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  1. Thanks Guys, Fixed with re-install
  2. Hello guys! My squad won't start, it loads the launcher and then the game closes (the logo doesn't show). I already tryed to: check the cache, restart pc and remove appdata files. Please help me and sorry for my bad english.
  3. Go to Steam > Settings > In-Game > In-Game server browser: Max pings / minute and change to 1000. It may seem a bit slow but it found many servers. :)
  4. I had tried to get into an empty server to web server list( did not work
  5. if it is full the game not start(?)
  6. Hi Guys, i've join problem with steam's friends.... When I press " Join the game " squad opens regularly and upload the game ... but at the end of charging back to the menu. Sorry for the bad English...Thanks! - Gabar