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  1. Refund Please

    Thanks Minority followed your settings and getting 106fps...game looks pretty poor though...like its from 10+ years ago
  2. Refund Please

    Thanks Minority I'll Try that out also, just finishing dinner. Chill out eclipse and I don't see anything you could call stupid shit about my comment I think the game could potentially be epic and I really want to work. Think it's reasonable to be slightly frustrated, Alpha or not. It should be a free Alpha until the bugs are fixed. I've tried it on epic / High / Medium Strange it seems when I'm moving it's laggy & stuttery but moving the mouse alone it's really smooth.
  3. Refund Please

    Thanks Minority I'll give that a Try shortly and get back to you.
  4. Hi I purchased this game on Steam and Acknowledge it's an Alpha. That being said, I would expect having a 4ghz Intel CPU, GTX780ti & 24GB of DDR3 I would get some descent frames. I really, really want to play because even though the game is stuttering it seems really good. I'm frustrated because my machine should be able to handle it no bother, like every other game I play on Ultra. I have trawled forums / youtube videos to find fixes and applied them with slight gains in performance but nowhere near what I'd expect, even from an Alpha. I feel very frustrated I purchased this game in it's current state, gobsmacked you are actually selling it and request a refund please. Tried various .ini fixes, disabled hyperthreading, changing settings in game & bios etc with no joy. I hear people with AMD chips are having terrible performance. Judging by the performance issue I'm having with Intel, it must be severe.