostly get 50 fps on goro
  6. Alright, we have the fps decrease figured out on zooming in on vehicles, we're looking for a fix for that. @ripgroove did you say you were loosing fps on firing in vehicles or just when zoomed in? As i cant find any firing fps drop, or not a major one on my system, and ive only got a 770, but i defo get the zoom one on certain maps.
  7. Make sure you guys have texture streaming ON not off. We're going to make some changes here as in retrospect, shouldve worded it differently, as most players just assume off = better perf, whereas in this case its defo the other way round. Ill try and take a look at how the streaming is done too, i only have a 2bg card and it works ok for me, but yeah, would be nice to fix this stuff, as i dont think its the game being too heavy, but that we (or epic!) may have set something up wrong. RipGroove, can you go ingame, open the console with the tilde key (its the key to the left of one and above Tab) type stat unit, and then stat fps, and post a screenshot of that? Ah ok, reading through again, yeah, a few people have mentioned fps drops while zooming on turrets. Im actually investigating this right now
  8. the wrench

    Mmmm those tunnels!
  9. but tbh even with realism in mind.....i think being able to split 1st and 3p weapon views is better, as i think everyone agrees our sight pictures are a little too far away from what you see in real life, so its a case of, an unrealistic mechanism, to get a realistic result, which is what video games are all about
  10. from a player pov, nothing has actually changed really. Youll still be able to see your body, it just means we can move things round a bit for first person view. A good example is weapon aiming. When aiming at the moment, we cant pull the weapon closer than now, as the buttstock starts clipping into the shoulder. With the new system, we can have different animations for 1st and 3rd person, so from 3rd person, the guy is aiming one way, but for 1st person we can bring the sights closer for a better sight picture. Same kinda thing for things like vaulting actually make the experience nicer, not worse.
  11. Ah cool man, i havent seen that, ill check it out now. We used small meshes before for the scopes, and that is actually what is ingame now. For anything with multiple zoom levels tho, you end up either having to switch meshes which is a nightmare to align and scale with a new fov, or you end up with a big bulky mesh on the second zoom level. I tried using planes and small one pixel wide textures, but it didnt work well with the post processing, and just looked a blurry mess. This is an overlay, so sort of like a ui texture, and thus not affected by post processing, so it says sharp on your screen. Atm this is a stopgap tho, as i just wanted to get the art and a simple implementation done. I think in a10 we will move this into a postprocess effect.
  12. Yep, more or less Chap, and were using 2 texture now, rather than a mesh, so its quite a bit more clear to shoot with. I still havent got the zeroing perfect yet, i need to take another pass over this at some point, but its a lot easier to see where your shots are landing now. The plan is to start using this kinda stuff on all the vehicles, just depends how much of the conversion we get through before a9. co axial pkt and vehicle weapon selection will come when the inventory system has been finished, so not alpha 9, maybe alpha 10. Its the final step we need to get most of the important functionality into vehicles, like switching ammo types, secondary weapons, smoke launchers etc
  13. Hey guys, I reworked the btr reticle, it zooms and switches reticles as per the feedback left on the exact thread posted above. Something to be happy about at least!
  14. Sup dudes, just dropping in to say, we are still working on optimising the graphics, mainly we have a few new systems we are testing that will reduce the drawcalls. We dont know for sure that it works yet, but its all part of the process to get city maps running in preperation for fallujah. For that we need a more efficient workflow, and hopefully the added bonus of that should be that the game runs a bit better. Until we then fill it up again with loads of buildings Furthermore, ue 4.15 has an improved texture streaming system, so we might find some gains there, as they are claiming it works a lot better than before. Epics features are sometimes amazing for us, sometimes not so much, but that could have decent potential.
  15. greyed out could be an idea, at least for your squad. I do agree its hard to see from the map who is alive or dead.